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Menu is live in Boston for tonight’s Raw

We’re live in Boston for tonight’s Raw at TD Garden. Make sure to refresh this post throughout the afternoon and evening as we bring you updates from both inside and outside the arena. Newest posts will appear on top. You can also follow Mike on Twitter @McMahon_Gerweck

11:08 pm: last update. Cena just announced to the live crowd that in November, the last time Raw was here in Boston, he found out that day his brother had brain cancer. Today, he found out, back in this building, that he had an MRI and the tumor is shrinking. Emotional stuff. Cena’s family was in the front row and was who he was celebrating with to close the show.

9:52 pm: tickets for night of champions go on sale tonight after Raw at the box office only.

9:34 pm: just announced that Night of Champions will be at TD Garden on Sept 16

9:32 pm: The building popped huge for Santino’s title win and even louder for Johnny Ace’s ejection. Santino looked like he was going to cut a promo but he was cut off

8:55 pm: Cole and Lawler out now. Raw minutes away.

8:52 pm: GO OUT OF YOUR WAY TO WATCH THIS MATCH. Kofi wins after 17 minutes of great action. Probably the bed match in the history of Superstars. Lots of false finishes. Great match.

8:33 pm: Being taped for Superstars, Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler. Good reaction for Kofi, who went to high school only about 15 minutes from here

8:29 pm: Khali wins.

8:25 pm: Great Khali vs. Curt Hawkins in the ring now. Seems to be a dark match

8:18 pm: no dark match yet. In fact, the Titan Tron isn’t even on yet.

8:11 pm: the unsung heroes, the WWE camera crew, stretching out at ringside. One of the guys told me those cameras weigh about 40lbs and they don’t get put down for 2-3 hours.

8:08 pm: John Cena Sr. In the house, as always here in Boston. Cena Sr. will likely be ringside on the hard camera side.

8:02 pm: Dark match likely to hit the ring about 8:15. Then Superstars taped and then Raw live. Will let you know those matches soon.

7:43 pm: not a single section is tarped off. Been told this is a legit sellout by an usher.

7:28 pm: Nothing noticeably strange about the building setup. No cage or any oddities

6:42 pm: Wow, scoped out my seats and they’re incredible. Six rows up, center ring on the hard camera side. Kudos to the man who will remain nameless that came through with the hookup. Doors open in about 30 minutes.

6:19 pm: crowds are already forming at the doors with some Ric Flair “woo!” chants and “let us in!”

4:43 pm: Just got inside the building, thanks to a contact who works in security. Doors won’t open for about another 2-1/2 hours. Rumor amongst TD Garden employees today is that WWE will announce at the show tonight that Boston will host a PPV later this year, with the popular rumor being Survivor Series. It would actually mark the 3rd time Boston will host the Survivor Series, if the rumors are true. The old Boston Garden hosted in 1993 and then TD Garden hosted the PPV in 2008, when John Cena wrestled Chris Jericho in the main event.

4:31 pm: Fans are saying that they spotted Shawn Michaels earlier today. Michaels arrived in Boston last night is and expected to take part in tonight’s show in some capacity. The Rock also arrived in Boston yesterday, eating in the North End (Boston’s Italian neighborhood) and caused a stir when a group of fans were lined up to meet him. He posted, took a picture, and even posted it on his Twitter account.

4:27 pm: There is a huge crowd already here for tonight’s show. A group of fans are gathered around the entrance where most of the crew is already inside the building. Fans are saying that quite a few stars stopped on their way into the lot and signed autographs.

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