Jerry Jarrett’s reaction to Vince Russo’s departure from TNA

Feb 17, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Jerry Jarrett after the news broke about Vince Russo departing, joked on
his Facebook page: “Since the news broke that TNA and Vince Russo have
severed their relationship, I’ve gotten several request for comments. I
have been hesitant to comment because Jimmy Cornette and I are dear
friends. However, Mike Mooneyhan scolded me for allowing my friendship
with Corney to get in the way of honest journalism. Because of my great
respect for Mike, I’ve decided to break a confidence of another close
friend: “Based on reliable sources, Vince Russo and Jimmy Cornette came
to terms on a multi-year contract several months ago for Russo to join
Jimmy as creative director of ROH.”

(source: Wrestling Globe Newsltter)

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