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Mar 4, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck


– Complete WSU 5 Year Anniversary Show Results
– Reviews
– Upcoming Projects
– Fallout
***NOTE: You can watch the replay of this show right now at http://www.gfl.tv/Events/Fight/Wrestling/WSU_5_Year_Anniversary_Show/1259

You can also buy the DVD of this show right now at:
On March 3rd, 2012, WSU, the leader in womens wrestling today, presented its 5th Anniversary show from Deer Park, NY, headlined by Mercedes Martinez, putting up the WSU World Championship on the line against WSU Spirit Champion Jessicka Havok, in what many are saying was the biggest & best main event in WSU history.
Martinez & Havok met each other for the first time since “WARGAMES” when Havok threatened to stab Martinez with a machete. Since that show, both wrestlers threatened near death through intense videos that aired on the WSU YouTube page. The anticipation and intensity for this match was at an all time high.
In a crazy match that featured multiple broken tables, doors and walls of the arena, the ending of this match saw Martinez and Havok brawling on the top rope. Both tried going for a big move, but each countered each other, with Havok going for a neckbreaker, while Martinez was trying for an ace-crusher. Both went crashing down through a table, smashing the table into smithereens.
With both women laid out, Jessicka Havok was able to get one arm over Martinez, to pick up a shocking 1-2-3. The epic 3 year world title reign of Mercedes Martinez was ended, and Jessicka Havok had to nearly sacrifice her life and livelihood to do so.
A new era has been cast in womens wrestling. The Era of HAVOK is upon us.
WSU would also like to congratulate & thank Mercedes Martinez for her hard work, dedication, drive, professionalism and putting womens wrestling on the map these last 3 years, and we look forward to seeing how she handles the biggest loss of her career.

J-Cup Qualifier Match
Athena d. Leva Bates
Lexus d. Rain
Bones & Roses (Jenny Rose & Bonesaw Brooks) d. Rick Cataldo & Ezavel Suena
Jennifer Cruz d. Becky Bayless; According to Cruz, that makes her undefeated in 2012
Marti Belle d. Tina San Antonio
Allisyn Kay & Sassy Stephanie d. Alicia & Brittney Savage in a wild Uncensored Rules match
The Soul Sisters d. Lexus & Tina San Antonio to WIN the WSU Tag Team Championships. Immediately afterwards, Kay & Stephanie wanted to cash in their number 1 contendership to the titles
Allisyn Kay & Sassy Stephanie d. The Soul Sisters to WIN the WSU Tag Team Championship, giving the Mid-West Militia control of the Tag & Spirit titles.
In a J-Cup Qualifier Match
April Hunter d. Annie Social
For the WSU World & Spirit Titles
Jessicka Havok d. Mercedes Martinez to bring all the gold to the Mid-West Militia in an epic match.

Many are calling this the best WSU iPPV ever.
Read the reviews yourself at:
You can watch the replay of this show right now at http://www.gfl.tv/Events/Fight/Wrestling/WSU_5_Year_Anniversary_Show/1259

You can also buy the DVD of this show right now at:
WSU is embarking on an aggressive new content campaign due to requests for more different DVD projects.
– WSU 5 Y A Show iPPV version
– WSU 5 YA Show Deluxe Version
– WSU Class of 2012 Hall of Fame
– Becky Bayless Shoot Interview
– Mercedes Martinez Shoot Interview
– Best of Mercedes Martinez Volume 2
Check WSUWrestling.com and WSUVIDEO.com for more on these titles. Every DVD sale goes back into the company and without your support we can not provide these excellent titles.
It has been a busy 24 hours for WSU with the aftermath of the WSU 5 Year Anniversary Show & new DVD projects. Here are some quick news tidbits:
– Upcoming Events
4/14 (King & Queen of the Ring Tournament) w/NWS
4/28 J-Cup Double DVD Taping
6/16 Uncensored Rumble 5 iPPV
We will have details on these shows later this week.
– WSU will be releasing FREE videos on our YouTube page including ‘WHEN WE WENT OFF THE AIR”, which saw the WSU roster come out and acknowledge Martinez’s accomplishments. However, Martinez did not want the praise, and wanted a rematch with Jessicka Havok right away. WSU commissioner Amy Lee has signed Martinez vs Havok II for 4/28 at the J-Cup. More on this event later this week.
– WSU is proud to announce LuFisto & Kalamity, from NCW will be joining the WSU roster later this year. The Mid-West Militia are scheduled to start with NCW as well.
– No major injuries occurred, although Havok & Martinez had various contusions and bruises, and are still sore today.
– WSU thanks all our fans for five years and making this iPPV the most watched iPPV yet. WSU is extremely proud of our roster for this accomplishment.
– WSU has ruled that Jessicka Havok can remain WSU World & Spirit Champion, as long as she defends both championships in a timely manner.
– Due to Lexus losing the WSU Tag Team Championships & with the quitting of Amber, WSU has promised Lexus a singles title shot instead of a tag team title rematch.
– An overzealous fan charged the ring after Martinez lost to Jessicka Havok. We have been advised by police not to release this footage, but we are trying to get clearance. Wrestler safety is a priority and we urge fans to voice their frustrations with words not with physicality with the wrestlers.
-Stay tuned to our Twitter & YouTube pages for more updates. We will have more news on the upcoming shows & DVDs later this week.

Don’t forget WSU has brand new DVD’s on sale. They are “The Best of 2011”, “Best of Traci Brooks”, “Blitzkreig: 1/21 Live Event” & “Face 2 Face: Alicia & Brittney Savage” Shoot Interview. For more on these titles, check out WSUVideo.com

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