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Update on Randy Orton’s injury

As noted earlier, Randy Orton suffered a concussion Monday night on Raw in his match against The Big Show. The backstage belief is that Orton actually suffered the concussion when he delivered his RKO to Big show. After hitting the maneuver, Orton got up gingerly and was described as being on “spaghetti legs,” reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

In storyline, WWE is pushing that Orton suffered the concussion when Daniel Bryan hit him with the world heavyweight title belt.

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  1. Mega powers says:

    I’m not much of an Orton fan, but I’d still rather see him in the chamber than Mark Henry. The Smackdown chamber lineup is really more of an insult than anything. Show, Henry and Khali should all have retired a while ago. All three look like they are in severe pain whenever they are moving, and all three look like theyre legs could cave in at any moment. It’s a little uncomfortable watching them and waiting for the horrifying, Sid-esque leg break to occur.

  2. Adam says:

    @Mega Powers – Mark Henry isn’t in the Chamber. It’s Khali, Bryan, Show, Rhodes, Barrett and now Santino.

  3. Mega powers says:

    Oh wow, that’s even lamer.

  4. Chris James says:

    I think Orton’s head fell on Shows arm when they both laid out for the RKO. Ouch.

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