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Who is Lord Tensai?

Matt Bloom (Giant Bernard), the former Albert, A-Train, who returned earlier tonight on Raw.

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  1. mshelez says:

    He isn’t in Japan any more? That’s where he was last, right?

  2. smartbus says:

    I thought that was just a promo?

  3. Zayfren says:

    Why Matt? Why? You were considered NJPW gaijin ace and you left that to be in the lowcard with WWE?

  4. -J- says:

    money and prominence on the big stage, why wouldn’t he? business is business.

  5. Sub Zero says:

    I just hope he shaved his back. Any footage of him as Prince Albert deserves to be burned

  6. Zayfren says:

    Sub Zero, he shaved his back many years ago

  7. Ian says:

    Lord Tensai…ugh!!! Why not just give him a normal sounding name with a kick ass nickname and let him shine.

  8. Zayfren says:

    -J I know, I hope he receives a push and at least one title reign (sorry for my english)

  9. Rob says:

    So many good match-ups come to mind. Would rather him keep one of his characters instead of some new corny crap.

    Danielson vs. Bloom? Hell yeah!

  10. Pieman says:

    I liked Albert back in the day, but at the time, he had a lot to live up to being along side the Austin’s, DX’s and Rock’s(when he was fresh & not phony). He did right to go away and learn a different style. I bet he’s more than ready now, and in a good position, with the current roster to take the ball and run, or give a few big boots to the face in the process.

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