Feb 19, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

– We see a promo for Wrestlemania

– Outside, a sweaty Santino is training, running up the steps ala Rocky from the movie.

– Backstage, Mathews interviews The Big Show. Mathews talks about Big Show’s less than stellar Wrestlemania record. Big Show said he has had over 4,000 matches, won major titles, but agrees, his Wrestlemania record is not good. Tonight is his road to Wrestlemania.

(3) Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight Championship: Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show vs. The Great Khali vs. Santino Marella

Khali entered the chamber first, followed by IC champion Cody Rhodes, Santino Marella, and World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan, thus, we start with Wade Barrett vs. The Big Show. Barrett opens the match by working over The Big Show’s left knee. We hear chants of boring from the crowd. The third man to enter the chamber is Cody Rhodes, who was in no rush to leave his pod. Big Show rammed Rhodes into the cage. Santino enters the chamber next, still no one has been eliminated. Rhodes works over Big Show’s knee. Barrett and Rhodes double team and slam Big Show on the steel. Fifth to enter the chamber is The Great Khali.

Big Show speared Khali and pinned him at 16:30. Very short night for Khali.

Big Show eyes Bryan in his pod, and climbs to the top and tries to reach over and pull Bryan out. Big Show breaks the chains at the top of Bryan’s pod and got in and starting nailing the world champion. The pod is unlocked, and finally Bryan enters the match. Big Show tossed Bryan into a pod. Show chokeslams Bryan, but receives a boot from Barrett before he could pin Bryan. Rhodes kickes the Big Show, and DDTs him.

Barrett pinned Big show at 22:36.

Santino rolled up and pinned Rhodes at 23:03. Rhodes hits a cross roads on Santino, and is nearly pinned by Barrett. Fans chant for Santino as he is worked over by Barrett.

Barrett uses the pod door as weapon on Bryan. Bryan recovers and hits on flying knee to Barrett.

Marella pinned Barret at 30:37 after Bryan head butted Barrett off the top rope.

final two – Santino vs. Bryan

Bryan smiled and acted cocky realizing it came down to himself and Santino. Fans cheering for Santino. Santino pulls out the cobra, hits his move, but Bryan kicked out. LeBell Lock, and Santino taps out at 34:03. Bryan retains and will head to Wrestlemania as World champion.

After the match, Sheamus came in and lays out Bryan.

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