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– Back at ringside, Lawler, Cole, and Booker T talk about the Smackdown elimination chamber match. We see a clip of Orton being attacked by Daniel Bryan, thus suffering a concussion. Orton is out, and we see Santino winning the battle royal to earn Orton’s spot in the Elimination Chamber.

– We see Santino backstage drinking Raw eggs, and chocking on them, but still cracks a smile.

– Highlight package on John Cena airs.

(2) Divas title match: Beth Phoenix vs. Tamina Snuka. Match starts with Beth encouraging Tamina to leave her ring. Action to the outside, Phoenix attacks Tamina, and Tamina re-enters the ring with an eight count from the referee. Samoan drop by Tamina, but is stopped by Phoenix before a splash attempt. Phoenix superplexes Tamina off the top rope. Tamina superkicks Phoenix, and goes for the superfly splash and hits it, but Phoenix kicked out. Tamina goes to the top rope a second time, but Phoenix crawled out of the ring. Phoenix retains the Divas title with the glam slam at 7:17.

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