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News on Rick Steiner, Jon Jones, ratings delay, and more

– From Mike Informer: Russo’s time runs out in TNA

– A second generation wrestler? Rick Steiner noted on Facebook: Congrat’s to my son Maveric, Took 3rd in the state in wrestling at 195lbs. Way to go Maveric. Your the man.

– Obviously, with today being President’s Day in the United States, expect ratings delay from Nielsen Media Research.

– Mike Chiappetta tweeted: FOX crossover: Jon Jones will serve as Honorary Race Official for next weekend’s Daytona 500 (NASCAR’s biggest annual event).

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  1. Hans says:

    After watching TNA this past thursday, I can actually say I was impressed with it. I didn’t even read the spoilers. I felt nothing of Russo’s taint on it. Even the Angle run in on Jeff Hardy makes sense because, really, judging from what’s happened, he’s had enough chances. Time for some new blood. Both Bully and James Storm have legit claim through one reason or another. I am looking forward to next week’s episode of Impact.

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