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Rock and Cena talk about breaking kayfabe‏

From Jay:

The Rock responds to a fan about breaking kayfabe:

“”Breaking kayfabe” is easy, cheap and never entertaining. Boys who are desperate do it all the time.”

Cena replied to Rock’s comment with:

“Agreed @therock People should stick to the difficult stuff like mom jokes, sexuality, and making light of someones appearance. #WM28”

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9 Responses

  1. Beast says:

    They are really going at it.

  2. M. J. Wright says:

    Kayfabe went out the door when ECW arrived back in 1993

  3. -J- says:

    do they text each other before they each tweet an insult?

  4. Hipnosis says:

    Kayfabe is killed by the fans more than the workers (Joseph Park)

  5. N. Gaijin says:

    I know it’s just a work, but the hypocrisy in both statements is just staggering.

    Still, makes you wonder just how much is left for them to do before their actual match.

  6. RJ Ace says:

    These two have taken a match that I was really looking forward to a year ago and ruined it. These little Twitter at fights were lame 6 months ago and I can’t wait til this feud is over.

  7. RJ Ace says:

    *cat fights

  8. Smitty says:

    I’m a little confused as to how ECW supposedly killed kayfabe….

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