More on the closing of FCW

Mar 20, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

The decision to close Florida Championship Wrestling caught many wrestlers by surprise, as most learned of the news last night with talent frantic about the pending move to Connecticut. Obviously, the cost of housing is considerably higher in Connecticut. Former WWE announcer Kevin Kelly (and current ROH announcer) tweeted, “With FCW closing down, good luck to all the young men & women who moved to Tampa to train. Stamford is an expensive toilet. I feel for you.” Triple H has been talking about making changes in developmental for quite some time, and it was inevitable that changes were looming.

The talk this morning was that gym wouldn’t close until May, and FCW will conduct another set of television tapings. FCW tweeted, “FCW has a huge week of live events Cody Rhodes tom nite in Orlando, Thurs Tampa, Friday @ Deland Armory and Saturday in Brooksville.”

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