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News on Abyss and Eugene

Eugene via Twitter today:

The next semester of OVW’s Nick Dinsmore Pro Wrestling Class begins Monday May 7. Apply today!

I can’t wait for Nashville,TN on March 17

– The new look for Abyss..

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  1. Hans says:

    interesting direction theyre taking Abyss in

  2. -J- says:

    He’s apparently playing his “brother” looking for Abyss, it was different seeing him on Impact looking like a supersized William Regal.

    He talks proper and its something different.

  3. whoa says:

    Yeah, kind of like if Regal, Big Show and IRS all contributed DNA to a clone or something…not sure what to think yet.

  4. dbostick says:

    I wonder if they replaced Abyss’s missing teeth to go along with his new look.

  5. Ian says:

    I highly believe Abyss will be back at some point since Parks is now playing “his brother” looking for Abyss…so I think he is going to “find” Abyss and bring him back some how.

  6. Ian says:

    Adding to my previous post Abyss’ new gimmick would be had we not heard Abyss speak, because I think most people realized it was him immediately by his voice.

  7. Hipnosis says:

    JOSEPH PARK. Brother of Abyss. BTW we all know what Abyss looks like without a Mask and Brothers tend to sound alike so whatever the excuse is JOSEPH PARK being his brother could pass. I LEGIT thought he really did have a brother… till I got on the Internet lol

  8. Hipnosis says:

    …btw FAT WILLIAM REGAL lol

  9. Tony says:

    Cactus Jack did something simular to this back in old WCW. Big Van Vader power bombed him on his head and a few weeks later they found him in an alley calling himself “Michael”. Then on the next PPV Jack was back and he clocked Vader on the head with a coal-shovel.

  10. Quinn 2 Winn says:

    Abyss does actually have a brother named Joe Park, but he looks nothing like him and sounds nothing like him. He looks more like a pussy than a Big Shows baby

  11. seanb says:

    since when did John Goodman wrestle for TNA??

  12. DeathNote81 says:

    Thought that was the guy from Penn & Teller.

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