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North bracket: (2) Bruiser Brody vs. (7) Brian Pillman

Bruiser Brody

Career Highlights:

* NWA International Heavyweight Championship
* PWF World Tag Team Champion with Stan Hansen
* NWA Florida Heavyweight Championship
* NWA Texas Heavyweight Championship
* WCWA Television Championship
* NWA Western States Heavyweight Championship
* St. Louis Wrestling Hall of Fame (2007)


Brian Pillman

Career Highlights:

* Stampede Wrestling Hall of Fame
* 2x WCW World Light Heavyweight Champion
* WCW World Tag Team Championship with Steve Austin
* NWA World Tag Team Championship with Steve Austin
* NWA United States Tag Team Champion with Tom Zenk

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3 Responses

  1. smartbus says:

    It’s already 9-6 in favor of pillman not a good sign.

  2. Andy says:

    Bruiser would kill Pillman. Too many 20 year olds voting.

  3. Chuck Mullen says:

    Come on, Brody had a HALL OF FAME CAREER whereas too, Pillman had a HALL OF SHAME.

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