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NFL player goes after CM Punk on Twitter

NFL defender Shawn Merriman, who apparently is friends with Chris Brown, went after CM Punk via Twitter:

F**k C.M. Punk, he’s still a punk forever in my book. I’m sure my supporters feel the same way… And WWE, I ain’t hosting y’all new network until somebody whoop C.M. Punk cuz he’s a p$ssy.

Serious, who the f**k is C.M. Punk other than a soft butt…wrestling gone soft f off… If god is my witness, C.M. Punk was wearing a thong laying by the pool tanning his cheeks in Costa Rica, now tell me I’m lying… C.M. Punk wants no part of Lights, trust me…

And WWE, I ain’t hoting sh#t until C.M. is dethroned… I ain’t a hater at all, but if you like dudes tanning by the pool (in) a thong that’s cool. I think he had pillows under his stomach.

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  1. Kerry says:


  2. mshelez says:

    This might bother me if I actually cared about what this guy or anybody has to say about CM Punk or any wrestler I like, for that matter. If you don’t give them publicity, they will go away.

  3. Julian says:

    Not playing race card…but I’m black and this tweet is embarrassing -____- Can’t talk to save his life. Punk was right about Brown and that’s all.

  4. MIKO M says:

    so i guess Shawn Merriman beats his girls aswell

  5. rob says:

    now i am embarrassed to be a bills fan – thanks!

  6. Thomas says:

    I’m black and I’m right there with Julian. Both Chris Brown and WHOEVER this guy is are just an embarrassment. I’ve followed CM Punk’s career for so long and I can honestly say that even with a gimmick he’s more real than either of these posers.

  7. Frank Garrett says:

    @Julian what does that have to do with him being black? The guy is just a stupid jock.

  8. Tim Steed says:

    Yes because WWE should “dethrone” one of their biggest stars who still has a long time left in the game, for a NFL star to host on the WWE Network. Because wrestling fans want to see NFL stars prioritised over wrestlers? LOL, who is this guy?

  9. Ostego says:

    I find this funny:

    “LOYALTY HONESTY RESPECT without that you’re nothing”

    I guess he’s nothing three times over.

  10. Mark says:

    who is Shawn Merriman? LoL

  11. O says:

    I didn’t really get what he was trying to say. Don’t really care either.

  12. Fritz says:

    Jones-Drew is 5’7 208, I think Punk will be ok if Merriman comes after him

  13. Joe B says:

    I never really liked SM, nor did I hate him, aside from his problems he had off the field. But the funny thing is that he got busted for taking roids, which if we all remember is one of the things talked about Punk and his “inferior manhood”. I’m way more of a football fan than wrestling, but he had no reason in even saying this. If he were more of a man than CM, than why don’t he take up CM on his fight deal. I don’t know Punks actual fighting background, but wouldn’t be surprised if he could take either one of them 1 on 1. If Shawn played in football of about 30 years ago, i might think CM might have something to fear, but the NFL is so watered down now that a lot of the players seem like more talk than action.

  14. James says:

    I would comment but I can’t decipher that cryptic message.

  15. Meh says:

    Who is Shawn Merriman? Besides the fact that plays in the NGL (National Girdiron League). Is he some half fish, half man thing?

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