Live TNA Victory Road PPV coverage: Knockouts title match

Mar 18, 2012 - by Adam Martin

TNA Knockouts Championship
Gail Kim (c) vs. Madison Rayne

The two lock up and both are trying to rip each others hair out. Kim with a series of elbows and kicks in the corner on Madison. Rayne launches Kim off the ring apron into the steel ring barricade. Rayne tosses Kim back inside and Kim attempts a quick rollup that Rayne quickly counters with a clothesline. Rayne with a suplex into a bridge for a two count. Kim drops Rayne’s knee down over the mat. Kim with a cross body from the corner for a two count. Kim catches Rayne with a missle dropkick from the top rope. Rayne fights back throwing Kim face first into the mat. Rayne with a charging dropkick on Kim. Kim out of no where connects with her Eat Defeat and gets the pinfall.

Winner and still TNA Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim

After the match, we see the finish of the match with Gail Kim pulling off her finisher with a quick counter. Back live, Madison Rayne is still recovering at Gail Kim holds up her title.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. Daniels says this has nothing to do with Ken Anderson and he is getting involved where he doesn’t belong.

A video package runs hyping AJ Styles and Mr. Anderson vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian.

* AJ Styles and Mr. Anderson vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian is up next.

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