2/18 NEW Shelbyville, IN results featuring Flash Flanagan

Feb 19, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

New Era Wrestling
“Headlocks & Heartbreak” – 2/18/12 Shelbyville, IN Results

1. Joey “Kidd” Owens beat TJ Kemp and Donny Idol in a 3 way dance

Mr. Rodney Rush comes and demands that the Tag Team Titles are returned to Troy Van Zant and Jon Wall. He says that Natural Born Talent never beat the actual members of RWE who holds the titles. General Manager Chris Ikon agrees and Dylan Bostic and Bobby Black return the belts. However, Ikon says they will get a title shot later tonight inside the steel cage!

2. Damian Cole beat Anthony Lee

3. 20 man battle royal

This match was disrupted by Osyris who cleared the ring but was not an official participant. Osyris then called out Hillbilly Jedd. The two big men brawled until the battle royal participants came back out and broke them up. Osyris leaves. Jedd calls him back out but he doesn’t come.

4. Kasey Lofton beat Darlin’ Niki in a women’s match

5. Flash Flanagan beat Tom Van Zant by DQ

6. NEW Championship: Shawn Cook (c) beat Appollo Starr

7. Miss Heidi beat Camron Star in a Women’s Steel Cage Match

8. NEW Tag Team Championship: Natural Born Talent (Dylan Bostic & Bobby Black) beat Rush Wrestling Enterprises (Jon Wall and Troy Van Zant) (c) w/ Mr. Rodney Rush to win the titles

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