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HBK to officiate the HHH vs. Taker Wrestlemania rematch

Mr. WrestleMania is coming back to WrestleMania as Shawn Michaels
announced yesterday that he will be the guest referee for the Hell In A
Cell match between Triple H and Undertaker. HBK was in Boston for
yesterday’s RAW and had another confrontation with Triple H. Michaels was
irritated by the fact that Triple H only agreed to fight after Taker
called him out and said that Shawn was better than him. Triple H told
Michaels that he’s going to end the streak for himself and for Shawn as
dell as he is tired to listen to everybody running their mouth saying what
HBK couldn’t do. Shawn informed him that last year he knew who was going
to win and this year he knows as well who’s going to win as he will be the
guest referee. This will be Shawn’s first WrestleMania in-ring appearance
since his match against the Undertaker at WrestleMania 26.

(thanks to Colin Vassallo)

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5 Responses

  1. Jake says:

    No one’s gonna mention how the last time HBK reffed an Undertaker match, Bret won the world title at Summerslam ’97?

  2. Alex says:

    What is the point of having a special guest referee in this match?

  3. Chris James says:

    Jake that was the first thing I thought of. Michales shouldn’t show favoritism at all. The finish will be mind blowing…

  4. N. Gaijin says:

    I still think they should put up Hunter’s career as an in-ring performer as an extra stake in this match. They’ve already done a really good job at building up the idea that HHH will end the streak, but it would be great if they really made this into a “Winner Take All” kind of affair. Granted, we all know we’ll still be seeing Hunter after ‘Mania, but it would be nice if they continued to focus on his role as an authority figure and did away with any involvement he had in the ring once his feud with ‘Taker is over. There’s honestly not much left for him to do now anyway, other than accrue title reigns to possibly try and best Flair’s record. I think he’s much better in the on-screen COO role and even his legit dealing with the talent backstage than putting on matches right now. To me, he pretty much represents the older, more traditional way of doing things that I think wrestling really needs. Hopefully he can get more done to turn the company around and really get the promotion back on track.

  5. Chris James says:

    IMO trips could do a better job (if he puts his ego aside, hard task for the game) of getting punk over than Lauranitis. As far as authority figure trying to control the rebel. If that’s still in the cards… I still don’t think you can re create that magic. Austin vs. McMahon was on a whole other level…

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