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Triple H inks new deal with WWE

WWE recently released information on Triple H’s new contract with the company:

Detailed include:

– He will be paid, “Minimum Annual Compensation” of $1 million for each year under contract.

– He is limited to 180 days a year, unless both sides agree on more dates.

– The deal runs from January 1st, 2012 through March 30th, 2016.

– In addition to a non-compete with other wrestling companies, he can not appear for any “martial arts” company while under contract.

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22 Responses

  1. mshelez says:

    That sounds so weird. When you’re married to the boss’ daughter, I wouldn’t think you would need a contract but I guess since it’s a public company, that’s why?

    I know a lot of people don’t like Triple H these days but I still do. Glad to know that I’ll get to see him for another 4 years.

  2. Captain Ass says:

    Lucky guy. No matter how you spin it with his position in the company, he lucked out. I wish I made that kind of money.

  3. Joe says:

    No doubt he is a lucky guy. Average wrestling abilities, average charisma and getting one million dollars a year, and only having to work 180 days out of the year. Yeah I wish I made that kind of money too.

  4. Kerry says:

    He needs a contract because it’s a BUSINESS & he is also an EMPLOYEE, regardless of being a family member. It’s nice to see he has the usual non-compete clause that other talent have when they get released, not that it’s likely that he ever will go anywhere else unless the marriage tanks.

  5. Discount-double-check says:

    I would be more prone to like this if he were to come back and actually compete more often. I was never his biggest fan, but the man is entertaining in the ring. On the mic and in a suit, not so much.

  6. Mackdeezy says:

    Does this mean wrestling too?

  7. Oliver says:

    Triple H average charisma? Lol

    Yeah, cause he sucks so much at facial expression, getting the crowd behind him, having the crowd listen to him, the way of reacting at the right time, getting people to think he’s about to get defeated only to kick out at 2.9

  8. Chris James says:

    Haha to describe Triple H as ‘average’ pretty much solidifies you, Joe, as the single most idiotic person to ever visit this site.

  9. AJ Starr says:

    Oliver, the majority of wrestling fans have always seen Hunter as average. If it were not for HBK and Paul marrying Steph, he would have never amounted to anything, and would probably be running midcard matches on the Indy circuit.

    He was nothing in WCW, and his push in WWF started when HBK put him under his wing and basically threw tantrums to Vince to get his way all the time. Then he married Steph and became a “WWE Legend” in just a few years.

    I’ve never once been glued to my seat watching Triple H in the ring or on the mic, doesn’t matter how hard I’ve tried to get into his work.

  10. Reign Supreme says:

    1st off congrats to HHH and his new contract, I have no clue what he’ll be doing for the company but if he comes out and cut a few promos and don’t wrestle alot (maybe once or twice every 3 months) they can maximize his appearances (assuming 180 dates includes wrestling, public speeches, raw promos, autograph sessions, make a wish, etc.)

    2nd @Joe I wouldn’t call his skills average I would say he was the bottom rung of the top tier golden age (1996 – 2001ish)competitors.
    To me Stone Cold and The Rock are in their own category and no one will touch them as far as charisma and in ring skills combined.
    Next would be HBK, Undertaker, and Kurt Angle. Probably better wrestlers than Austin and Rocky but got nowhere near the reaction at the height of their popularity.
    Afterwards would be Mick Foley, Chris Jericho, HHH, Booker T, Benoit (still hate him). People that were champ but for whatever reason never really had a chance to be ‘the man’ for the company.

    HHH reminds me of Shane Douglas from ECW in the mid/early 90’s. Has done great things for the company but people always talk about the other champs like Taz or Sabu or Funk or Rock or Austin or HBK.

  11. korey parker says:

    He went from the worst French accent in WCW with Steven Regal to set for life……Failing upwards? lol………I liked him better in WCW…..he never used terms outside of French 101 :) I could follow along.

  12. Hipnosis says:

    – will bury anyone he faces
    – gets 1 Hour Max of Mic time for self promotion
    – gets free donuts when requested

  13. Kerry says:

    He’s being groomed to run the company with Stephanie once Vince steps down. He’s helping with the booking on the brands & other day to day business in the company.

  14. Scott says:

    96-2001 was a golden age? really. Anyways really wish The Game would finally retire for good the guy doesn’t wrestle anymore and he is very average and very boring to watch.

  15. WOW says:

    So Pretty much Understaker loses

  16. Ostego says:

    @AJ Starr

    Being a nobody in WCW means squat. List of “nobodies” in WCW: the Undertaker, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe (never in WCW but included him becase he was in WWF during Attitude Era before getting big in the indie scene), Hall and Nash (pre-Razor/Diesle), and, of course, Stone Cold.

  17. Drew says:

    He’s earning way too much money.

  18. -J- says:

    He makes what some CEOs don’t even make, congrats Hunter/Paul you are truly the master of the game of wrestling politics.

  19. AJ Starr says:

    Yes, but in this particular case, Hunter going above secondary title level never made sense to begin with. He’s always been one of those guys that comes off as making the top guys look good… not the guy who should have dominated the last decade and made every one else look bad in the process.

    Fun fact; Goldberg only lost 3 matches in the WWE… all 3 to Triple H. The WWE took a guaranteed cash cow in Goldberg and buried him to make Hunter’s World Title reign look good, and it didn’t succeed.

  20. Chris James says:

    You’re all idiots… If you knew anything Stephanie had liked triple h from the start. She’s said herself that she fell in love with him at first sight. So don’t act like Triple H took her and hatched this grand scheme in order to be super over and ‘a legend in two years’. That’s the most ignorant and retarded thing a mark can say… So ill informed and childish…

  21. Chris James says:

    Triple H was around when there were nothing but sharks in the water. Undertaker, Angle, Austin, Rock… But he got over. Tell me.. Does Stephanie or Vinnie Mac force you to boo or cheer? No. Triple H made himself into what he is. Has nothing to do with who he married or who he calls a father in law. I can see that after all these years, The Game is STILL the object of everyone’s envy. Get over it.

  22. Chris James says:

    And for crying out loud it’s not even any of our business how much he gets paid.

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