Independent diva quitting pro wrestling

Feb 13, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

filed to GERWECK.NET:

BREAKING NEWS: WSU has been informed by 1/2 of the WSU Tag Team Champions, Amber, of the Boston Shore, that she is quitting pro wrestling effective immediately. Amber has taken herself off all of her future wrestling bookings and has asked for privacy while dealing with her matters. We wish Amber the best of luck as she deals with her personal demons and issues.

With Amber finished with wrestling, WSU has to make a decision on the tag team championships, which are currently held by Lexus and Amber of the Boston Shore. WSU, which has dealt with this situation before, last year, due to Tina San Antonio’s “injury” (it was later revealed Tina faked the injury for a WWE tryout.) WSU ruled then that a “FREEBIRD” rule would be in effect, allowing a tag team champion to find another partner to defend the championships with. Due to this past precedent, WSU is allowing Lexus to remain as 1/2 of the tag team champions and Lexus will have to find a new partner starting 3/3/12. If Lexus fails to find a partner by then, WSU will be forced to strip the championships from the Boston Shore.

Lexus, in a quick statement to WSU, told us that she will find another partner on 3/3/12, and not only will she defeat Rain in her singles match, she will defend the tag titles with whoever she deems suitable to team with her. Lexus also told WSU she will be releasing a special video this week, which will address everything going on. We will have more on Lexus once she releases her video.

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