2/11 Ring of Honor on Sinclair TV Recap

Feb 13, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Ring of Honor on Sinclair Recap
By Cody A. Springer

We start things off with Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness hyping up our main event for tonight, which is The Briscoes vs. House of Truth with a $10,000 side bet. Our first match is Kyle O’Reilly vs. Eddie Edwards. We go to pre-recorded comments with Kyle O’Reilly who says he may not be a former World Champion and Eddie may not think Kyle is his equal, but he doesn’t appreciate Eddie’s comments about himself and Davey, so tonight he’s going to prove to Eddie he’s not a sidekick, but a man. Eddie says that Kyle doesn’t like hearing the truth, but he never wanted to fight Kyle, but since Kyle wanted the match, he’s going to have to.

Match #1: Kyle O’Reilly vs. Eddie Edwards
Both men lock up. Eddie goes behind Kyle with a waist lock, but Kyle fights out and gets an arm wringer. Eddie reverses with a drop toehold and a cover for one. Both men stare down. Another lock up, this time Eddie lands a hip toss, getting Kyle in a headlock. Kyle gets out of it by scissoring the head of Eddie, who rolls around to get out. Kyle gets a hip toss and the exact same things happens, but with the roles reversed. Kyle goes for a head kick, both men block each other’s strikes, and both men go for a dropkick at the same time and another stare down. Test of strength now. Eddie gets the advantage, but Kyle goes back up, Kyle with some kicks, Eddie with elbows, and they headbutt each other. The two men get caught up in the ropes and the lock gets broken. Kyle kicks Eddie in the chest. Kyle hits a knee to the chest and a knee to the face of a seated Eddie for two. O’Reilly tries to charge Eddie in the corner but gets met with a chop. Eddie slides out of the ring, and as Kyle slides out, Eddie rolls back in. Kyle climbs to the apron and gets kicked in the head by Eddie. Eddie out, rolls Kyle back in. Eddie climbs to the top turnbuckle and goes for a double stomp, but misses. Kyle charges Eddie but gets rolled up by Eddie. Kyle kicks out but Eddie transitions it into an ankle lock. Davey Richards comes out to cheer Kyle on. Kyle gets to the ropes. Eddie and Davey stare down as we go to commercial.

We return with Kyle and Eddie exchanging chops and kicks. Eddie catches a kick, and shoves Kyle to the mat. Eddie follows up with a stomp. Eddie lifts up Kyle and tries to go for a suplex, but Kyle won’t go. Eddie gets Kyle up, but Kyle slips out landing on his feet, tweaking his ankle. More kicks and chops from Eddie and Kyle. Both men start blocking, Kyle eventually landing a kick to the side, which sets up the triple butterfly suplexes that Kyle loves so much. Kyle ends off the sequence getting Eddie in a cross arm breaker. Eddie gets his feet to the ropes. Both men up, Kyle charges Eddie but is met with an elbow. Eddie to the middle turnbuckle and comes off with a flying codebreaker, followed by a suplex attempt that spills over the top rope. Both men up on the outside, Eddie chops Kyle, who stumbles back against the ring post. Eddie goes for a kick, but Kyle ducks it leading Eddie to kick the ring post. Eddie rolls back in, as Kyle follows setting Eddie in the corner, leg through the ropes, nailing a dragon screw. Kyle nails stomps to the bad leg and locks in a leg wrench. Eddie makes it to the ropes. Kyle has the single leg hold, with Kyle kneeing Eddie’s leg, and Eddie slapping Kyle in the face. Eddie bucks Kyle off, and rolls him up for two. Kyle then quickly locks in the ankle lock. Adam Cole makes his way out to cheer for Eddie to spite Kyle, who formed Team Ambition last week with Davey, leaving Future Shock high and dry. Eddie hits a huge suicide plancha. Eddie rolls Kyle back in and climbs the turnbuckle. Eddie hits the flying double stomp for two. Both men back up and exchange elbows in the middle of the ring. It quickly transitions in to kicks and chops and lots of slaps. Eddie jumps a legsweep from Kyle and hits a superkick. Kyle back up and hits a superkick of his own. Chop from Eddie and Kyle spits in Eddie’s face. Eddie with the huge knife edges to the face of O’Reilly. One finally knocks O’Reilly down and Eddie covers for two. Kyle back up, catches a knife edge and turns it in to a belly to back suplex for two. Kyle whips off the ropes and gets caught with a huge lariat by Eddie. Eddie lifts Kyle up for a powerbomb, but Kyle reverses it in to a guillotine. Eddie rolls it in to a pin, and Kyle lets go at two. Both men back up, Eddie goes for the Achilles lock but Kyle reverses it in to a roll up. Eddie rolls it around to a pin of his own and nails the three.
Winner: Eddie Edwards

Eddie grabs a mic and says that Davey doesn’t need Eddie anymore since he has Kyle as his tag team partner, and asks Adam if he needs a tag team partner since Kyle left Adam for Davey. Eddie extends his hand and after some thought, Adam accepts. We go to commercial.

We return with Steve Corino at the announce booth, who will be the color commentator for ROH live event DVDs. We go back to last week where Jim Cornette bans the piledriver in any form in ROH.

Match #2: Mike Mondo vs. Matt Taven
Both men with several lock ups to start. Lots of standing side headlock with headscissor counters. Taven with a side headlock, Mondo reverses it by flipping his overhead. Taven lands on his feet and rolls Mondo up for two. Both men exchange armdrags until Taven can’t take Mondo over with one. Both men stare down until Mondo nails him with an elbow. Mondo showboats before hitting a huge dropkick on Taven and a two. Mondo locks a front facelock on Taven. Taven battles out and whips Mondo into the corner. Mondo floats over Taven and Taven hits a moonsault and two. Taven goes for a waistlock, but it gets reversed. A string of reverses until Mondo reverses Taven right in the ropes. Mondo misses a knee and Taven catches him with a running leg lariat. Taven covers for two. Both men up, Taven shoves Mondo in the corner and goes for a whip but it gets reverse. Taven goes for a crossbody but comes up with nothing. Mondo hits a crossbody and nobody home. Both men up and both go for dropkicks at the same time, missing and quickly up with a stare down. All of a sudden, we hear Kevin Steen’s voice in the distance. He makes his way out, wondering why ROH has time to give Mondo and Taven a match, but he has to wait until next week to make is TV debut. He’s familiar with Mondo, but he’s never seen Taven, but it makes sense because he’s a “cutie pie” like Cornette likes. He says Cornette also likes the little handshake they did before the match, and it was so inspiring he wants to shake Taven’s hand. Taven is reluctant, and an impatient Steen quickly kicks Taven in the gut and F-5’s Taven. Mondo is pretty impressed with Kevin Steen and tries to make friends. Steen at first accepts, but quickly bites Mondo’s ear and hits an F-5 on Mondo too. Steen stares down Corino, who appears to be ready for a fight. Security quickly comes out to prevent any confrontation as ROH goes to commercial.
Result: No Contest

Inside ROH: Last week, Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team refused to face The Bravado Brothers, and demanded The Briscoes, leading to an impromptu Tag Team Championship match, which ended with Shelton nailing Mark with a chair, which lead to Jim Cornette fining WGTT $5,000. We go to an interview with WGTT. They make fun of The Briscoes and then say they aren’t paying any more money to Jim Cornette. Shelton says if Cornette wants $5,000, then Cornette needs to sue him. Charlie says they’re going to do whatever it takes and say whatever they want in order to get back the ROH Tag Team Championships, and if the fans want to cheer The Briscoes, then they’re just as dumb as the Briscoes. We then go to an interview with Jim Cornette. He says that nobody in ROH is above the law, and that until Shelton Benjamin pays the fine, he will be suspended from in-ring competition. We go to an interview with the Briscoes. They say that WGTT is calling them losers, but they don’t see any losers, all they see is gold. But it doesn’t really matter much because they have other fish to fry, which are The Young Bucks. He says that the entire division can just get in line, because they’re going to knock them all down one by one. Another title match has been added to the 5th Anniversary event, where TV Champion Jay Lethal will defend against undefeated Tomasso Ciampa. We go to commercial.

Main Event – $5,000 side bet: The Briscoe Brothers vs. House of Truth
We start off with strong and Mark. Quick exchange and mark takes Roderick down with a spinning wheel kick. Strong up, knocks Jay off of the apron as Elgin comes in and whips Mark in to the corner. Roderick comes in quickly with an elbow to Mark, and Elgin follows quickly with a splash. Roderick and Michael lift Mark up for a double team suplex, but Jay quickly comes in and breaks it up. Both Briscoes team up on Roderick, with two splashes in the corner followed by two corner kicks. Back to normal, Mark suplexes Roderick and covers for two. Tag to Jay. Jay whips Roderick off the ropes and hits a leg lariat for two. Jay shoves Roderick in the corner and stomps a mud hole in to Strong. Tag to Mark. Both men whip Roderick off the roles and hit a double shoulder tackle for one. Mark shoves Roderick in the corner and hits some targeted punches. Tag to Jay. Jay goes over to Roderick and they battle back and forth with strikes. Roderick whips Jay in the corner and gets a boot. Roderick charges Jay who gets an STO in the ropes. Roderick stumbles over to Elgin who comes in and powerslams Jay into Roderick’s boots before slamming him down on the mat for two. Elgin drives his knees in to Jay’s back and hits an elbow for two. Elgin brings Jay up and whips him off the ropes. Mark with a blind tag, Jay elbows Elgin and whips him in to a leg lariat from mark. Mark tags Jay and drives Elgin in to the corner and Jay hits a Yakuza kick. They whip Elgin in to the other corner, but get met with an elbow to Mark, and Jay gets vaulted over the ropes. Jay dropkicks Elgin and hits a cross armed slam on Elgin. Jay comes in with a big splash on Elgin and two. We go to commercial.

We return with Jay hitting a jawbreaker on Elgin. Jay tags in Mark who hits some chops and kicks on Elgin. Elgin whips Mark off the ropes and tries to back body drop Mark who lands on his feet. Mark charges Elgin who hits a spinning side slam. Elgin tags in Strong who gets in a lot of boots on Mark. Both men get into an elbow battle, with lots of chops in between. Roderick hits a jumping knee on Mark. Roderick goads Jay, who comes in, leading the ref to take care of him as Elgin sneaks in and lifts Mark up in a suplex position. Roderick quickly chops Mark as Elgin drives him down with a Uranage from the suplex position. Elgin out quickly and Roderick covers Mark for two. Roderick tags Elgin, who lays in to Mark in the corner. Tag to Roderick, and HOT double teams Mark in the corner. Strong lifts Mark up and hits a gutbuster followed by a lariat from Elgin. Strong with a cover for two. Mark battles back with elbows, but Strong hits an enzuigiri. Strong positions Mark on the top rope and sets up for a belly to back suplex. Mark knocks Strong down, and flips over Strong and hits an enzuigiri. Mark starts to crawl to the corner, but Elgin tries to stop it. Mark kicks off Elgin and rolls to his corner for the hot tag to Jay. Jay in like a house of forearms. A lot of forearms, to be exact, on Elgin and Strong. Jay hits a superkick on Strong and a lariat to Elgin. Jay with a Death Valley Driver on Strong for a close two. Jay with a bow and arrow on Strong and Mark who’s been tagged in hits a frog splash for a two after Elgin breaks up the pin. Jay hits forearms on Elgin and the go back and forth. Now Strong and Mark both battle as well. HOT whip off the ropes and eat boots from Briscoes. Jay tries to send Elgin out, but Elgin ends up sending Jay out. Truth behind the ref’s back hits Jay with powder. HOT are double teaming Mark in the ring. Jay leaves the arena in pursuit of something to clean his face. Jay re-enters the arena with a bat. He rolls in the ring and nails Elgin in the gut with the bat. Strong begs Jay, but he gets a baseball bat to the gut as well.
Winners: House of Truth (via DQ)

After the match, Mark Briscoe grabs the checks and The Briscoes take the money for themselves. House of Truth is powerless to get the money because of Jay’s bat. ROH goes off the air. Next week Kevin Steen makes his Sinclair debut.

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