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3/3 “Moonshine Matinee” with Hillbilly Jim & Percy Mandoberg‏ Recap

from Jeff Sheridan:

1.Starts the show at 10:02 AM with the usual “Don’t Go Messin’ With A Country Boy”.

2.Hillbilly tells fans to come on in because the door’s open, tells them to kick off their
shoes & throw them in a corner & says he
wants you to stay as long as you want to. He then introduces himself that’s in Mud Lick, Kentucky, says that cousin Spike’s there & says they’re in the makeshift studio
that’s out back in the barn. He says they’re
ready to come broadcasting all over the
universe because it’s your show, says it’s
about to get underway & asked Spike as to
what’s cracking. He tells Spike that he’s looking good & fit as a fiddle, says that
Spike must’ve done some extra jumping
jacks because it looks like he’s happy & says
that he’s got a rose colored look in his face.

Hillbilly says that Spike’s grinning to where
his 1 tooth all polished up & is gleaming like a new penny, says that he’s cooked up
101 proof show goodness for y’all for this
week & says the barrel’s looking good. He
makes smelling sounds to where he says it’ll
be a sizzler & says in the 1st hour, you’ll hear Drive-By Truckers, Pat Haney, Jack
White & Eric Clapton. He says he’ll kick it off with a man [Johnny Cash] that was voted
the #1 outlaw of all time, says the guy was
dressed in black & says the guy’s name was
famous like Elvis, because all you had to do
is same the word “Cash”.

3.Plays Johnny Cash’s “I Won’t Back Down”,
Tom Petty’s “You Wreck Me” & Merle
Haggard’s “Workin’ Man Blues”.

4.Hillbilly says you’ve landed back in there
with some possum stomping, hillbilly sho’
enough to where he & Spike are sitting & are ready to do this for y’all. He says they
just broke open this weeks show, hopes that you’re feeling good & asked fans as to
how they’re doing. He then asked if they’re
enjoying the weather to where everyone’s
going out, having fun & enjoying the days.
He says whatever you’re doing today he
wants you to carry him in your car or the
pick em’ up truck, says if you’re sitting in the house & doing chores around the barn
& says to turn him up loud. He says he’ll make sure to give you music that’ll be honest to goodness, sure enough Outlaw
Country hits just for y’all.

Hillbilly says it’s to have some fun along the
way, says he’ll bump his gums & says later
he’ll have a special guest on the show
[Uncle Percy Mandoberg] in the 1st hour. He says lots of things are occuring, says he
really loves this tune that he’ll be playing
[“Tulsa Time”] & says this guy [Eric Clapton]
had a time in his life when he experimented
lots of kinds of music. He says the guy’s
experimented with reggae, says the guy’s
known for being a blues icon & a rock & roll
legend & says the guy’s played with famous
bands like Cream, The Yardbirds, Derek & The Dominos. He says the guy’s just famous
for being himself, says the guy’s been in the
Hall Of Fame 2 or 3 times & says you’ve got
to know what you’re doing.

Hillbilly says the guy took a Don Williams
song & made a hit out of it, says he loves it
so much because the guy admired Don &
says he admires Eric for his version of the song.

5.Plays Eric Clapton’s “Tulsa Time”, J.J. Cale’s
“After Midnight” & The Derailers’ “The Right Place”.

6.Hillbilly says you can call him anytime toll
free, says that Sirius XM’s been so good & kind during the tough times economically to provide a toll free number & plugs 888-OK-OUTLAW & his site . He says hi to the WWE fans to where he says he’s been thinking about you, says he’s again doing
some stuff for WWE to where it’s been lots of fun to re-acquaint himself with his family
& says he’s got an extended Sirius XM family too. He says he’ll do something now
that he loves which’s bringing you new music [“Love Interruption”] & says he’s not
talking any kind of music but some great

Hillbilly says this guy [Jack White] has made
a name for himself in the last 10 years when
he came up, says he’ll do a preview of a new
album by playing a song from it, says the
album won’t be out til April & says it’s called “Blunderbuss”: .

7.Plays Jack White’s “Love Interruption”,
Loretta Lynn’s “Van Lear Rose”, Guy Clark’s
Outlaw Country promo & Guy Clark’s
“Dublin Blues”.

8.Hillbilly says he & Spike was talking &
wondered as to whether or not you’ve kept
your New Years resolutions, says we’re in this year a little bit & tells you not to get
weak. He says to keep it right, says to go
straight ahead with some positivity & says
you need some discipline to where it makes
us Americans. He says it makes us do what
we wanna do & enjoy our lives, says that you can do it provided that there’s some
things in life that you can’t get away from
doing & says there’s some things that we’ve
got choices on. He says he’s just thinking
about you to where he wants you to be happy like he is, says that he’s happy & says
after the break, he’ll have Percy on the show.

Hillbilly says to write this down that just came from the “Moonshine Matinee Hillbilly
Desk”, says that on 3/9 at Denver, Colorado’s Ogden Theater: you’ll
see these guys [Drive-By Truckers] & says
they’re something to behold. He says you
must see them live, says they’re very
entertaining & says they can play & sing like
nobodys business.

9.Plays Drive-By Truckers’ “Never Gonna
Change”, Alabama Shakes’ “Hold On”, Bob
Dylan’s “Rainy Day Women #12 & 35”, Johnnie, Jack & The Tennessee Mountain
Boys’ “The Moon Is High & So Am I”.

10.Hillbilly says he can hear wrestling bells going off in his head, says “DING, DING, DING” with him & Spike in the ring & says
they’ll get on it. He says he’s at the end of
the 1st hour but is starting to cooking &
asks if you’re listening in Vester, Colorado or Clovis, New Mexico or Glasgow, Kentucky
or South Hampton, England. He says he’ll hit a home run with this 1 because he’s got
someone coming out that’s got all the ins,
outs, overs & unders of everything that’s
occuring in the fishing, hunting & other stuff that folks like doing outdoors. He says
it’s time for the award winning reporter
Percy who’s on the phone & wishes him a
good dog gone weekend.

Percy does the same & asks as to how he’s
doing, Hillbilly asked Percy if the build up he just did for him was enough & Percy says
it was no more then what he deserved.
Hillbilly asked him if he did it like he told
Hillbilly to, Percy says yes & Hillbilly says that a Mandoberg would never let that go
down wrong, because having fun’s a full time job. Percy agrees, says that we’re
around the corner from Spring & says things are heating up. He says he’s gotten
good reports from Lake Conway, Arkansas
with folks catching croppy from there, says
they won’t tell him as to where they’re going & Hillibilly says that means “FISH FRY,

Hillbilly says he can eat his weight in it, tells
Spike not to invite himself over there when
Hillbilly goes there & Percy says he’s got a
Spike story that he’ll talk about. He then
talks about something that he’s never done
to where he’s gotten emails from guys that’re from New Brunswick, says that they’re baiting bears & says Spring bear
season will be coming up in a few weeks. He
says the guys that emailed him told him that they’re feeding the bears 300 gallons of popcorn weekly, Hillbilly asks Percy if he
heard the sound of a vacuum & says Spike
just left. He says to not tell him if it’s carmel
popcorn because Spike will be there in 30

Percy says he guesses you can feed bears with that, again says that the folks are baiting bears there & says that’s how you
hunt them in the Spring to where it’s good
for bow & arrow hunters. He says they put
popcorn in barrels that’s got holes in the
barrels, says the bear may have to roll the
barrel around to get popcorn out of it &
again says they’re eating 300 gallons, to
where they’re 655 gallon drums of popcorn.
Hillbilly says that Percy & “Ma” should do that with Spike so that’ll give him some
exercise, says that they can put a barrel to
get food out of it & Percy says that Hillbilly’s making him tell a story about Spike to where Hillbilly says he wants to hear it.

Percy says he’s learned a hard gambling
lesson a couple of weeks ago to where he
just found out about this, says that since
Hillbilly’s got Spike used to the big city ways that he goes to Nashville to where he
& some guys are playing dice & craps. He
says they’re at a corner doing this with all
the money on the floor, then a blonde lady
came by to asks if she can play with them &
says that they lady told them, that she’s
much luckier if she don’t have her shirt on
while rolling the dice. He says that Spike
was saying “YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH”, says that as the lady takes her shirt
off & rolls the dice, she jumps up & down
saying “I WON, I WON, I WON”.

Percy says she takes all of their money &
walks off & asks Hillbilly as to what the guys
did when this happened, Hillbilly says they
were as happy as they can ever be & Percy
says they looked at each to where they asked “what did she roll anyway? I don’t know, I thought you were watching”.
Hillbilly says at that point it didn’t matter,
says that Spike was blinded by the “light” &
Percy says he’s on a roll with his
“Internation Hillbillies Of The Week”. He says that in India there’s an official called
“The women’s affairs minister” who got
fired last week, asked Hillbilly as to what he
got fired for & Hillbilly says he’s hoping it had something to do with women.

Percy says he got fired for watching lesbian porn & figures that’s why it’s called
“women’s affairs” in India: . Hillbilly says the guy sounds like a US diplimat, Percy
agrees & says he’s gotta return to fishing.
He says he’s so syked that he’s got a planned trip with Ken Bryant to go to
Minnesota in a few weeks, says that they’ve
done some fishing in their area prior to it &
says that he’s heard, that Pat Haney’s been
catching fish. He says that Pat’s not only a
good songwriter & singer, but is a good
fisherman & says that Pat won’t tell him as
to where he’s been catching the fish. He thinks that Pat’s at Lake Cumberland or

Hillbilly says that Pat’s into fishing as much as he’s into his music, Percy agrees & says
that either Pat or his people are from
Edmunton County or Mammoth Cave that’s
around Green River. He says that Pat grew
up with a fishing pole in his hand, Hillbilly says he’ll play something for Percy [“Dragging Green River Again”] to where it’s 1 of the greatest Pat Haney songs of all time, asks Percy if he’s ready to where Percy
says yes. Hillbilly asks if he’ll be on the show
next week & Percy says yes. [NOTE FROM JEFF:For those interested in Percy’s “Grits &
Gravy” newsletter to go on here: ].

11.Plays Pat Haney’s “Dragging Green River
Again”, Creedence Clearwater Revival’s
“Green River”, Travis Tritt’s “Modern Day
Bonnie & Clyde” & Willie Nelson’s “Me & Paul”.

12.Hillbilly says he was laughing his tail off
due to Percy’s story on Spike & the woman
that played dice with him to where she took
the money. He welcomes fans to the 2nd hour, again introduces himself & again says he’s in Mud Lick. He tells any new listeners
that he comes to you live weekly on sight at
the home place in Mud Lick to bring the show to you. He says he comes to the barn
in the back to where it’s turned into a studio for a few hours, says that Spike comes there early in the morning to set up
the equipment & says he comes to
broadcasting worldwide. He says he’s known as “the unofficial mayor of Mud Lick” & says that Mud Lick’s in Monroe County.

Hillbilly says it’s not a made up place but a
“for real dizilly”, says as he’s looking at the
hour the barrel of hits is smoking & says
there’s stuff inside is something that he’ll have fun with. He says you’ll hear Richie
Owens, Elvin Bishop & Billy Joe Shaver. He says he’ll kick off the 2nd hour with a nice
medley [“Good Hearted Woman”/”There Ain’t No Good Chain Gang”/”Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way”], says that at
Nashville’s Sirius XM Theater that’s on lower Brod folks got together to do a
fantastic artists & says they celebrated the
life of Waylon Jennings [“All-Star Celebration Of Waylon Jennings”]: . He says it’s a medley that’s got Hank Williams Jr., Jamey Johnson & Shooter Jennings & tells fans to sit back & enjoy.

13.Plays Hank Williams Jr., Jamey Johnson &
Shooter Jennings’ Medley:”Good Hearted
Woman”/”There Ain’t No Good Chain Gang”/”Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way”, Waylon Jennings’ “I’ve Always Been
Crazy”, The Outlaws’ “[Ghost] Riders In The
Sky” & Marty Stuart’s “Burn Me Down”.

14.Hillbilly tells fans to beat that banjo to
death, says it sounds like bluegrass to his
ears & says he’s at home at Pea Ridge that’s
in Mud Lick. He says he’s overlooking all of
the farms there, says that the beautiful
scenery’s amazing as he’s looking out the
back door & says he wishes that you were
there too. He hopes that wherever you are
you’re having 1/2 of a good time as his is
bringing it to you, says that he’s enjoying
himself cold heartedly & says 1 of the good
things on having this show that he’s had for
about 8 & a 1/2 years, is that he’s gotten to
meet lots of great artists while hanging with them. He says his buddy Billy Joe Shaver’s a pal to where he says he loves him.

Hillbilly says that recently he & Billy were at
Nashville talking to some boys about playing golf, says that he loves golden golf
courses to where he used to go run on them & walk around them & says he don’t
play any golf. He says they were talking to
some guys that’re good golfers, says that he & Billy were trying to be sociable & says
they asked Billy as to what’s his handicap.
He says that Billy’s response was that he
don’t really have a handicap, but does like
girls with a limp.

15.Plays Billy Joe Shaver’s “Freedom’s Child”, The Flatlanders’ “Cry For Freedom”,
Emmylou Harris’ Hillbilly Jim promo &
Emmylou Harris’ “Red Dirt Girl”.

16.Hillbilly tells fans to return with the
possum, stomping hillbillies, calls himself
“the big boy” in Mud Lick that’s at the
electric barn yard to where he says he’s
sizzling & having fun. He says he knows that
you’re hip to this to where the Outlaw
Country family’s amazing, says that Sirius XM radio’s something to where you can’t
believe it & says you have to get into it by
checking out the wonderful shows. He says
today it’ll be fast & furious by plugging
Cowboy Jack Clement, Shooter Jennings,
Johnny Knoxville & Steve Earle’s shows: , says it’s
an all star weekend like it always is & says
it’s just for y’all.

Hillbilly says he’s always talking about things that’s abused & wasted, says that he
heard something that’ll make you scratch
your head & says “WHAT?” & asked Spike if
he knew, that the amount of American junk
mail yearly requires the use of 100 million
cut trees. He says the front of it’s called junk which means you toss it, asks if that’s
not a waste & says we need to stop all of
that. He says we need to do what this guy
[Richie Owens] is talking about & says it’s
about “Rye Whiskey”.

17.Plays Richie Owens & The Farm Bureau’s
“Rye Whiskey”, The Punch Brothers’ “Rye Whiskey” & Dale Watson’s “I’ll Show Ya”.

18.Hillbilly thanks fans for staying with him,
says he knows you’ve got choices to do other things & hopes that you’ll stay with
him while he entertains you. He says you can leave all of your worries & musical needs to him for a few hours weekly so you
can kinda unwind, says you should look into
the inner hillbilly while taking a deep
breath & says to think about things that’ll
be OK & you’ll do all right. He says you’ll say
“oh I remember that song & that sure does
sound good to me”, says that’s what makes
it happen to him & Spike to where they love
you so much & says he loves hearing from
you. He again plugs the toll free request line so you’ll write it either on your refrigerator, cooler or your lady’s backside.

Hillbilly says he’ll play a song [“Travelin’
Shoes”] as he leaves the hour with a block of tunes by a buddy [Elvin Bishop], says the
guy’s truely something & says the guy’s been in the business for a lot of years. He
says the guy’s played in lots of shows to
where he’s made a name for himself years ago in San Francisco with the Paul
Butterfield Blues band. He says the guy was
1 of the real guys that brought blues to the
American audience, says that the UK guys
brought it to us with Eric Clapton, Cream &
others & says this guy was amazing. He says
the guy’s had great songs such as “Fooled Around & Fell In Love”, calls the guy his pal
& says the guy’s a blues legend. He says the guy’s in the bay area of California, tells Elvin
that he appreciates him & asks him to call him.

19.Plays Elvin Bishop’s “Travelin’ Shoes”,
Buck Owens & Dwight Yoakam’s “Streets Of
Bakersfield” & Hank Snow’s “I’m Movin’ On”.

20.Hillbilly again says he’s “the big boy” who’s there, says he’s got his feet kicked up
& says he’s laided back. He says he’s got a
big ol’ glass of sweet tea this week, thanks
Spike for being the man & tells him to stir
the barrel. He says he’s 1/2 way done with the show but has 2 more hours that’s looking at y’all straight in the face, says that
it’s gonna be a good 1 & says he’s got great
ones in this hour to where you’ll hear Bobby Rush, Darrell Scott & NRBQ. He says
he’ll kick it off with a song [“Pickin’ Wild Mountain Berries”] that’s from the album
“Back At The Quonset Hut”: & says it’s

Hillbilly says the song was originally done
by Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty to where
they were a power duo in those days, says
these folks are covering it wonderfully &
says it’s Chuck Mead & Elizabeth Cook.

21.Plays Chuck Mead with His Grassy Knoll
Boys & Elizabeth Cook’s “Pickin’ Wild Mountain Berries”, Conway Twitty’s “Boogie
Grass Band”, John Anderson’s “It’s All Over
Now” & Steve Earle’s “The Devil’s Right Hand”.

22.Hillbilly says it’s still hard for him to say
2012, says that he knows we’re several months into it & says it just sprung up on
him kinda crazy like that. He says he’s been
keeping his new years resolutions to where
even though they’re not many of them, but
tries keeping them all right, tight & positive. He says he’s got a tip that may help some of you to get your metabolism
going, to where everyone’s saying that they
don’t have any energy & don’t feel like going out & doing anything when coming
home from work, because they feel tired &
worn down. He says this may be the right
way to bring it up & says the way to do it, is
with a cup of hot tea.

Hillbilly says that a cup of brewed tea brings your metabolism by 12%, ask fans to
think about it & says he’ll play a tune
[Captain Lou] that he loves so much. He says
it about a buddy of his [Captain Lou Albano]: that
sings on the song too, says the guy was a 1
of a kind manager that can put a headlock
on all that wrestling ring stuff & says he was flamboyant, colorful & had charisma
that oozed with it. He says the guy was a
dear friend of his that helped him when he
was in WWF, says the guy had a cool song
years ago with NRBQ, says they laid it out
to where everyone was digging it & says
wrestling fans worldwide loved it.

23.Plays NRBQ’s “Captain Lou”, Dave Edmunds’ “Me & The Boys”, a promo for the
Bruce Springsteen 3/9 New York show at 8PM EST: ,
Alejandro Escovedo’s “Anchor” & The Flying
Burrito Brothers’ “Christine’s Tune [Devil In

24.Hillbilly tells fans to party on in Mud Lick,
says he & Spike are having fun & says they’re getting deep into the 3rd hour. He
says he ain’t done yet because he’s getting
into the goodies now, says that he’s getting
to the bone & the marrow of the matter &
says he’ll play a song [“The Country Boy”]
that’s from a new album called “Long Ride Home”: . He says he’s proud of this guy [Darrell Scott]
because the boy’s a Kentuckian, says the
guy’s a super talented Kentucky musician &
says all the musicians know him to where they love him. He calls the guy a musicians
musician, says after you hear him sing the
song you’ll love it & calls the guy an eastern
Kentucky boy.

25.Plays Darrell Scott’s “The Country Boy”,
Tom T. Hall’s “Country Is” & Raul Malo’s
“Cold, Cold Heart”.

26.Hillbilly tells fans to watch out or he’ll
either throw a dropkick on you or throw
Spike on top of you, says that’s like throwing a pound of bricks on you & again
introduces himself. He says he’s getting to
the end of the 3rd hour in Mud Lick, says he’s live & in charge to where he’s high up
on a ridge like he does weekly coming at you while having a slobberknocker of a good weekend just for y’all. He says he gets
to do this all the time while having fun with
this, says he gets to play tunes for fans that
listen to it & says they get to respond to it.
He says he’ll send a block of tunes to some
fans named Karen Jones in Little Rock,

Hillbilly continues by mentioning Bobby &
Sue from Rasine, Wisconsin & The Tiptons
from Springfield, Missouri. He says he’ll kick
it off with a sure enough R&B blues & soul
legend [Bobby Rush], says that 1 time he’s
seen the guy in Knoxville & says he blew his mind. He calls the guy super talented, says
that you’ll love this & says the guy’s got a
message for the political world called
“Bobby Rush For President”.

27.Plays Bobby Rush’s “Bobby Rush For
President”, Merle Haggard’s “I Think I’ll Just
Stay Here & Drink”, Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “That
Smell” & Georgia Satellites’ “Keep Your Hands To Yourself”.

28.Hillbilly thanks fans in Battlecreek,
Michigan & Bute, Montana & Santa Monica,
California & Quebec City, Canada for hanging with him. He says the 4th hour’s
underway with him & Spike in the studio
that’s bringing it at you, then says that
besides Walmart the US Postal Service is
the largest employer nationwide & tells fans to keep mailing stuff. He says the
computer’s kinda hurt their business, says that he tries giving them business all the
time because he’s always mailing stuff & says it’s time to play some new music for y’all. He plugs the album “Agnostic Hymns &
Stoner Fables”:
to where he says it’s something else.

Hillbilly says that Todd Snider’s gone & done it again, says he wants you to listen to
the lyrics of this [“New York Banker”] that
you’ll enjoy & tells Todd to come & sing.

29.Plays Todd Snider’s “New York Banker”,
Ry Cooder’s “No Banker Left Behind”, a clip
of Gorilla Monsoon & “Mean” Gene Okerlund doing commentary, Rodney Crowell’s “Sex & Gasoline” & Rosanne Cash’s “I’m Movin’ On”.

30.Hillbilly says “WOO”, says he’s large & in
charge, again introduces himself & calls himself “the unofficial king” of Mud Lick, at
least for 4 hours weekly with the show. He says “The King” [Elvis Presley] is popular
worldwide, says you can go to Graceland: anytime 24/7 on
ch.19: & says
to check Elvis out as much as you want. He
says that more then 13 countries have issued Elvis stamps, again tells fans to go to
Graceland & says once in a while, he’ll go
there to do some special DJing to where he
loves seeing the DJs there. He says he’ll go
to the southwest of America where he’ll go
& get some refried beans, hot tamales & long star beer.

Hillbilly says he’ll put his boots on, spin a
spur or 2 & have some fun with these cats,
because nobody does it like the Texas

31.Plays Texas Tornados’ “Adios Mexico”,
Leon Russell’s “I’ll Sail My Ship Alone” & Gary Stewart’s “Honky-Tonkin'”.

32.Hillbilly says that ya’ll know that the sun’s trying to set on this weeks edition of
the wonderful, explosive & dynamic show,
says he hates seeing it go down because it
goes so dog gone fast & says he dog gone
can’t do nothing about it. He says he’s gotta
hold it in the road & get ‘er done, says it’s
time for him to do a “Hillbilly Jim Moonshine Matinee Health Tip” at y’all &
tells women that he loves them. He says
they’re beautiful to where there’s nothing
like them, then tells them not to skip
breakfast & says that women who skip it are more then 4 times likely to be obese. He
says he don’t want that happening to them
& says he don’t want them being like this
song [“Mississippi Doublewide”].

33.Plays Caddle’s “Mississippi Doublewide”,
Blackberry Smoke’s “Up In Smoke” & Old 97’s “Won’t Be Home”.

34.Hillbilly says he needs Elton John to sing
“Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me”
because he’s about to leave, says earlier he
was talking about trees that were cut down
to be wasted on & says it drove him crazy.
He says he can’t believe on how many things that we throw away in this country,
says that coupons keep coming out & says
he saw something that’s real good. He says
that over 3/4 of Americans use coupons, says that’s good because it’s said that they
save over $3 billion yearly while using them
& says that’s 1 good thing. He says if you
have them to use them, says you can’t use
them for beer & says this guy [Johnny Russell] knows all about beer.

Hillbilly says the guy was something & 1 of a kind, says this was a great song
[“Rednecks, White Socks & Blue Ribbon Beer”] to where it was an anthem song. He
says the guy’s written other songs that was
recorded by The Beatles called “Act
Naturally”, says he’s got the man up front
doing the song that we all love so much &
says he loves the song, to where we’ve enjoyed it for years.

35.Plays Johnny Russell’s “Rednecks, White
Socks & Blue Ribbon Beer”, The Marshall
Tucker Band’s “Where A Country Boy Belongs” & John Hiatt’s “Old Days”.

36.Hillbilly says “my goodness, my goodness”, says it’s “Crying Time” again & says he’s got to leave you. He says he’s singing like Ray Charles, says he’s gotta go & says it’s about his time for this week on the show. He says it went by so fast that he
can’t hardly know how to explain it any other way except that he enjoyed it a lot,
again plugs Clement & Alamo’s show like a
bunch of “banchees” while having a great
day & fun with you as they entertain along
the way & says to stay tuned to the Outlaw
Country this evening. He says it’s gonna
sizzle, tantilate & get better, then thanks
Spike for putting the show together & says
he did his deed again.

Hillbilly says Spike got the barrel of hits,
says the studio’s spectacular & says he cleaned out the animal “parts” & stuff that
was in there. He says it looks like Spike’s
done some hunting, asked him if he’s been
cleaning animals in there & then thanks
Percy for his report & his producer Steve
Popovich Jr. He says he ain’t here for a long
time, he’s here for a good time & says he sure did have it. He tells fans to be kind to each other, says to look on the sunny side &
says let’s all trying to be positive as we can.
He says he’ll return doing it again, tells
Spike they’ll make a pack by returning next
week & knock a home run out of there
again. He tells fans to take care of themselves, says he’ll leave with Little Feat, tells fans to enjoy & says bye now.

37.Ends with Little Feat’s “Dixie Chicken” &
the show ends at 2:03 PM.

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