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Detailed Recap of The Ultimate Fighter Live Episode 3

Episode 3: Old School vs. New School

We open with a recap of last week’s episode where James Vick from Team Cruz won the first fight of the competition and when no one from Team Faber raised their hand when asked who wanted to fight Justin Lawrence.


The episode begins with Team Cruz celebrating Vick’s win and making fun of Team Faber members for being too scared to step up and fight. Lloyd Irving, assistant coach, says they were “shook” and looked away when asked. Cruz said Faber should have made the decision and made his team look bad on live TV. Vinc Pichel reminds us that fighters can’t look like a bunch of pussies on national TV and says their team moral must he in the crap hole.


Faber said Cruz put them on the spot and they would have lead sacrificial lamb to slaughter if he made a quick pick and not thought about it. John Cofer feels his team was caught off guard which is why they did not respond and Mike Chiesa says he isn’t afraid of any man in the house but Faber didn’t pick him so that means his coach did not want him to fight and respect his wishes. Faber tells his team to forget about it, suck it up and lets get ready for the fight and that is going to try and be a professional…even though Cruz gets on his nerves and he wants to punch him in the face.


Back at the house, Chris Tickle is criticizing Team Faber for not stepping up and several members reply with how Faber didn’t pick them so they decided to respect the wishes of their coach. Al Iaquinta feels Tickle is only making fun of them so he can be the center of attention as Tickle keeps yelling “No hands” throughout the house as in no one raised their hand.


Team Cruz Training Session #1

Tickle wears a gas mask on the van ride to the training center and when getting their decides to move Faber’s reserved parking sign but breaks it in the process and hides it among some giant tires. Justin Lawrence says he has been wrestling since the 3rd grade and that he doesn’t work and that all he does is fight. He says it’s a battle of the youngest in the house versus the oldest in the house.

Cruz says Chris Tickle is different than any other fighter he has worked with because he finds ways to weasel out of drills like claiming he left his earring in or can’t find tape for his foot and that he has diarrhea. Cruz pulls him aside an tells him to get it together because he could be picked to fight at anytime. Tickle says it’s all good to Cruz’s face but in the confessional he says he was simply being bitched at by Cruz and is pissed off because he has never had a coach talk to him that way.



Team Faber Training Session #1

Cristiano Marcello says everything he is, is Brazilian Ju-Jitsu and that he got his black belt from Royler Gracie in 1999. Marcello trained with Shogun Rua and Wanderlei Silva for years in the old Chute Box academy.  Team Faber assistant coach Justin Buchholz says Lawrence is expecting a clean ground fight and Marcello has to make it a dirty stand up fight with a lot of clinching. Team Faber finds Urijah’s reserved parking sign. Faber says it’s a lame joke and marks up a poster of Dominick and it makes him look like Eddie Munster.


As Team Faber is leaving the training center and Team Cruz arrives, John Cofer makes fun of how Chris Tickle walks around all big and bad and how he probably needs to walk through the door sideways because of how wide his arms are extended. Tickle over hears this and the two get into a heated verbal exchange where Tickle denies he walks that way and that he can beat Cofer’s ass. Cofer replies he would do the same to him and a lot of swearing and yelling from Tickle saying he has more knockouts and how he fought real people unlike Cofer. Tickle says Cofer has been a smart ass to everyone in the house and it ends with Tickle saying he got beat his whole life since he was eight years old and he takes shit from no one…and never will.


Team Cruz Training Session #2

Justin Lawrence says he asks himself why is he doing this as he enters the cage but completely loves it when the fight begins. Cruz encourages Lawrence to throw knees when Marcello shoots in for the takedown. They show Lawrence some moves that they feel Marcello will try and remind Lawrence that Marcello is not a wrestler so his takedowns will be different. Dominick sees the poster and replies “At least they made me look like the cool guy on Sesame Street” Urijah yells at Dominick for his team being 11 mins over their allotted time in the gym and notices a marked up poster of him making fun of his “butt chin” and states that Dominick is the one who decided to make him an enemy long before the show started.



Cristiano Marcello – 156 lbs: Says he is not a kid anymore and no longer fights for money but for his family as he looks at a picture of his newborn baby.

Justin Lawrence – 156 lbs: Says he is going to use his speed and keep it standing to win and he wants this more than anything.


We go live to the team locker rooms and Dominick tells Lawrence to ignore the crowd and not to show off while Faber tells Marcello to watch the leg kicks and step in with a two punch combo when the time prevents itself.


Team Cruz                                                                                     Team Faber

Justin Lawrence (3-0)                              VS.                Cristiano Marcello (12-3)















Round 1: 

Lawrence is light on his feet as he circles away from Marcello’s power. Lawrence misses an over hand right and Marcello misses a kick to the body. Lawrence lands a right punch left leg kick combo and Marcello charges after him while throwing some wild punches but Lawrence runs and escapes. Lawrence gets hit Marcello with a jab and leg kick from outside. Marcello attempts a takedown but Lawrence fights and avoids the takedown. Marcello lands a straight kick to the body tries to land some more punches but Lawrence’s head movement is just too good at avoiding shots.


Round 2:

Lawrence tries to land some fancy kicks to the head and Marcello ties him up with double under hooks and pins him against the fence but Lawrence escapes. Lawrence misses a spinning back kick and Marcello counters with a jab and shoots in the for takedown but Lawrence shakes him off and throws him down to the mat. Lawrence lands some legs kicks and Marcello gets back up. Lawrence drops him with a right hook but dosen’t go in for the kill and Marcello gets back up but he looks really out of it and throws a right hook which clearly shows he is running on fumes. Dominick Cruz keeps yelling “Faint two, power three” and Lawrence eventually faints and throws a powerful left hand that knocks Marcello down and out.

Winner: Justin Lawrence – KO @ 3:16 of the 2ND Round


Team Cruz gets to pick next weeks fight as Team Faber goes 0-2 Cruz selects Myles Jury from his team and Al Iaquinta form team Faber and that is our fight for next week.


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