Dolph Ziggler on his dream Wrestlemania opponent, changing his hair color

Mar 2, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck posted an interview with Dolph Ziggler. He is asked about his dream Wrestlemania opponent.

“Shawn Michaels, 1997. That’s someone who could actually hang with me for 60 minutes, Iron Man Match. Let everyone know who is the best ever, not just best in the world who puts it on a t-shirt or shows up for six months a year. But someone on the roster right now, it would be Tyson Kidd. Me and him go out there and tear it up. Show everyone what wrestling is really about. And still make them care. And have them come away knowing that’s the best match they have ever seen.”

Changing his hair color from blonde to brown and back to blonde:

“Well, I was watching a lot of I.R.S. and Brooklyn Brawler tapes at the time. I really liked the way they closed-out matches. I got a little over-zealous and thought I could still be myself and kind of portray people I’m huge fans of. And obviously you got to go out there and stick with what you know and what you are. I got to be myself. So long, blonde hair bouncing around and taking care of business in the ring. I knew it was a little bit of a mistake. But without valleys, there’s no peaks. So, you got to go down to go up. I learned a lesson to just be myself out there.”

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