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East bracket: (1) Junkyard Dog vs. (13) Shelton Benjamin

Junkyard Dog

Career Highlights:

* Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame (2012)
* 4x Mid-South North American Heavyweight Champion
* 2x Stampede North American Heavyweight Champion
* USWA Unified World Heavyweight Championship
* WWE hall of fame (2004)


Shelton Benjamin

Career Highlights:

* WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship
* 4x OVW Southern Tag Team Champion
* 3x WWE Intercontinental Champion
* 2x WWE Tag Team Champion with Charlie Haas
* WWE United States Championship
* ROH World Tag Team Champion with Charlie Haas

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5 Responses

  1. Chris Epic says:

    It’dbe greay if Shelton took the whole thing being an active competitor, he’s accomplished a lot in a short time

  2. terry nelson says:

    if people are going by who is the better wrestler than sheltons got the edge if people who is better entainer than jyd has the edge i like both and even jyd is a legend i have to go with shelton but if jyd gets more votes i understand

  3. rebel says:

    Why? His career is nowhere near the guys he outvoted so far.

  4. terry nelson says:

    that might be true but you cant take away what he can do in the ring and right now he highly respected wrestlers in the locker room

  5. rebel says:

    I’m not taking anything away from him, I’m saying that as great as his athletic in-ring work is, it’s his only dimension. He has not and likely never will reach the level of JYD, who was a main eventer for a large part of his career despite being a terrible technician. We can’t completely ignore kayfabe in a tournament like this, or it will lose its meaning.

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