Smackdown Spoilers from Seattle

Feb 29, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

results from Seattle, WA

– Lots of Daniel Bryan and “YES” signs

– Sheamus promo burying Daniel Bryan. Vickie out with Dolph. Amazing heat.

– Teddy out, signed Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus

– Sheamus vs Ziggler. Sheamus wins via Celtic Cross

– Lauranitis wants apology from Teddy for attacking him on Raw. Discussed switching brands and whatnot. Teddy signed Otunga vs Show

– Santino vs. Heath Slater. Santino wins with Cobra

– Eve segment backstage. Didn’t get tons of heat. Natalya “comedy” killed segment dead. Eve pinned Natalya fast with a roll up.

– Cody Rhodes promo about Big Show. Getting boring chants. Show out, Cody fled through crowd. Show promo asking him to come back and be friends. Cody didn’t want to be friends, so Show went to chase. Teddy stopped him. Teddy signed Big Show vs Cody Rhodes for title at Mania. Show excited to win IC Title.

– Show vs Mark Henry. Wasn’t it Show vs. Otunga? Show took 360 bump over top rope for Henry clothesline! Show beat Henry. Henry took almost entire match until Show hit desperation KO punch.

– Teddy says it’s do or die for Drew McIntyre, he wins tonight or he’s fired.

– Orton vows to make Bryan pay tonight

– Drew McIntyre vs. Justin Gabriel. Gabriel wins with a 450. Teddy on TitanTron fired McIntyre. No one cared.

– Awesome Bryan promo. He is from Aberdeen, WA, he said, and the fans cheered. Then he said he moved to Vegas as soon as humanly possible.

– Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton. Orton biggest pop of the night. Orton made comeback, went to bail, Orton followed, suddenly Kane pyro hit. Bryan and AJ bailed through crowd. Kane vs. Orton brawl. Good match until finish. Kane with chokeslam in ring. He wants mic. Kane said welcome back.

Dark match:

– Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show for the title. Cody ran in for DQ. Sheamus makes save. Sheamus chases Bryan to back, Show with big chokeslam on Cody to end show.

(sources: Bryan Alvarez and and Jack Houck)

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