Maria tweets about her relationship with Mike Bennett

Mar 8, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Maria Kanellis tweeted:

How do I know he is the one? Well, @ROHMikeBennett and I recently moved in together. We have one car right now. We lost the only key to the car 2 weeks ago. We rented a car last week and finally got the new key tuesday. Today, as I was putting my Celtics sweatshirt on, the “lost” key to the car hit me on the head when it fell out of the hood. @ROHMikeBennett had put it in the hood thinking it would be a funny joke and he forgot about it. We searched everywhere. But all I can do is laugh about it now. It was accidentally a $250 joke. Love is being able to laugh at each other. Never getting to serious. P.S. it is probably something I would have done too trying to be funny. #BGSD

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