2/18 Ring of Honor on Sinclair TV Recap

Feb 19, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Ring of Honor on Sinclair Recap
By Cody A. Springer

We open the show with a recap of the confrontation between Eddie Edwards and Kyle O’Reilly last week. Nigel and Kevin are in the ring, exchanging their usual pleasantries. They discuss how Shelton Benjamin has been suspended, and because of that their main event is cancelled. Charlie Haas makes his way out. He says that it’s ROH’s fault they don’t have a main event this week. But he says he’s not going to deprive the fans of seeing the greatest wrestler in Ring of Honor, so he challenges either of the Briscoes to a match. Cue The Briscoes. Jay says that the way he sees it, the only thing between him and Charlie is air and opportunity. Charlie yells at Jim to give him either of the Briscoes. Charlie says he wants Mark, but only if Jay is handcuffed to the ringpost. Jay agrees. Cornette says that if he didn’t know for a fact that Shelton was in Texas, he would think it’s a setup, but since he does, the match is on. Our main event is Mark Briscoe vs. Charlie Haas. But up next, Kevin Steen’s in-ring debut for ROH Television on Sinclair.

Match #1: Kevin Steen vs. Andy “Right Leg” Ridge
Kevin goes for the Code of Honor handshake, but uses it to lariat Andy. Kevin destroys Kevin with Elbows and kicks. Kevin throws Andy out of the ring, and catches a running Andy, fallaway slamming him into the guard rail. Kevin picks Andy up and hits him with a huge slap. Kevin rolls Andy back in the ring, and slithers in. Kevin with a boot to the head of Andy. Andy tries to mount offense, but another elbow sends him to his back. Kevin fishhooks him up, shoves him in the corner, and this him with a stiff chop. Kevin whips Andy in the corner, but gets a boot to the face. Kevin with a headbutt, and a chop. Andy with some right legs, whips Steen in the corner. Blocks a boot and puts it in the ropes, landing a lot of right legs. Kevin goes for a springboard maneuver, but gets knocked off the apron. Kevin powerbombs him on the apron. Kevin rolls Andy back in and hits an F5 for the three.
Winner: Kevin Steen

Kevin brutalizes Andy after the match, and goes for the package piledrive, but Sinclair stops him. Sinclair high tails it, and Kevin gets Ridge back into position, but Steve Corino enters the ring. They stare down, but Jimmy Jacobs comes in from behind, and brawls with Steen. Security is out to break the two up. Jimmy grabs a mic and says that his package piledriver can’t keep him down. He’s been beaten down his whole career, and the package piledriver isn’t going to stop him. Jimmy says he wants the two most evil people in the history of ROH to fight, and he wants a match with Steen. We go to commercial.

We return with a backstage interview with Veda Scott, who’s with Kyle O’Reilly and Davey Richards. Veda asks about their match with Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole at the 10th Anniversary show. Davey says he’s over the whole brotherhood crap, and when he gets in the ring, he sees 4 ankles to snap. Kyle sees two heads he’s going to kick off. He says that people are going to see the kind of man that Davey Richards is when he needs something, and not to expect loyalty from Davey Richards. Davey says not to expect mercy from Team Ambition. Kyle says that Adam Cole is going to find that out the hard way, and that Adam has picked the wrong wolf. We return to the ring with Matt Taven and Mike Mondo. They seems to have built a connection after last week.

Match #2: Matt Taven and Mike Mondo vs. Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole
We start things off with Taven and Cole. They lock up. Shoulder block by Cole. Leapfrog by Taven. Leapfrog by Cole followed by a hiptoss. Armdrag from Taven. Cradle pin by Cole for two. Stare down. Mondo tags himself in and bad mouths Taven. Another lock-up, and Mondo shoves Cole off. Headlock and a punch to the face. Powerslam by Mondo, and a shot to Eddie, knocking him off the apron. Mondo charges Cole, and Cole sits him on the turnbuckle. Enzuigiri by Eddie from the outside, he jumps off the apron, and both Cole and Eddie charge, landing a huge simultaneous dropkick on Mondo who is in the Tree of Woe. Cole covers and two. Tag to Eddie, who hits a huge chop on Mondo. Mondo goes for the tag in the wrong corner, gets another kick, and tags in Taven. Eddie with lots of chops to Taven in the corner. Eddie whips Taven, Taven up and over and rolls Eddie up for two. Taven goes for a sunset flip, but Eddie rolls out and kicks Taven in the face. Eddie misses a springboard moonsault, and Mondo tags himself in. Mondo stomps a hole in Eddie in the corner. Mondo does some pushups before getting another kick. Mondo with a suplex and a cover for one. Mondo with a facewash, and then drives Eddie’s head in the corner. Mondo with a quick legdrop for two. Mondo with a chinlock. Mondo whips Eddie in the corner, charges and runs in to a chop. Charges again and an elbow. Eddie up top and leaps off with a codebreaker on Mondo. Mondo tags Taven, and a hurricanrana by Eddie, who then tags in Cole. Cole in like a house of fire, takes down both Taven and Mondo. Cole up top and hits a huge crossbody for two. Cole knocks Mondo off the apron, and reverses a waist lock with an enzuigiri, followed by a neckbreaker for two. Cole ducks Taven who collides with Mondo, and Cole hits a cross armed German Suplex for three.
Winners: Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole

Mondo pouts at the loss, as Taven is a sportsman. Both men stare down, and then argue. Mondo slaps Taven in the face, Taven slaps back. Mondo hits a double-armed DDT and blows his nose on Taven as we go to commercial.

Inside ROH: Last week, The Briscoes took on House of Truth, where the Briscoes disqualify themselves after taking a baseball bat to the HOT. Truth Martini says that he stopped payment on the check that the Briscoes stole. Roderick speculates that The Briscoes’ check wasn’t good either, and if they want the money, they can call 1-800-BlowMe. To the Young Bucks, who say they’re going to superkick The Briscoes’ teeth down their throats at the 10th Anniversary, which is being called Young Wolves Rising. Another match at YWR, is Jay Lethal vs. Tomasso Ciampa, but next week, he has a World Title Shot at Davey Richards. But at the Tenth Anniversary, Jay Lethal says he will end Tomasso’s undefeated streak. To The Embassy Limited, so says that you could melt down the gold in the TV Belt, and it still wouldn’t be worth the dividends the investors are paying to The Embassy Limited. Tomasso says he will dominate Jay Lethal, and bring the Television Championship home to The Embassy Limited where it belongs. Next week, we will see the first matches signed for Showdown in the Sun in Ft. Lauderdale. We go to commercial.

Main Event: Charlie Haas vs. Mark Briscoe (Jay Briscoe will be handcuffed to the ring post)
We start off with lots of punches from Mark. Mark whips Charlie in the corner, but it gets reversed, Mark flops in the apron, and Mark nails him with an elbow. Charlie rolls out of the ring, and Mark hits a huge plancha on Charlie on the outside. Mark rolls Charlie back in and covers for two. Mark climbs the turnbuckle, but Charlie shoves him off to the floor. Mark back in, Haas boots mark and hits a german. Haas with a cover and two. Haas whips Charlie in the corner, and Mark falls to the mat. Charlie covers and two. Charlie with shoulder thrusts in the corner and a butterfly suplex, cover and two. Charlie with a waistlock to a seated Briscoe. Charlie makes his way to his feet with Mark who fights out of it. Charlie throws Mark out, but Mark lands on the apron. Mark goes for a flip in the ring, but Charlie puts in knee down with an improve backbreaker. The two battle on the outside, and Charlie hits a backdrop on Mark on the guard rail. Charlie rolls Mark back in and bad mouths Jay. Charlie rolls in, and Mark battles back. Mark lands on his feet after a back body drop, but Haas hits a kick to the head. Mark with some redneck kung fu. Charlie reverses the whip, and a huge dropkick from Haas. Cover and two. Mark with a vertical suplex, goes up top and hits a frog elbow. Mark covers and only two. Jay rallys the crowd to get Mark to psyche up. Mark charges Charlie in the corner, but Charlie moves out of the way. Charlie hits a belly to belly, and goes for the Olympic slam, but Mark slides out and rolls Charlie up for the three.
Winner: Mark Briscoe

After the match, Charlie hits the Olympic slam on Mark. He shoves the referee and takes the handcuff key from him. Another Olympic slam on Mark, and Jay is powerless to stop it. Charlie shoves Bobby cruise, and grabs a chair. Charlie taunts Charlie with the key. Haas hits a huge chair shot on Mark’s head. Charlie makes his way back to the announce table, and grabs an envelope and a mic. He grabs money out of the envelope, and says that it’s for both his and Shelton’s fines, and that they played right in to his hand, because he’d been planning on doing that all week. Charlie leaves the arena as ROH goes off the air.

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