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Spoiler: Looks who is backstage at the Impact tapings

TNA posted the following picture of New York Giant Brandon Jacobs backstage at tonight’s Impact tapings in Orlando:

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  1. Ky stud says:

    God Love TNA!! They have a Roster full of Young Talent and a Very Talented Roster!! They feel the need to waste 10-15 mins on a Segment with a Football Player who will collect a paycheck. Ppl wonder whats up with TNA its crap like this that is killing it. This has Russo”s Finger prints all over. WWE can get Mainstream press coverage with something like this. TNA is just throwing feces aganst the wall hoping something will stick.

  2. AJ Starr says:

    So… Ky… should I point out the 2 years WWE wasted on a celebrity every week as a guest host for RAW, where they wasted 20-30 minutes per show on that one person?

  3. RJ Ace says:

    Although I usually hate t when wrestling companies use celebrities, this is a good move by TNA. Jacobs is a legit star in the NFL and it will lead to some good publicity. At least he isn’t another D list Jersey Shore cast member.

  4. -J- says:

    Can’t blame Russo for this one tho…he ain’t there, that’s Hogan or someone tossing the turds around.

  5. dave says:

    Brandon Jacobs who just won a superbowl? Sounds smart to me. Better than PeeWee..

  6. The Wordman says:

    KY Stud, at least Jacobs has earned his celebrity status with a successful NFL career and two Super Bowl rings.

    What has Snooki ever done? And she was in Wrestlemania, the biggest WWE pay-per-view of the year.

  7. TG says:

    This’ll bring the viewers!

  8. Ky stud says:

    Let me Rephrase my Statement. I did not Support WWE Guest GM idea Either. So I understand Aj Point. Im Just saying that Yes Jacobs is a Star and Yes he scored the winning TD in the Super Bowl. But What point does it make to have a Non Wrestler do a 15 min Bit with Angle or Who Ever. How does it Futher any Story line. WWE Guest GM at least Annoced Matchs and No they did not Futher any Story Lines. It still Got Main Stream Press. I just Feel TNA is Drowning (WWE is Boring) they need Wrestling and Not a Football Player who will as I said will collect a Paycheck and Add Nothing to TNA but a Wasted Segment. But Great points by all who commented!!

  9. Walrus says:

    @ky stud
    good think Ahmad Bradshaw scored the winning touchdown in the super bowl.

  10. eddie says:

    If I recall the muppets where on raw and they did more then call matches they did more then one segment with mupets being the center of attention and wwe waste time on non wrestlers on the biggest wwe ppv of the year so this for TNA isn’t that bad

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