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Jake Roberts wins the East Bracket

Greatest Wrestler without a World Title Tournament : East bracket Finals

(2) Jake Roberts (65%, 270 Votes)
(13) Shelton Benjamin (35%, 144 Votes)

Total Voters: 414

Click here for the final East bracket update

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8 Responses

  1. terry nelson says:

    the right man won iam a big fan of both but jake deserve it but it also shows that people think that shelton should been champion

  2. david r. says:

    Well, Shelton always was an underdog, so it doesn’t surprise me he made it this far. However, no way he was gonna beat Jake.

  3. axel says:

    Terry, Shelton was athletic yes, but his mix skills were sub par. Unless in his time away from WWE he has gotten better his run would have been dull had he gotten a shot.

  4. terry nelson says:

    it depends on if he was champion if he would had great matches even though
    shelton is average on the mic he can have a great match if allowed

  5. Phillip aka JYD Jr says:

    As much of a Shelton and Jake fan as I am… I am pissed that JYD was beat by SHELTON!!!! I MEAN WTF???!!! JYD should have won this bracket…robbery…pure and utter ROBBERY!!!!!!

  6. axel says:

    Maybe not JYD winning it Phillip, but atleast a showdown with Jake woulda made it so much better.

  7. rebel says:

    Shelton shouldn’t have made it past Gordy out of the first round. For those of you saying Shelton can have a great match, name one where he carried his opponent. No full-time active wrestler should even be in this, if you can’t get a run with a worthless belt in an age when some reigns seem pulled out of a hat, you don’t really deserve to be called great. Good, yes. Nothing more.

  8. Phillip aka JYD Jr says:

    I agree with Rebel…Shelton’s best match to date imo, was the match with HBK…and as talented as Shelton is, he was known as nothing more then a Lazy, MITB Spot freak that had no mic skills… but lets be real look at all these brackets and there are a ton of questionable outcomes… every #1 made it to the end except JYD…fail…Pillman beating Brody…negative…Snuka in the finals of his bracket…hell naw… Double A losing to Piper…laughable…Hall & Rude ( an they are 2 of my favs all time), Gunn, OMG, 2CS, Shelton, Daniels, MVP, Janettey, Roadogg and Waltman shouldn’t even be in the tournament…easily those spots couldve gone to…

    Chief Jay Strongbow
    “Big Cat” Ernie Ladd
    George “The Animal” Steele
    Pat Patterson

    These 4 alone are more deserving then all the ones I just named…

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