Live TNA Victory Road PPV coverage: Robbie E's open challenge

Mar 18, 2012 - by Adam Martin

Open Challenge – TNA TV Championship
Robbie E. (c) w/ Robbie T. vs. Devon

Devon launches Robbie across the ring with a big hip toss. Devon drops Robbie with a big clothesline and then connects with a big face plant. Devon clotheslines Robbie to the outside and the crowd in Orlando is fired up. Robbie goes to grab a chair, but Brooke Hogan tries to grab the chair. Robbie yells at her and the referee prevents him from using the chair. Back in the ring, Robbie puts the boots to Devon. Devon explodes with a huge spear. Devon with a neckbreaker and another flying clothesline. Devon knocks Robbie T. off the ring apron, prevents a rollup from Robbie E. and connects with a big spinebuster. Devon hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winner and NEW TNA TV Champion: Devon

After the match, Devon is handed the title and holds it up high. We see highlights from the match leading to the finish. Back live, Devon is up on the corner saluting the crowd as they continue to give him a big reaction.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with TNA President Dixie Carter. She announces that Slammiversary, the 10th anniversary of TNA, will be coming to the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas area at the University of Texas at Arlington. Borash mentions that Carter will be at ringside for tonight’s main event.

* Gail Kim defending the TNA Knockouts Championship against Madison Rayne is up next.

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