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The following was taped on Tuesday in Orlando, Florida.

TNA Impact Wrestling for March 8, 2012:

* Eric Bischoff, Ric Flair and Gunner open the show. They talk Garett Bischoff and a mystery partner against Gunner and a mystery partner later tonight. Kurt Angle offers to team with Gunner tonight and wants to make Garett tap.

* Eric Young and ODB def. Gail Kim and Madison Rayne to become the new TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions. Young proposed to ODB after the match and she accepted.

* Zema Ion def. TNA X Division Champion Austin Aries via DQ.

* Bully Ray demanded a shot at the TNA Championship and Sting granted it.

* Bobby Roode vs. Bully Ray for the TNA Championship went to a no contest when James Storm interfered chasing off Ray. Storm then took out Roode with a superkick.

* Crimson and Matt Morgan def. Robbie E. and Robbie T. to earn a shot at the TNA Tag Team Championships.

* AJ Styles cut a promo about this year being TNA’s 10th anniversary. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian came out running down Styles. Mr. Anderson returned in support of Styles teasing a possible tag team match at the PPV.

* Eric Bischoff came out and told the fans to come back tomorrow to see Garett Bischoff “get destroyed.”


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10 Responses

  1. smyth says:

    I’m sorry, how does it make sense to have a male as part of a Knockouts tag team championship team?

  2. Brock says:

    @Smyth – This just shows you how little they care about the knockouts division. Even when they were drawing record rating with knockouts matches, they screwed the pooch and destroyed their devision. Gail Kim, Tara and Mickie James as well as the beautiful people are not enough to keep people interested when they are not building proper storylines.

  3. Discount-double-check says:

    Well its clearly a joke gimmick. And I wouldn’t be able to take the knockouts seriously if the team with a man had lost. It kind of only makes sense that they won. I’m sure this will not last long.

  4. MattR says:

    I think EY & ODB are transitional champs to get them off of Gail n Madison(one of them will probably turn face soon) and to get them on Winter and Angelina.

  5. Hipnosis says:

    I’m ok with ODB winning the TV Title or Tag Team Titles…. but WTF is Eric Young doing winning the Knockout Title? Please remove the knockouts tag titles. They are pointless every since Angelina Love’s visa issues lol -_-

  6. chris says:

    After how WCW pissed all over the cruiserweight title (remember “oklahoma, anyone”, I can’t really knock Impact having Eric Young win the Knockouts tag title.

  7. sewageofyouth says:

    why not put the TNA Tag Titles on Mickie and Velvet…? I thought they were forming a tag team…

  8. -J- says:

    and THIS is TNA after Russo?

  9. Chessire says:

    For me this is a chance to change the Knockouts Tag Team Championships by a Mixed-Gender Couple Tag Team Championships… the same as we have in AAA… Orale

  10. -J- says:

    Just noticed they unmasked Abyss, now he’s Chris Parks a business man?

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