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3/24 “Rock Of Jericho” with Michael Sweet‏ recap

from Jeff Sheridan:

1.NOTE FROM JEFF:For those that only
wanna read the Michael Sweet segments,
they’re #s 11, 13, 15 & 17 . Anyhow Jericho starts the show at 5:02 PM by saying welcome to the show, then introduces himself & says today on the show is from Stryper who’s a pioneer in christian metal,
Michael Sweet: . He
says Michael’s an amazing singer & guitarist, says that he’ll be the centerpiece
& “crucks” of Jericho’s special edition
christian metal show & says he’ll kick it off
with the 1-2 punch from “Atomic Arena”: . He says it’s
Barren Cross’ “Imaginary Music”, says to crank it up & says “here we go”.

2.Plays Barren Cross’ “Imaginary Music” &
“Killers Of The Unborn”.

3.Jericho says “Killers Of The Unborn” is from “Atomic Arena”, says the band’s Barren Cross & says lots of the bands that
he’ll be playing weren’t super popular, but could’ve been. He says Barren Cross
definitely had the very heavy sound of
christian metal, says the leader Mike Lee
sounds like Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson to
where they’re very heavy & punchy with
great bass & guitar playing. He says they’re
popular from the late 80s to early 90s, says
they kinda rode the way that Stryper started, says Michael who’s the leader of
Stryper, lead songwriter & head of the band who he again says will be on later. He
says he wanted to play other bands that
were in the same category that all came in
the same scene.

Jericho says in the late 80s he was a huge
christian metal fan, says he found spirituality, God & Jesus thru christian metal & says the thing he liked about it, was
that at times when there was christian rock
bands you’d hear bands like Petra or Res
Band. He says they were the only bands that
were kinda around that you may’ve heard of them underground, says they looked real
nerdy & says that was no disrespect to them
at all. He says they were either bald, fat or
beards, says you can’t have beards in heavy
metal & says that’s his heavy metal rule #1
to where there’s no beards allowed. He says
the thing he liked about christian metal is
that they looked cool.

Jericho says they looked like himself with
long poodle hair, tight jeans & ripped shirts, says they played real heavy music to
where it had double league guitars & stuff
like that. He says they were singing about
God & Jesus, says it was cool being able to
find bands that can lead you to a different
direction then the way that Slayer, Venom or others like that were leading you. He says you can take bands like Barren Cross or Stryper to a party, put them on after
Metallica & have it fit in where instead of
fans asking “what is this? This is lame”, but
they’d be saying “oh this is pretty cool, what is it” & says they’d know it’s christian

Jericho imitates those asking “christian rock?, blah, blah, blah, blah”, says you can
start a discussion with some of the bands
that’re involved & says christian metal
wasn’t only in the 80s. He says after the
break he’ll play some modern christian metal to where his show kicks off now.

After the break Jericho says welcome back to the show on XM 164 Sixx Sense radio, again introduces himself & says he’s talking
about christian heavy metal & christian rock
& roll. He says he started with Barren Cross
from the 80s, says he’ll move to the 90s &
“00’s” & asks if that’s what the decade’s called. He says in ’97 or ’98 Creed hit the
scene to where they were massively huge,
says the funny thing about them was that
they were 1 of those bands that was like
Nickelback is today to where everyone
bought their records but you didn’t know
anyone that actually had 1. He says Creed’s
“Human Clay”:
sells $10 million copies & says he don’t know anyone that’s got this album.

Jericho says he may’ve gotten a free copy 1
time from a radio station, admits he’s got 1
but didn’t buy it & says Creed was huge. He
says Creed had a positive message where
fans called them a christian band, says he
ain’t sure if they were but knows that was
the vibe & says it was the rumor about them. He says Scott Stapp went nuts to
where he showed up on MTV drunk & all
that sort of stuff, says that Jesus turned
water into wine & asks on why can’t you have a drink or 2 once in a while, to where
he thought that’s what Scott was thinking.
He says Creed broke up, then reunited a
couple of years ago & calls them 1 of the
biggest bands of the 90s. He then plays
Creed’s “Are You Ready?”

4.Plays Creed’s “Are You Ready?”, Skillet’s
“Monster” & P.O.D.’s “Addicted”.

5.Jericho says P.O.D. stood for “Payable On Death”, says he guesses that’s what you’ll do when you die & you have to pay for your
sins & calls them another big 90s band. He
says they had more of the southern
California, eastern LA type of a feel that had
a Spanish-Mexican style & says it was very
much of a “vol-corder” type of a vibe going
with them. He says Skillet’s huge at this point in time where they’re also a christian
metal band, says there’s still christian metal
but it’s harder to find nowadays & says
there’s always bands with positive
messages. He says that’s good because when he was a kid he heard Venom singing “At War With Satan” & “Black Metal” & others.

Jericho says it was a bit kinda cheesy, says
he never got into the satanic metal & says
he was more of a positive type guy. He says
that led him more into christian metal bands, says he funny thing’s that when
Stryper got huge then other bands started
popping up & says they all kinda sounded
like bands in that category. He says what he
means by that is that when hearing Barren Cross you’d say “oh that’s kinda Iron
Maiden”, says that Stryper was kind of like
a Van Halen type & says the next band he’ll
play is Sacred Warrior. He says he’s seen
them on tour in Winnipeg in ’90 with
Whitecross that he’ll also play & says Sacred Warrior has someone who’s voice
sounds like Queensryche’s Geoff Tate.

Jericho says that was the Queensryche
version of christian heavy metal, says that
Whitecross’ guy sounds like Ratt’s Stephen Pearcy & says if you’re a christian & loved
Queensryche & Ratt but your parents didn’t
let you listen to them, because they were
satanic, sex obsessed, heavy metalers. You
can go to hear Sacred Warrior &
Whitecross & have the same vibe, says that
both bands were still cool & says they were
kinda weird looking. He says they weren’t
as cool looking as Barren Cross or Stryper
but you’d never know by hearing their
tunes, says he’ll play Sacred Warrior & asks
you to think about Geoff Tate. He says this
maybe the 1st time that Sacred Warrior’s
been played on XM Radio. He says it’s a cool
song called “Evil Lurks” that’s on the
“Christian Rock Of Jericho”.

6.Plays Sacred Warrior’s “Evil Lurks” &
Whitecross’ “We Know What’s Right”.

7.Jericho says that all the christian lyrics had like “we know what’s right”, “do the
right thing” & “be positive” in them, asks if
the guy in Whitecross sounded like Pearcy & wondered if they did that on purpose. He
asks if they said like “we need to sound like
somebody” & says maybe it’s because Barren Cross locked up the Maiden thing &
Sacred Warrior’s got the Queensryche thing, to where they needed to sound like
Ratt. He says if you’re gonna pick a band to
sound like that maybe Ratt’s not the best choice, says they’re a good band with a
great tune & a great guitarist named Rex
King, then corrects himself, then says it’s Rex Carroll & says Rex King’s a wrestler: .

Jericho says that maybe Rex King was in
Whitecross too, says he don’t know everything & says he’s trying to do the best
he can. He says he’ll learn more about
Whitecross & Rex King during the break,
hopes that he’ll have more news about
them when he returns & says it’s his show
on XM 164.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show, says he didn’t find any info on Rex King or Rex Carroll & says he
wishes his name was Rex because it’s a cool
name. He thinks that both Rex’s should form a trio with Pantera’s Rex Brown to where they’d call themselves Tyrannosaurus
Rex, says that’s awesome & says he should
try putting that together. He says he’d be like a “sengali” that put together a very cool tyrannosaurus rex band, says he’s talking about christian rock & metal &
mentions a little known/born again
christian, Alice Cooper. He says Alice’s been
a christian for 10 or 15 years & says ever
since he got sober from being a drug addict
& alcoholic.

Jericho says when Alice got sober he was
looking for something to keep his mind
going & free from the demons he was trying to beat & says he took up golf &
Christianity. He says he got into it, says he
knows Alice not fairly well but has met him
a couple of times at the Golden Gods to
where they’ve filmed some videos & says to
find them on Youtube: , to where it has
some funny stuff they’ve done. He says Alice
calling himself a good boy, says he don’t
call himself a christian but makes reference to the fact that he’s change & is
a new man to where he looks great. He says
Alice looks & sounds great & says he sounds
better then either in ’96 or ’98 when he was
on booze.

Jericho again says Alice’s a christian, says
he’ll play some Alice now & says it’s called
“Freedom” where it’s not a christian song.
He says if you’re free it’s a good thing, says
that good things are christian things by
doing the right thing to where you’ll feel good & free & says that’s what he’ll do now,
which’s feeling good with Alice.

8.Plays Alice Cooper’s “Freedom”, Avenged Sevenfold’s “Beast & The Harlot” & Fozzy’s
“God Pounds His Nails”.

9.Jericho says he wrote the lyrics to “God Pounds His Nails” based on Stephen King’s
“The Talisman”: , says that’s a
fantasy where a kid hangs with a werewolf
from another dimension & says you have to
read it because he’s not high now. He says
in the book the kid says “God pounds his
nails” to where he thinks that God takes
care of his business, says he thought it was
a great song title & says when he wrote it,
it turned out to be a very positive & heavy
message. He asks if Fozzy’s a christian band,
says it’s not & says they have a positive slant to themselves to where you’ll hear
more of those lyrics then a satanic war mat
type thing.

Jericho says Avenged Sevenfold’s also not a
christian band, says the lyrics in “Beast & The Harlot” to where he spoke with M.
Shadows about it & says they were taken
from the bible. He mentions the lyrics “she’s
a dwelling place for demons”, says when
hearing the word “harlot” you know it’s from the bible & says nobody ever uses that
word. He says even his granddad from the
20s never said “oh she’s a harlot”, calls it a
bible word, says he always thought that
would go nice to the set that he played &
says it did. He again says Michael will be on
the show & says when Michael left Stryper in ’91 he was replaced by Bride’s Dale Thompson.

Jericho says Bride’s from Louisville, Kentucky that’s heavy, says that Dale’s 1 of
the best metal singers that nobody knows &
says they’re still around to this day & doing
what most bands that kind of had their time come & gone. He says they’re still playing & doing the best they can, says that
they’re popular in Germany & Brazil & says
Fozzy’s popular in Luxembourg & Zimbabwe. He says to take 2 countries,
throw them together & says that’s where
you can be popular if you have a band. He
says this is from the album “Rattlesnake”
[NOTE FROM JEFF:It’s actually “Snakes In
The Playground”]: where it won a
bunch of awards in ’92 & says it’s called
“Psychedelic Super Jesus”.

10.Plays Bride’s “Psychedelic Super Jesus” &
Guardian’s “Saint’s Battalion”

11.Jericho says Guardian’s another band that you may’ve not heard of but they did
some good tunes, says he’s played Bride before to where they didn’t sound like anyone & says the Guardian singer reminds
him of Dokken. He says the album “First Watch”: was
produced by Stryper’s Oz Fox & Bride’s
singer Dale Thompson was also Stryper’s
singer when Michael left, asked on how
Insensuous the relationship is & says
everything ties together on the show to
where it always does. He says he’ll be back
after the break with Michael on the show.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show & says on the phone is the
pioneer of christian metal who’s an amazing guitarist, singer & great hair to this day, Michael Sweet. Michael asks on what’s going on, says that he’s getting that
Eddie Munster widows peak going on these
days & says he’s reseeding a bit. Jericho tells Michael he’s still got it long on the sides where it’s nice & fluffy, says the
nutrients are coming thru & says it’s great.
Michael says he’s trying & still working on it
& asks Jericho on how he’s doing, Jericho
says he’s good & says he’s doing a great
show by playing some bands that fans may’ve never heard in christian metal rock.

Jericho says he’s excited to talk to Michael,
says it’s been a long time coming & says both have been friends for years. Michael
says it’s amazing on how quickly time flies
by, says both met for the 1st time in 2001,
2002 or 2003 & Jericho says it was 2002. He says the funny thing is that especially to his
fans that has read his books [“A Lion’s Tale:Around The World In Spandex”: & “Undisputed:
How To Become The World Champion In 1,372 Easy Steps”: ] is that when he
was a kid, he got into Christianity thru
Stryper to where they were a band that had
the look where they weren’t just a band playing christian metal, but looked cool too.

Jericho says it was like “wow, I wanna be like these guys” which led him down the path, says it’s very cool years later being
friends with Michael when he started out by
looking up to him & Michael asked him if he
wanted the transsexual, bumble bee look also. Jericho laughs to where he says that’s the look he was going for, says he wanted
to talk about the early days where it’s been
a long journey & says Stryper’s had ups &
downs to where they’ve been crucified by
christians & fans for being a christian metal band. He asked on how did it start, says he
knew about Petra, Res Band & others & says
Stryper was the 1st christian heavy metal
band of all time.

Jericho asks on how did that happen, Michael says they were pre-Stryper when
they were just a regular rock & roll band by
playing on the Sunset Strip & going to Van
Halen & Kiss shows. He says that’s what he
grew up on & what turned him onto music,
says they made a decision at 1 point in their
lives to where they didn’t wanna go down
that path & says he became a christian when he was 12 until it fell away. He says he
got out of church, lost interest in it for a
while & says when he was almost 20, he
decided that what he was doing at the time
was something that he didn’t wanna do with his life. He says he didn’t wanna
continue down that path by getting drunk & high & with a different woman every night.

Michael again says he didn’t wanna go down that path because he saw it as empty
& shallow that led to nothing, says he thanks God that a few friends returned to
their lives that also committed their hearts
& lives to God & says he saw the change in
them. He says that helped him & his band
make the change, says that was history from the age of 20 to now, says he’s still
doing it & says it’s amazing. Jericho says
that’s what he’s connected with him
because they’ve been there, says that lots of
christians grew up in a christian home to
where they became pastors or whatever &
says they never did anything bad. He says
the band has gone down the road.

Jericho says when Michael said that sort of
stuff it meant something to him, says when
you’re a kid you try & do different things &
says to know that there’s others that’s done
that to where they’ve turned around & got
out of it. Michael agrees, says it’s never
something you’re proud to say or admit on
the things that you did that you regret &
says if he didn’t do those things, he wouldn’t be the man he is today. Jericho
agrees, Michael says it’s helped him to be
the person that he is to where he hopes it’s
a better person & says it can be someone
who’s an example by giving fans & followers
of his & Strypers, by giving them something
different & something better & encouraging.

Jericho says that the Sunset Strip & L.A.
bands in ’82 or ’83 is when 1 week Michael
was in Roxx Regime & asks if he changed the name to Stryper when he became a
christian or was it pre-existing before he was a christian. Michael says no, says that
the stripes were pre-existing & says prior to being Roxx Regime, they were Roxx &
later on they added Regime. He says that
was his brother’s [Robert] idea, says he hated that name & says it was always hard
to remember & pronounce. He says every time they’d say it fans would be like
“what? what was that?” & says that they’d have the stripes going on then with all the
gear & clothes.

Michael says when they signed the record deal in ’82, then corrects himself & says ’83
with Enigma Records & says they were getting ready to release the record “Yellow & Black Attack”: .
He says they were all striped but was still
Roxx Regime, says thank God the label called them to tell them that they didn’t like
the band’s name & says oddly & interesting enough to where as wacky as it sounds, the
company didn’t know they were a christian
band. He says Jericho may’ve heard the story before to where he says they read the
lyrics when they submitted it to them, then
as they saw they were a christian band to
where they called them back & told them
that they wanted to drop them.

Michael says it was interesting because the
company wasn’t interested to where they
were hesitant on thinking “oh, what did we
get ourselves into here”, says they didn’t
know what to do with them & says thank God the company kept them. He says the
minute they signed the deal they changed
their name from Roxx Regime to Stryper,
says it kinda made sense to where they
came up with that idea & the bible
scripture after choosing the name & says it
all fell into place. Jericho asked on what was
the reaction from those on the Strip, says that at that time when the company saw
“christian” they wanted to drop them & asked on what was the reaction from fans or other bands.

Michael says prior to signing with Enigma
while being Roxx Regime they didn’t do the
christian thing, says they were out playing
“cazaries”, “troubador whiskey” as a regular
band while doing Priest, Van Halen, Maiden,
David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix & all the covers that everyone was doing. He says they threw in original songs too, says they weren’t exactly christian & felt they had some positive influence & says they weren’t
singing about God. He says when they
changed the band & re-dedicated their lives
as a band with himself & “Tim Osrod” that’s
when they changed the lyrics & says they were out of the Hollywood club scene for the most part at that time.

Michael says they were doing bigger &
better things, says they played the Anaheim
Convention Center while stepping it up a bit & says they returned to play Whiskey &
at some select clubs, but prior to that they
weren’t a christian band. Jericho asked if
fans joined with them due to having a great
fan base, Michael says he thinks so because
the fans that saw them in ’79 to ’81
continued following them & says they may’ve lost some fans, but says he can’t tell
exactly on that status. He says he feels that
they’ve retained most of the fans, Jericho
says he must’ve because it took off & feels
that lots of it because it was something new
that didn’t exist.

Michael agrees, says it was different & says
they didn’t plan it to where they’d sit & say
“let’s do something new so we can become
more popular”. He says at the time when
the lyrics was switched & decided to be a
christian band, they thought “oh crap, we’re
definitely gonna have a struggle here” &
says they didn’t care. He says they wanted to express their beliefs, values & what they
believed in thru their music. He says they did where thank God the doors opened to
where it was incredible, Jericho says what
was cool about it was that he himself was a
big metal head & says he grew up in a
christian background. He says besides that
he was never in the satanic thing about metal.

Jericho says he thought it was kinda stupid,
says he didn’t dig it & says he loved Maiden,
but says it wasn’t satanic & called it heavy.
He says when Stryper came out it gave
people like himself something to get behind
that was different, says with guys like Venom & others he calls it crap & says to
listen to the musicianship from these guys & the guitar playing. He says you can call it
christian but when listening to the guitar
playing it blows away other stalk type players, says it’s because they’re so talented
that they were able to win fans over, even if
they weren’t into the christian lyrics. He says fans would go “well, that tune’s really

Michael says they worked hard, says he don’t view themselves as the most talented
band or even close to that & says they worked their butts off while trying to come
up with unique solos, melodies & songs. He
says he remembers when Oz & Rob where
working at a place called “Intesh”, says he
was sitting in the garage where he finished
high school & says he sat in the garage day
in & out for hours. He says he’d go in from
10 AM & leave at midnight writing songs,
says that’s all they lived, ate, breathed &
drank music & again says they worked their
butts off. He says that because of that work
it payed off, says it gave them a bit of an
edge & Jericho agrees.

Jericho asked that from the earlier days as
to what’s the great guitar song that they did to where it’s like “wow, we gotta
concentrate when we play this”. Michael says that’s a good question, says that from
’90 or ’91 for “Against The Law”, “All For 1”
& others that don’t have any fast licks to it,
but it depends on the placement of the
notes to where it’s unique. He mentions “To
Hell With The Devil” where he verbally does
the guitar licks at the beginning of it, says
they have to bend down on their knees live
to do it to get the stretch & says that’s a
tough stretch. Jericho asks about “Reach
Out” or “The Rock That Makes Me Roll” to
where he asks if they’re difficult to play.

Michael says they aren’t for him, says that
he’s speaking for Oz too on the difficult
ones & says they were playing those songs
prior to “Soldiers Under Command”: when they recorded that CD. He says they played them
for so long where it’s like riding a bike to
where it returns to them quickly, Jericho says he’ll play “The Rock That Makes Me Roll” where he calls it a very heavy song that’s got tremendous playing on it & says it may not be difficult for Michael, but to
hear it it’s like “oh my Gosh”. He says it’s the song that he always played for fans to
where fans ask on what Stryper is like & says he’ll play it that’s from the “Soldiers
Under Command” CD.

12.Plays Stryper’s “The Rock That Makes Me

13.Jericho says “The Rock That Makes Me
Roll” is a beast of a song, Michael says that
CD is 1 they tracked with Michael Wagner &
says they had it all together to where it was
ready to go. He says they did it in 2 weeks,
says they went to Japan where Wagner mixed it while being there for the 1st time & says it’s such a blurr, but Robert did the
drums in 1 day & night where it was crazy.
Jericho says that’s pre-protools, Michaels
agrees & says the he did the lead vocals in a
couple of days. He says he did guitar solos
in 3 or 4 days, says he did the bass in a
couple of days & did the keyboard in a
couple of days with the backgrounds. He says it was “bam, bam, bam, bam”.

Michael says everything was right in 1 or 2
takes to where it was amazing, Jericho says
when the CD came out it exploded to where
it was huge for them & Michael says yes. He
says that Wagner played a big role in that,
calls him a hot producer & says he took it to
a new level. Jericho says the cover of it was
great too, describes it having a yellow &
black tank, giant spy van where all of the
guys sat in front of it holding guns, bullets
& bombs & says they looked like they were
getting ready to blow up a Norway, satanic
church. Michael says those guns were guns,
says they just returned from Japan & then
shot that photoshoot where Robert’s van
that was given to him by Faren Hinton.

Michael says she’s the 1 that invested in them while co-managing them & is still a
friend to this day, says that she gave Robert
that where it wasn’t yellow & black & says
he painted it those colors. He says the guns
they got from Japan, says they’re like pellet
guns & Jericho says Michael was talking
about the yellow & black to where he asked
on where that came from. Michael says his
brother was always fascinated with those
colors, says as teenagers they’d get drunk
while stealing highway signs & they’d rip
them down off the posts & then put them on the garage wall. He says before long they had 10 to 12 of them to where Robert
was always into those warning colors.

Jericho says that’s “CAUTION”, Michael says
Robert painted his kit yellow & black & asked if he can paint & varnish his guitar in
those colors, to where he did. He says it
continued to where they’d buy carpet for
leg warmers & paint them those colors, says
they made all of their own stuff & says it was crazy. Jericho says it became their calling card, says it’s 1 of those things where everyone had a gimmick then & says
when fans saw yellow & black, you’d know it
was from Stryper. Michael says it played it’s
role, says he knows he offends fans by
saying this when saying that it really helped
them, but at the same time it hurt them too.

Jericho says he understands, Michael says
they’re known nowadays by those colors &
says he’d like to be known by a song vs the
colors on spandex. He says Kiss’ known for
their makeup & says what’re you gonna do,
Jericho says the time has served it’s purpose & says Michael wears a black shirt
while playing a yellow guitar to where it’s
good enough. Michael says exactly, Jericho
says they turned christian & doing it for the
right reasons & from the right place to where it’s legit & not a gimmick. He says there’s a huge backlash against them not
only from metal fans that don’t get it but
from Christians themselves & says he remembers attending a Stryper show in

Jericho says he had to squeeze thru a pick it
line of Christians saying “Stryper’s the devil’s music” to where it must’ve occurred
all the time, says this also occurred at Maiden shows where they ain’t singing about God & asked Michael on how it made
him feel that he was getting crucified by his
own while trying to do the right thing.
Michael says at the time it kinda confused
them to where it angered them, says at they stepped back & thought about it they
though it was kinda cool & says they’re
obviously stirring the pot. He says it was a
bit controversial where they got fans
talking & says the thing that hurt them, was
that they had Jimmy Swaggart ministries
coming against them.

Michael says if you know the history of the
band, Jimmy’s the reason why they came to
know God while watching him on TV where
they said the prayer in front of the TV & says they went to church. He says Jimmy’s
fans came after them with bullhorns, signs & protesting every show where Jimmy held
their records up on TV while calling them the devil & are wolves in sheeps clothing. He says all that hurt them a bit, says that
Jimmy was the 1 that saved them & Jericho
asked if they ever tried talking to Jimmy in
a meeting to explain & tried telling him to
relax, they’re on his team. Michael says they
tried but were unsuccessful to have a meeting to talk to him.

Michael says they talked to Jimmy’s people
that came after the show, says they always
went out where it was their mission to go &
say “Hey, have you ever seen us”. He says 9
out of 10 times those people said no, Jericho agrees & Michael says they’d ask on
how can people judge them if they don’t know what they’re about to where Jericho
agrees. Michael says they’d offer 4 tickets for them to attend a show, says that sometimes they attended & Jericho says they’d see on what they’re about. Michael
says sometimes they’d come backstage to
apologize & had no idea, says that most of
the time they still wouldn’t get it & says they really tried.

Michael says if fans come to a show as a
christian, you’ll get it while understanding on what they’re doing & how they’re doing it, to where it’s why they’re doing it the way
they’re doing it. He says that fans need to be open minded while seeing it before
judging the book by it’s cover, Jericho agrees & says it’s especially when they’re
playing heavy music in certain parts with
lots of soloing & stuff. He says Michael
talked about his influences to where they
did a great cover CD last year called “The Covering”: , says
they played some songs that you wouldn’t
expect them to do & says that was the
band’s background with Maiden, Priest, Van
Halen & stuff like that.

Michael says yes, says they grew up on Van
Halen where they call them a huge influence & calls guitarist Randy Rhoads 1 of
his biggest influences. He says Randy & Eddie Van Halen are 2 of his biggest
influences in that time period, says vocally
it would be Judas Priest’s [Rob] Halford &
Bruce Dickinson & says he don’t sound like
Bruce, but maybe his screams & high
registers are similar to Halford at times. He
says he don’t sound like either 1 of them,
again calls Halford & Bruce big influences &
says they grew up on that stuff. He says they wanted to show fans who were their
influences while having a good time &
Jericho asked if the christian market mad at
them for doing a Maiden song.

Michael says it’s interesting, then asks if they’re in 2012 & says they’ve come a long
way where fans are more open minded. He
says he at times gets a fan that maybe living
in the backwoods who don’t get it while
making comments that’s from ’75 which makes him think “wow” & says that’s part of
the chorus to where it’s the way that it goes. Jericho says fans were more uptight
at that time in the 80s, says it was new too
& says the band has never done that before.
He says whenever those felt challenged they wanna lash out & fight against it,
especially with Christians because it used to
be a strict society & Michael agrees to where it was straight ways.

Michael says if you attend a church in the
south where everyone wore suits, then you
attend his church where everyone’s wearing flip-flops, shorts or whatever & says it’s a different time that we’re living in
to where he’s happy for that. He says if you
think about on who we’re supposed to be
related to which’s Christ as a christian, says
that Christ wasn’t about that & says Christ
hung out & accepted everyone. Jericho says
it’s funny because when he went to church in the 80s it was a roman catholic style where there people would sing “na, na, na, na, na”, says that priests were wearing their
outfits while walking down & called it boring.

Jericho says when he 1st came to the States
he was at a couple of churches like baptist
or whatever, there was a band playing while the pastor was a comedian by showing clips from movies & says they made church entertaining to go to. He says
it’s 1 of the reasons why he 1st got into Stryper, because it was entertaining & fun being a christian & says it wasn’t like a sad,
“marose” type of a vibe. Michael agrees,
says that lots of times when there’re
churches that’re traditional & says because
they’re so traditional & structured, they
become sterile & boring. He says you’d go &
find yourself doozing off 1/2 way thru the

Michael says it’s important, says we live in a
generation to where we need to be
entertained & says our attention spans have gotten shorter. He says technology’s
taken us to a place where we have to have a
gadget in our hands at all times, says we need to have that whatever it is to keep us
focused & our attention on it & says that
churches that do different things are
amazing. Jericho agrees, says he don’t
consider Stryper not a church or their own
religion but they did go out to spread the
good word in their way to where it made a
difference & says it did for him. He asked
Michael on what’s his favorite song from
“The Covering”, because there were great
ones on it.

Michael says he had an incredible time
where it was an honor covering “Heaven &
Hell”, says that came off the heels of Ronnie
James [Dio] passing & calls Dio a big influence. He says he used to hear Dio’s stuff back with Rainbow, calls Dio an
amazing singer as the world knows who’s
untouchable & calls it a great opportunity
for them to pay homage to him. He says the
song meant so much more, says that was a
big 1 & says “Scorpions” was fun to where it
was a blast for Maiden to where it kicked the snot out of him. He says he didn’t
realize when singing the Maiden song on
how difficult, says he knew it was difficult &
incredibly talented but when trying to sing

Michael says you’re just going “what the
heck happen, I can’t do this”, says he was
going to that where he says “oh my God” &
says when he just did it as himself, he was
able to pull it off. He calls the CD a fun record where it was a great way to pay
respect to their piers, says the song “God”
was kinda fun & says it was a chance to show fans they can still do that style. Jericho agrees, says he wants to play
“Heaven & Hell” now where it’s a great
version & says he loves it when they
incorporated the live version with some of
Dio’s singalong chants.

14.Plays Stryper’s “Heaven & Hell”.

15.Jericho says that’s a great version of
“Heaven & Hell”, says he’s played it on the
show before & calls it very cool to where it’s
a homage to Dio. Michael thanks him for
playing it while supporting on what they do, says that you always step in & do a cover like that on such a huge song to where it’s made a stamp, with the risk of
being destroyed by the public. Jericho agrees, Michael says after that you’re thinking “oh my gosh, what’re we doing
here?” & says it wasn’t about that for them.
He says it wasn’t about “hey, we’re gonna
blow these songs away” or try to & says it was about trying to have fun while showing
fans on where they came from.

Michal says they were hoping to do a decent job at covering them, Jericho says it
was amazing where he’s also played “God”
& calls it 1 of the best Stryper songs ever.
He says it was recorded a year & a 1/2 ago or whenever it was, says they’re surely back
on track & says from ’92 to 2003 or 2004, they were on hiatus or broke up. He says
they returned where some of their stuff was
the best in their career in many ways, asked
Michael if it’s a blast reforming while getting back out their & to get that vibe
while being on the road & taking the good
word out to fans again. Michael says it’s been incredible, says he’d be a liar if he said
everything was perfect & says they do have

Michael says it’s during times when they don’t like each other & are going thru spats, says for the most part from 2003 to today it’s been incredible & says they’re
going on a longer 2nd run then they did on the 1st run. Jericho says that’s great,
Michael says they’re going strong & says
they’re planning to re-record release. He says he just did a solo record to where he’s
excited about, says that his other solo records have gotten complaints where fans
would say “hey, they’re not as rocking as the Stryper stuff” & says this time around,
he decided to try changing that. He says he
did songs that’re pretty darn rocking & says
fans will be surprised to where he’s excited
about this.

Jericho says in the 90s when Michael left
Stryper he came out of the box huge with
his 1st solo record [“Michael Sweet”] & the 2nd called
“Real”: . Michael
says that came out in ’96, Jericho says when
the 1st came out it got a massive push where he went on tour & says the idea was
that he left Stryper to do his own thing. He
asked Michael if there were other types of
music he wanted to play, asked if he needed
a break & asked on what’s the reason.
Michael says there were lots of reasons,
says that most of it was that he needed a
break & says he felt there were internal
issues in the band.

Michael says there was lots of things that
transpired over the years with the “Against
The Law” period that he wasn’t proud of,
says he felt he needed to wipe the slate clean & go & says he felt the need to depart
which he did. He says he had a successful
solo record, then when he released the 2nd
he unfortunately was caught in a period
when the label was closing their doors &
says it was Benson Records. He says when
that record came out they closed their doors, says the guy that ran it, Wes Farrell,
got sick with cancer & says that record came to a screeching halt. He says when he
did the “Truth” record: it was the same

Michael says he did it with Bob Marlette, says it had some strong songs on it & Jericho calls it great. Michael says it got
released to where they closed their doors,
says he wonders if it’s himself & asks if
there’s something wrong with him. Jericho
says Michael’s known as the “album/record
company closer” & says when the record
comes out, it’s done. Michael says it’s crazy,
says his new record that’s coming out is 1
that he’s excited about where it’s got Kenny
Aronoff doing drums & Tony Harnell singing a duet with Michael on “Taking On
The World Tonight” & feels it’ll surprise the
fans. He feels that fans will put it on to
where they’d go “what?”.

Michael says it’s kick butt, in your face,
slamming with heavy drums & guitar & says
it’s got high pitced vocals. Jericho says he’s
heard samples of it that’re snippets to where it’s in the direction Michael has been
doing with Stryper & asked on why going
solo instead of doing another Stryper record. Michael says that’s a good question
to where there’s lots of reasons for it, says that 1 of them is when you hear the other
songs on it, you’ll see that it’s different & it
can’t be on a Stryper record. Jericho says he
understands, Michael says it’s a different
record where it’s got a southern rock tune
on it & says you’ll see what he means. He says there’s 1 that sounds like a Beatles tune.

Michael says it’s different to what Stryper
does, then says the other answer to the
question is when at times you need a
breather & says it’s when you have to step
out of the politics while getting away from
the other 3 opinions, as well as the stress
that goes with it. He says you need to step
back & say “God, I gotta get out of here &
get a breather”, Jericho says that’s smart to
do, says that’ll make Stryper’s longevity
last longer & says that’s what longevity is.
He says it’ll keep them around longer
because they will get those breaks, says they can do that & says that’s what he did
when he sang with Boston for that tour.
Michael says he just needed a breather
from Stryper.

Michael says Kyle [his wife] got sick to where he got the call, says she pretty much pushed him to do it in a good way & says she encouraged him to do it. He says he felt
he can’t leave her because he’s her
caretaker & needed to be home, says that
Kyle told him to do this where she insisted
& says he did it. He says he looks back on it
where it was incredible to where it was her
gift to him & says it was amazing. Jericho
says that’s cool, asks if it was fun singing
some of the songs & Michael says he talks
about stress because he walk in Boston with
his guitar & ask they’re going thru guitar
stuff at the rehearsal, Tom told him “alright,
let’s hear you sing ‘More Then A Feeling'”.

Michael says it’s himself, Tom Schols, Gary &
others to where he went to piss in the
bathroom 5 times, Jericho says it’s where to
get it right & Michael says he sings it like
himself to where he belt it in spots while
trying some stuff & changing the melody.
He says he remembers everyone hi-fiveing
each other & going “WOOOOOOO”, says it
was exciting & Jericho says the funny thing
about that was that he never got a chance to see it, but watched the DVD version of it.
He calls Michael the rock star in the band to
where it was cool watching him play, says he looked & played cool with some good moves.

Jericho says that Tom was wearing volleyball shorts & the muscle shirt & Michael’s got a vest & tight jeans with killer
guitars & Michael says it’s funny because at
times, he almost felt like he was overdoing
it. He says then stopped & told himself “I
gotta be me”, Jericho agrees, Michael says
he was being himself & wasn’t doing anything other then what he did for years &
says they were letting him be himself. He
says if he brought something to the band it
was energy, says he felt he took it up a notch or 2 & Jericho agrees. He says he
heard it from the start & felt it too, asks on
when the solo record will be out & if he
either has a label for it or he’ll do it on his

Michael says he’s got a label, says he signed
a deal with Stryper’s former label, Big 3 &
says they’ll distribute it thru Red. He says
he’s doing a book also, says the plan is to
release both book & CD at the same time,
says it’s different doing both at once & says
he’ll do a different spin on it. He says he’s
excited on both, Jericho asks if it’ll be out
this year & Michael says yes. He says he
don’t know if it’ll be on the same day but
the CD will be out 1st maybe in July or
August & the book will be out afterwords.
Jericho says they still do shows, asks on what’s their favorite to play today & Michael says they soundcheck with it where
the running joke is “hey, let’s try something
different for soundcheck today”.

Michael says “why don’t we do ‘Reach Out'”,
says that’s always the song they soundcheck
with & says that’s 1 of those songs where
they know it so well. He says it always flows
& sounds good, says they’re always able to
pull it off & says it’s a fun 1. He says he loves
doing “Heaven & Hell” to where it’s a crowd
favorite in their set, says he loves “Soldiers
Under Command”, “To Hell With The Devil”
& says they’re classic Stryper songs that
fans like hear them enjoy playing. Jericho
says he’ll play “Reach Out”, says he loves the guitar solo on it & says after that, they’ll
return to say good bye to Michael.

16.Plays Stryper’s “Reach Out”.

17.Jericho says he loves the 5 minute solo on “Reach Out” where it never ends, Michael agrees & says it returns for more to
where it keeps going. Jericho says that’s what he loves about Stryper where it’s just
the message, vibe, double guitars & harmonies, calls Stryper 1 of his favorite
bands & says it’s always a pleasure talking
to Michael to where they got a chance to do
this. Michael thanks Jericho for his continued support & friendship, says he
appreciates having him on the show & says
it means the world. He wishes Jericho more
success to him where he’s happy for him &
tells him he’s doing great, Jericho thanks him & tells Michael he can return when the
solo record’s out. Michael says bye & Jericho says to take care, calls Michael a great guy to where he played an awesome trio of songs. He says he’ll return after the break.

After the break Jericho says welcome back to the end of the show, calls Michael a great
guest & again thanks him for being on the show. He calls Stryper an awesome band
that’s 1 of his favorites, tells fans to check them out as much as possible & says it’s not
only for the positive lyrics, but for awesome
kick ass guitar playing. He says he’s had a
great time on the show where he played
bands that he’s sure you never heard or
maybe you have, says if you’re as much of a
christian metal file as he is & says he’ll finish
the show with 2 bands. He says the 1st is
Chicago’s Tourniquet to where they have lots of start & stop tempo changes that has
great vibe & drumming.

Jericho says it had real cool lyrics, says their
CD’s called “Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance”: to where he
repeats the title again & asks on what that
means. He says when he 1st got it Google &
the internet didn’t exist, says he had to go
look in an encyclopedia at a library & asks
on how arcadic is that. He says what that
means is that it’s a lizard who don’t have eyes on the front of its face, but on the side
of its head & says they have eyes on the sides of their heads & us humans have eyes
on the front of our heads. He says you’re
always learning something on the show,
says the song’s called “Phantom Limb” &
says that means you have an arm amputated.

Jericho says you still feel like it’s still there,
says you still feel pain from it & says he don’t know where that band got the lyrics.
He thinks they were smoking christian weed, says it’s a very cool song & then plays
the song.

18.Plays Tourniquet’s “Phantom Limb” &
Bloodgood’s “Self Destruction”.

19.Jericho says “don’t blame God for your
own self destruction” which’s by Bloodgood,
calls them a christian metal band name if he
ever heard 1 & says he remembers the Spinal Tap “Break Like The Wind” special
where Derek Smalls worked as a phone
cleaner. He says the bass player was in a christian rock band called “Lambsblood”,
says that maybe “Lambsblood” &
Bloodgood can tour together & says what a
couple of hours he’s had. He says he’s given
you a crash course in christian heavy metal
from the 80s to now, calls Michael amazing
& says to send your requests to . He says next
week he’ll have Miles Kennedy on the show.
He says he’ll be there too, says to make
sure you’re there too, says he’ll see you next week & the show ends at 7:10 PM.

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