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IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion Prince Devitt who arrived in Mexico City yesterday posing for pictures to media fanfare ready for his upcoming tour with EMLL has had to cancel after they found out he had a calf injury that is forcing him to take some time off. No word on how long he will miss time but he is off the lineups for now.

La Familia de Tijuana (Damian 666/Bestia 666/Halloween/Super Nova/X-Fly) all decided to leave Perros del Mal mutually on Tuesday with everyone resigning their office positions and Super Nova leaving his PdM Lt. Heavyweight Title on Perrito’s desk. They are free to work anywhere they want but Halloween assured that they would work all of their contracted dates for AAA and anyone else before taking new bookings but they are open to still working with PdM as freelancers.

In the ongoing Hijo del Santo vs. AAA trial over royalties he felt he deserved off of DVD sales from the Triplemania show he was on a couple of years ago, AAA Owner Marisela Pena pulled a power play on her birthday no less demanding that Hijo del Santo unmask if he is going to testify because she wanted to face her accuser to see if it was actually Santo under the hood since she has seen him unmasked in the past. Santo of course refused to do this and the judge wasn’t too hot on the idea but decided to postpone the case for an appeal.

In some wacky Monterrey news the newest gimmick to hit the Arena Coliseo de Monterrey scene is the Master of the Universe and I’m not talking about Sid Vicious but yes 80’s cartoon icon He-Man. No word if Skeletor will be coming after him but he will be teaming with Battman and I’m not talking about Tony Marino for you longtime WWWF Pittsburgh fans.

WWE is coming back to Mexico in May but only for a couple of dates as they are scaling back right now just doing shows on 5/25 in Aguascalientes and 5/26 in Guadalajara. The lack of shows in Mexico City is interesting.

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