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Video: Santino wins battle royal to qualify for the elimination chamber

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  1. CocaCola says:

    Idk about you guys, but the crowd was loving it. I got goosebumps seeing the video.

  2. havok says:

    ppv crowds are different then tv show crowds…..legit wrestling fans go to ppvs. he plays a dumbass character so kids will love it instantly….hes a waste of time and fills a spot in the chamber that should go to someone wwe could invest in like mcintrye.

  3. ak91 says:

    i smell something fishy going on in this chamber match

  4. steve says:

    Just watched the reply on universal TV, just being curious after the video stops n freaking Josh Mathews calls the win a Jerry Lynn moment wtf is he crazy, when does santino put on 5 star matches , I almost had a heart attack when I heard that. Has to be the dumbest thing I heard

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