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Feb 24, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

credit: PWInsider.com for the following…

Here’s the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television report for February 22nd, 2012. This was quite an eventful night for OVW as we saw a new storyline “Talent arbitrator” debut, One legged Iraq war hero Michael Hayes reinstated as a pro wrestling, a unique twist in the Paredyse and Brandon Espinosa storyline, a tag team title switch in convoluted fashion, and an injury angle. Whew.

I guess the biggest news is Christian Mascagni has been legit fired by OVW. Mascagni, an attorney in real life in Louisville, has been all over the OVW shows in recent months, often in several segments a show, as the heelish “Talent arbitrator” of OVW, and a manager, with a stable that includes two TNA talents. So him suddenly being legit gone from the promotion left a huge crater as far as the TV time, and storylines within, meant. How did OVW publicly handle this? Why they found themselves a new heelish “Talent arbitrator”, and manager, in the form of Josette Bynum, who is the artist formerly known here as Lady JoJo. Josette Bynum is her shoot name. This clearly was a shot at Mascagni because Mascagni had said in a podcast interview last year that he and Bynum legit didn’t get along, and OVW even put a cherry on the Sunday by having Bynum say her and Mascagni were secretly married, just one of the many storyline things that made zero sense tonight. Heh. More on that later in the report.

Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. The crowd was bigger tonight, up to around 140 or so.

The Louisville premiere of the movie “Dorothy and the Witches of Oz” will be held at the RAVE Stonybrook 20 theaters this Friday night, February 24th, with additional showings there this weekend. Al Snow appears in this movie, and he, and other cast members, will be at the Louisville premiere this Friday.

1. Paredyse beat Bull Bronson

Dark match. Bronson is a huge, fat, throwback looking sort of a guy. Paredyse is looking thinner than usual nowadays. Paredyse tried to cradle the huge Bull early, but couldn’t get over the hump to roll Bronson up, but in the end he finally did cradle Bronson, and rolled him up for the win. This wasn’t one for the ages.

2. Sean Casey & Raphael Constantine w/four ladies beat Randy Terrez & Elvis Pridemore

Also a dark match. Casey and Constantine had 4 ladies with them tonight as Bobbi Bordeaux, aka the wife of Al Snow, Bobcat, joined the fray. Casey and Constantine attacked Terrez and Pridemore before the match. Later in the match, all 4 ladies distracted referee Chris Sharpe for a kayfabe breaking amount of time as Casey and Constantine dropped Elvis down and beat him. Casey, Constantine, and the 4 ladies then paraded and danced around for about 100 years.

3. Dylan Bostic beat Randy Royal

Another dark match. Bostic with some ‘Ranas on Royal early. Royal back with a swinging sidewalk slam. Both guys traded chops back and forth. Royal with a nice faceplant on Bostic, but Bostic came back and dropped Royal down for the win. A fun little match, both guys looked good.

The TV taping opened with the former Mascagni family members, Jessie Godderz, Mohamad Ali Vaez, Rob Terry and OVW Heavyweight champion Rudy Switchblade, all in the locker room wondering why a meeting had been called. Into the room came Josette Bynum, wearing a sexy secretary like outfit, with a short skirt, and protruding bosoms. Bynum informed them that she had been married to Christian Mascagni, but had now divorced him, and took him for everything he had, including his dog. This didn’t exactly fall under that category of being “believable bullshit”. I mean Mascagni is a legit Lawyer in Louisville. They want us to buy that in one week she divorced him, and took him for everything? Sheesh, I’ve heard of “Fast track” divorces, this must have been a turbo tracked one.
Anyhow, Bynum handed each of the former Mascagni family members a notarized letter, which was enough to make those meat heads think she was legit. Bynum told them she was now the new “Talent arbitrator” of OVW. Big Rob Terry got in Bynum’s face and said he wouldn’t take orders from a woman. Bynum shouted Terry down quickly in Black lady with big attitude fashion, and had Terry saying “Yes maam” to her in very short order.

4. Jack Black & Joe Coleman w/Prince Bolin & Mickey beat Nick Dumeyer & Rick Cutler

This was the first match of the TV taping. Prince Bolin had a large clump of hair with him, which was supposedly from the hair he cut off of Raul Lamotta last week here, but he only took a few snips of Lamotta’s hair off last week legit. A total squash with Black pinning Cutler after a swinging sidewalk slam.

Los Locos(Anarquia & Raul Lamotta) hit the ring after the match and attacked Black and Coleman. Lamotta now has much, much shorter hair. Bolin Service 2.0 members James “Moose” Thomas and Rocco Bellagio ran out, making it a four on two situation against Los Locos. They had Anarquia in a chair, and Prince Bolin had clippers to cut some of Anarqiuia’s hair, while he rubbed the clump of Lamotta’s hair in his face. Anarquia broke free though, and Prince Bolin ended up alone in the ring, and was about to get the clipper treatment from Los Locos, when Josette Bynum, and “The Family” of Vaez, Terry, Godderz and Switchblade came out. They’re now being called just “The Family”, instead of The Mascagni Family. Bynum ordered Los Locos to stop what they were doing. Anarquia said if Bynum makes the matches around here, he and Lamotta want a match against BS 2.0. Bynum said fine, but it would be Lamotta & Anarquia against all four members of BS 2.0, Black, Coleman, Bellagio & Moose.

Out came Trailer Park Trash, the director of wrestling operations of OVW. TPT explained to Bynum how it works here is if she makes the matches, he gets to make the stips, and vice versa. So TPT said next week it would be BS 2.0 vs Los Locos in a four on two match like Bynum ordered, but TPT added the stip that if BS 2.0 loses that match, Prince Bolin will be shaved bald, which got a pop. Mickey, the personal assistant of Prince Bolin, was actually smiling at the thought of that.

At this point both Bynum and TPT got in the ring and stared at each other. “The Family” came out and joined Bynum. Bynum repeated her name several times, clearly trying to get the Josette Bynum name established here. Bymun told TPT that OMG(“Smooth” Johnny Spade & Shiloh Jonze) have not defended the OVW Southern Tag Team titles in some time now, and were in danger of being stripped. That’s BS, OMG defended those titles on TV here just two weeks ago. Tons of Swiss cheese booking going on here tonight. TPT said that Johnny Spade was not here tonight, but that Shiloh Jonze was alone backstage. Bynum said she “just so happened” to send Spade to an autograph signing in Lexington, Ky. tonight. Bynum said the titles must be defended, or forfeited. TPT said he would not make Jonze defend the titles alone. TPT said Jason Wayne could substitute for Spade tonight. Bynum said it would be Wayne & Jonze vs Jessie Godderz & Rob terry for the tag titles tonight.
I liked Bynum in her new role here in a way, and the whole female in power thing is kinda interesting, but try as she may, it was a struggle too, and lame in a way too for them to just plug someone else into Mascagni’s role. It’s lazy booking really. She didn’t have a lot of heat. I wouldn’t say the crowd crapped on it, but they didn’t embrace it either. Bynum and Trailer Park Trash didn’t play off of each other very well, and both had several somewhat flubbed lines in these segments. Both had a lot of dialogue, too much really, and it came off like amateur hour at the dime store theater time to me.

5. Adam Revolver beat Chase King

Last week here Revolver kissed ring announcer Brittany DeVore, the real life girlfriend of Revolver’s storyline “brother” Ted McNaler, on the cheek. Revolver went find DeVore at ringside before this match, but she wasn’t there. Revolver used McNaler’s moves, and catchphrase, on Chase King, beating King quickly with McNaler’s spear finisher.

After the match Revolver went backstage to find DeVore in the locker room. Revolver was openly coming on to DeVore, and DeVore was telling Revolver to back off. DeVore finally slapped Revolver across the face and bailed. No Ted McNaler here for the second week in a row. Where is he??

A very well done video aired of Randy Terrez talking in dark tones about his shot at Rudy Switchblade’s OVW heavyweight title on the February 25th OVW house show in Elizabethtown, Ky, though Terrez actually said the 26th on the video. They haven’t done anything with Terrez on TV here in recent months.

While that was airing, the set for the debuting “Brandon Espinosa’s Straight Talk” segment was constructed. The set consisted of Kenny Bolin’s old chair, with a black sheet over it, a floor mat, a half of a male mannequin wearing a Letterman’s jacket, and a beer keg. Heh.

Out came Brandon Espinosa, wearing a vest and tie, accompanied by an interesting looking person wearing a suit. Someone near me said the person was a “drag king”, meaning a women who dresses like a man. Espinosa sat in the chair and talked about being thrilled to join OVW last year, but then he noticed Paredyse, and questioned whether this was really pro wrestling or not. Espinosa said he was a real man who deserved to be in the ring. The crowd chanted “In the closet” at Espinosa. Out came Paredyse.
Paredyse sat on the beer keg in a suggestive manner, and said someone else had already “tapped it”. Espinosa asked Paredyse to explain his lifestyle. Paredyse though was fascinated with Espinosa’s suit wearing friend, who we found out was named Chris. Paredyse wondered what Chris was short for, Christopher, or Christine. Espinosa tried to ask Paredyse about his lifestyle again, but Paredyse asked Chris which bathroom they would use here at the Davis arena. Chris does not use public restrooms was the answer. Paredyse asked Chris what store the suit came from. Espinosa said forget about Chris, and said that Paredyse was not a real man, who does not deserve to be in the ring. Paredyse shoved Espinosa down, but with an assist from Chris, Espinosa beat Paredyse down, and then put a dress on him, and smeared lipstick on his face. The addition of Chris here was a unique twist to this storyline.

6. Chris Silvio w/Mo Green, Mary & The Sign guy beat Mohamad Ali Vaez w/Josette Bynum to retain the OVW TV title

Silvio has now added a midget “sign guy” to his act, along with Mary the Hula Hoop girl. I dunno about the midget bit, Silvio isn’t a great deal taller than a midget himself. Vaez attacked Silvio before the bell in this heel vs heel match, and then gave him a knee drop. It was all Vaez here, but out to the floor again came OVW employee, one legged Iraq war hero Michael Hayes. Hayes became a ringside camera man for this match, and got up on the apron to get some better shots, as he gave some thumbs up of himself to the camera. Vaez finally noticed Hayes was running a camera on the apron, including a funny camera shot of Hayes with a close up of Vaez with a bewildered look on his face. Vaez again became distracted because of Hayes, and was screaming at him, and this again was a fatal mistake by Vaez as Silvio hit Vaez with his rocket punch to win the bout, and retain the TV title.

A furious Vaez and Bynum demanded Michael Hayes come into the ring. Hayes said he couldn’t, because he wasn’t a wrestler. Bynum then reinstated Hayes as a wrestler, and said let’s do Hayes vs Vaez right now. Wow, talk about exceedingly weak booking. This is how they bring Hayes back as a wrestler only what 6 weeks after he “quit wrestling forever”?? Vaez didn’t even get to talk about it?? He shouldn’t have been back here until at least May or June in my opinion. Horribly rushed, and for what? Hayes being reinstated got a pop from the crowd, but not a monster pop. Gee, wonder why. The timing of it was all messed up, and did I mentioned rushed??
Anyhow, out came Trailer Park Trash. TPT said Hayes vs Vaez hasn’t been signed, but said let’s do it at the March 3rd Saturday Night Special. TPT then said Vaez always had someone interfering in his matches against Hayes, which was totally untrue, they had several matches together with no interference in them. TPT added the stip that the special referee for the Vaez vs Hayes match on March 3rd would be TNA’s “Pope” D’Angelo Dinero. Huh??? Why would he care about this match at all, and how could he prevent interference? And, isn’t The Pope kind of about interference anyhow considering his TNA career? Jeez, for a promotion like OVW that is usually pretty good about storyline continuity, this was a disappointing night.

7. Jessie Godderz & Rob Terry w/Josette Bynum beat Shiloh Jonze & Jason Wayne to win the OVW Southern Tag team titles

TV main event time. Again, Jason Wayne was subbing for Johnny Spade in this match. Trailer Park Trash came out to the floor to watch this one. Jason Wayne took Rob Terry off of his feet with a top rope elbow to the jaw. Wayne has lost noticeable weight recently. Josette Bynum took the mic and said this would now be a handicap match, and added OVW champion Rudy Switchblade to the team of Godderz and Terry. Jason Wayne ended up taking the heat. Jonze got tagged in, but he ended up taking heat as well. Jonze was thrown over the top rope behind referee Chris Sharpe’s back. Wayne came back in running wild, and was going for his full nelson slam finisher, but Bynum took the mic and said this was now a no DQ match, as The Family came in with chairs. Wayne got hit with a chair, when Shiloh Jonze ducked it, and Wayne was then pinned, which made Godderz and Terry the new OVW Southern Tag team champions. This is Godderz second time holding those titles, and marked Rob Terry’s first championship gold in OVW.

Jason Wayne got beat on more after the match, and was sent out to the floor where his ankle was placed on the ring steps, and Rob Terry whacked it a few times with a chair. Wayne ended up going out on a backboard, so they did an injury angle with him, which means he’ll probably be out awhile, but with this scatter shot booking going on here now, who knows. I’m guessing that this will now open the door for Johnny Spade and Shiloh Jonze to have animosity with one another. Spade has already secured an OVW heavyweight title shot against Rudy Switchblade at the March 3rd Saturday Night Special.

Wow..Well, once again obviously a whole lot went on this week, the problem is, too much of it made my head hurt if I actually thought about it. I wouldn’t call this show a disaster by any means, but I certainly wouldn’t call it good either. A show of transition let’s say, with no shortage of confusion, while changing things on a dime.

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