AGAINST ALL ODDS: Robbie E vs. Shannon Moore

Feb 12, 2012 - by Adam Martin

TNA TV Champion Robbie E is on his way out, bro. He announces the Robbie E Invitational meaning any wrestler in the back can accept his open challenge. Shannon Moore answers the challenge.

TNA TV Championship
Robbie E (c) w/ Robbie T vs. Shannon Moore

Moore with a series of hip tosses and a big dropkick to send Robbie out of the ring early on. Robbie grabs the title, hands it to Robbie T and heads up the ramp. Moore bails out and hits a series of forearms sending him back in the ring. Moore with a big spin kick catching Robbie in the head. Robbie with a running knee sending Moore off the ring apron into the steel barricade. Robbie tosses Moore back in and catches him with a big elbow coming off the ropes. Robbie catches Moore with an elbow off the second rope resulting in a quick two count. Moore with a dropkick sending Robbie to the outside. Moore with his springboard moonsault taking out Robbie at the end of the entrance ramp. Moore spits in the direction of Robbie T at ringside. Robbie dodges a moonsault from Moore and follows it up with a running clothesline. Moore crotches Robbie up on the top turnbuckle. Moore with a top rope huricanrana, hooks the leg and gets a close two count. Robbie T catches Moore with a punch when Robbie E kicks out of a rollup attempt. Robbie E with a DDT and gets the pinfall for the win.

Winner and still TNA TV Champion: Robbie E

A video package runs hyping Gail Kim vs. Tara.

* Gail Kim defending the TNA Knockouts Championship against Tara is up next.

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