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Superstar teases surprise appearance at Elimination Chamber

Christian posted on Twitter “Hello from Milwaukee,” indicating he’s in town for tonight’s Elimination Chamber PPV show.

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  1. raven12516 says:

    I really hope they dropped the “one more title match” thing.

  2. Coolquip says:

    Interesting note: Christian returned last year at this ppv. Also I hope he takes out santino.

  3. Alex says:

    Attack santino, enter chamber, win title?

  4. EOJ the DJ says:

    Santino will be attacked and Christian will return

  5. EOJ the DJ says:

    This “one last title match” was when Orton was champ

  6. mshelez says:

    I’d rather see McIntyre attack Santino and enter and Christian go after Khali or vice versa. I don’t care. I would just prefer to see Christian and McIntyre in there over Khali and Santino.

  7. MattR says:

    I hope he doesn’t return as a heel when he returns. Maybe he enters the chamber by Santino being too scared so he puts Christian in as the suprise replacement. Then Christian could have a strong showing but ultimately lose to one of the heels. Then feud with one of the other heels: Cody, D-Bry, Barret. I’d prefer this over him feuding with Show, Orton again, or a midcard face.
    P.S. does anyone know when ADR is scheduled to return?

  8. TREV_BOURNE says:

    It would be a better match if we’d see both McIntyre and Christian in the smackdwn chamber macth
    McIntyre to attack Santino
    Christian go after Khali
    I truly prefer to see Christian and McIntyre in there over no still Khali and funny guy Santino.

  9. Dusty says:

    I think the best thing to do is have McInytre attack Santino and take his spot. But before Khali can enter, Jinder Mahal attacks him(setting up a WM feud) and Long puts Christian in his spot.

  10. Zack says:

    @Dusty The problem with that is that NO ONE wants to see a Khali/Mahal feud or a match at Wrestlemania much less.

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