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Video: Nigel McGuinness thanks fans for their support

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  1. Jobber says:

    This kind of irritates me how Nigel asked for this money yet won’t tell his fans what is wrong with him. In the earlier video teaser he says someone asked him how he is going to wrestle with that condition? Ok, so what is so horrible that he wouldn’t tell his fans? Even Colt Cabana thinks he should be more open about it.

    Fans are going to be buying this release thinking he is going to open up and he probably won’t do it, but even if he were to say, it doesn’t seem very ethical for him to make fans of his pay to hear the reason he can no longer wrestle. I don’t want any part in this. If he doesn’t want to say then that is his business, but don’t ask for money to do a wrestling documentary about his career and then either leave out the most important detail or charge fans to hear it. It might be smart business, but it is not very ingratiating to someone who has been a loyal fan of his for years.

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