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New photo of The Undertaker surfaces on the net

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  1. greg says:

    When youre a wrestler you need to portray the image of being in great physical shape and physically superior to the average person. Especially for someone like taker. Trust me there are 45 year olds that lift, run and look in phenomenal shape.Hopefully this was taken a while ago, seeing as how Taker almost NEVER makes a ring appearance out of shape, he’s a smarter businessman than that. He knows what the payoff for Mania will be in dollars and for how the fans view him.

  2. Kerry says:

    “Fritz says:
    March 25, 2012 at 2:31 pm
    Who’s the hot chick?”

    Michele McCool – ‘Taker’s wife, former WWE Superstar & Women’s and Diva’s Champion.

  3. Kerry says:

    I believe he has been ill. Cancer, maybe? I don’t think he’d look like that and gotten so skinny just due to age. Would also explain the bald head & using a wig when he first came back to challenge Triple H.

  4. Fisha695 says:

    Taker has always been rather skinny and not-ripped, he’s actually rather short for a “Big Man” too at only 6″5′ (billed as 6″10′ – 7″)

  5. PatVanHalen5150 says:

    Taker isn’t 6’5″, he’s actually 6’8″ and billed at 6’10”.

  6. J-Ro says:

    That’s Michelle Mccool.

  7. Ostego says:

    Looks like he is about to compete in a buried alive match with the Grim Reaper. Looks like he already has one foot in the grave.

    I kid I kid.

  8. Koru_Taylor says:

    This photo is only “new” meaning none of us have seen it until now. If you’ve been paying attention to his appearances in the last few weeks, he’s clearly in MUCH better shape than in that photo, not to mention he’s had the full on black facial hair since his return. He’s clean shaven in this photo.

    I’d say this was taken a few months of last year’s ‘Mania.

  9. PSYKOTIK says:

    The face of The Undertaker looks to the Doc Emmet Brown’s face in Back To The Future!!

  10. -J- says:

    Koru_Taylor I agree he is is not as lean and looks healthier in recent weeks on RAW, maybe he lost weight after his surgery and took a break from training whatever the case it’s only hair and he is still a legend.

    There is another pic of him circulating with a bit more hair and he looks like he has on Raw recently.

  11. Fritz says:

    Are we sure that’s Michelle McCool………….. That doesn’t look like her

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