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Update on the divas match at Wrestlemania

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the original plan for the Divas at Wrestlemania 28 was to have a Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya match, but there is a push from within WWE not to book a divas match at Wrestlemania, or feature a divas contest as a dark match. It is believed Kharma would be available to work the match if they move in that direction.

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  1. James says:

    Let Kharma and Beth work the match at Wrestlemania. This is getting ridiculous.

  2. Joe says:

    Pretty happy about no divas match at mania. However, when will i get to use the bathroom?

  3. ak91 says:

    The only time we actually want a divas match @ WM, they’re thinking of not having one at all, how bloody farfetched

  4. Bossjohn says:

    So now that you have 4 perfectly qualified women to put on a great match you scrap the whole thing? WTF is wrong with these idiots…Beth vs Kharma, Nattie vs Tamina, Tamina vs Kharma, Beth vs Nattie… 4-way title match….all these possibilities…hell even Kharma vs Bellas would be entertaining (imo)…smh

  5. The Czar says:

    I think they should do a WM undercard and air it on USA. Like UFC does with its PPV’s on Spike. This would give them one last chance to try and sell to those who haven’t purchased yet and include a lot more talent.

  6. -J- says:

    Vince will make a 2 minute women’s battle royal on Raw to decide who faces beth at WM, then out comes Kharma who scares a loud fart out of Natty and clears the ring and claims the spot…then they make it the dark match for the fans in Miami. 😐

  7. kev says:

    i agree with Czar put matches on tv like UFC it will hype people up and more will buy the ppv

  8. Beast says:

    @ak91 So true. REALLY stupid from the WWE. I wish smarter and YOUNGER people worked as writers and stuff, these OLD people are losing their minds.

  9. Jono K says:

    Would be the final straw surely for the divas division…

  10. Joe says:

    @Kev and The Czar I agree it is a good idea. They already used to do that though with sunday night heat for all they’re ppvs.

  11. darrin says:

    lets make it more than 2 mins so i can go to the can .

  12. Adam says:

    To be honest I don’t want to see the current girls buried, however I was all over a match with Beth and Madusa. Madusa still has the old WWF Women’s belt in her possession and wants to give it back. What better way than one last great match? She is still in great shape and wrestles better than 3/4 the current Diva roster. Beth woud take it of course, then they could give Kharma an entrance to destroy them both setting up a Beth/Kharma fued for a few good months.

  13. Ronald B says:

    Beth Phoenix vs Kharma in a No DQ match for the WWE Divas Championship!

  14. B-Rad says:

    This is sad. They should have stuck with the Diva’s of Doom storyline until Beth and Nattie had literally taken out everyone in the division. Then have some kind of Number One Contender’s battle royal where Nattie wins. It starts out as possibly a friendly competition type thing. They start trying to outdo one another in tag matches with Nattie picking up more pinfalls than Beth.

    Then Beth gets sick of it and attacks Nattie after a match, leading up to Mania. Then they build it as the “most dominant woman in WWE” type of deal. So there is one woman left standing as the most dominant…until Kharma returns.

  15. havok says:

    just goes to show ya that vince and company dont respect women…..they should be ashamed of themselves. the first wm divas match since wm22 i actually want to see and was looking forward and they dont want to do it, they dont want to take time from other matches. yet they had no problem wasting about 20mins last year on dumbass skits.

  16. Bommaniac says:

    Not even trying with the women’s division. Should have all titles defended at WM.

  17. Meh says:

    Well you could always go to the bathroom during a promo by John Cena or The Rock. :joking:

  18. KharmaFan says:

    Personally I would rather see Kharma follow in Chyna’s footsteps and take the IC title away from Cody!!!

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