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Potential spoiler for current WWE GM’s storyline

The current working idea is for John Lauranitis’ quest to become the general manager for both Raw and Smackdown to end with a winner take all match at Wrestlemania 28. Laurinaitis will have a heel team of stars taking on a babyface team of Long’s, with the winning captain becoming general match of both shows. It is possible the match could replace the Money in the Bank match.

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. seanyd93 says:

    if they replace the MITB with a tag team match, it’s gonna suck…. Would have been smarter to do this for survivor series, so the survivor series match has meaning :/

  2. seanyd93 says:

    unless, they did it as a MITB style match, where the winner gets a briefcase/contract for their GM, and earns themselves a title shot granted by their GM for winning… Could be a good match, 4v4 yet all for themselves at the same time, if that makes sense?

  3. Fisha695 says:

    That could be a really good match Money in the Bank style. It appears though that we may be officially nearing the end of the Brand Extension which is kind of a good thing but a bad thing at the same time.

    Also if they do this I hope they drop the GM gimmick and go back to calling it a Commissioner.

  4. theprincedann says:

    Yeah seanyd93 is right, sorta have both matches in one? With the teams, and the original title shot stipulation, but also with the gm stipulation too 😉

  5. Jono K says:

    As long as it goes longer then last years 4 man tag, ill be happy.

  6. Reign Supreme says:

    I thought MITB was going to have its own PPV again this year?

  7. Alex says:

    If this were true, i dont see teddy long being manager of both shows

  8. dave says:

    Good idea combining MITB with team leader takes all.

  9. seanyd93 says:

    I can’t so JL being GM of both shows either, atleast, not for long :/
    but yeah, I doubt that idea would ever happen, but it would be a great addition to the MITB match, 4 on 4, all for all, it could have so much hype, and so much could happen in the match, with teams yet everyone our for themselves at the same time, I could only imagine what they could do with that :)

  10. Bob Barker says:

    I personally don’t see how Teddy is a face here. He’s a terrible GM, not exciting what so ever and extremely repetitive. I hope they replace both of them. If you look at the job Sting is doing as a GM at TNA then you see what someone truely can do in this position

  11. Discount-double-check says:

    I love seanyd’s idea!!

  12. Derailleur says:

    They just need a match where they can put superstars who don’t have anything else to do at Mania otherwise.

  13. cas says:

    just save it for the bragging rights ppv. mania doesn’t need any more plots. unless seanyd’s idea becomes fact

  14. Matthew says:

    Every one else with their opinion-respect
    My opinion of this match possible replacing MITB- Lame

  15. -J- says:

    seanyd93 I agree with adding mitb to that match would definitely raise the stakes and add excitement.

  16. David says:

    maybe having 2 briefcases will do the job. One for the GM rights of both shows and one with the championship choosing.
    That way we can have ,maybe, a heel turn with one star from RAW/SD jumping ship to the other brand by giving the briefcase w/the rights of both shows to Laurinatis(SD superstar)/Teddy(RAW superstar)

  17. TG says:

    Leading toward ending the brand split?

  18. Ronald B says:

    Oh no…

  19. Big L says:

    I like the breifcase idea too, but how about the winner gets to choose who the GM would be. Then he could choose someone else (i.e. Mick Foley) to be the GM of both shows.

  20. chris says:

    Is vince trying to kill off the WWE?

  21. seanyd93 says:

    I really hope they take my idea haha or atleast something similar to it.

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