News on Undertaker, CM Punk, Smackdown live, and more

Feb 14, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

– During yesterday’s RAW, a second vignette with the Undertaker was aired showing the future Hall of Famer getting a razor blade and cutting his hair
saying vengeance will be his. When the Undertaker returned two weeks ago he was sporting a wig to cover the fact that a few months ago he actually
shaved his head completely bald. While the wig may not have been apparent to many people on that night, wrestling with a wig would have been pretty risky considering the several humiliating scenarios. Showing the Undertaker cutting his hair on television was the best way to explain why come WrestleMania there will be less at the top.

– More on the upcoming WCW Clash of the Champions DVD from WWE: WWE is developing a Best of WCW Clash of Champions DVD hosted by Dusty Rhodes scheduled for a May release.

– The 2/21 live Smackdown will be a supershow featuring Raw talent. CM Punk has been advertised locally for the event.

(thanks to Colin Vassallo, Wrestling Globe Newsletter)

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