AGAINST ALL ODDS: Morgan/Crimson vs. Joe/Magnus

Feb 12, 2012 - by Adam Martin

TNA Tag Team Championships
Matt Morgan and Crimson (c’s) vs. Samoa Joe and Magnus

We start with Matt Morgan and Samoa Joe. Joe catches Morgan with a kick to the gut and a series of jabs. Morgan fires back with a shoulder block takedown. Tag to Magnus who is contained by Morgan who tags in Crimson. Crimson with a quick snapmare and a big kick to the face. Tag back to Morgan who is launched into Magnus with an assist from Crimson. Joe catches Crimson with a knee and drops his head off the top rope with the referee distracted. Tag back to Joe who hits Crimson with jabs. Magnus and Joe with a series of double teaming as Magnus gets back the tag. Quick tag back to Joe who hits Crimson with tons of jabs in the corner. Quick tag to Magnus who connects with a snapmare on Crimson keeping him grounded. Magnus with a back drop suplex on Crimson. Tag to Joe who lands a big chop to Crimson’s chest. Tag back to Magnus who drops an elbow. Quick tag to Joe who throws more jabs to Crimson. Crimson fires back with a flying clothesline from the second rope catching Joe. Morgan wants the tag. Hot tag to Morgan who levels Magnus who gets the tag as well from Joe. Magnus eats a big knee from Morgan and Morgan drops Joe with a clothesline. Morgan throws Magnus and Joe face first into each other and follows with a double clothesline. Morgan no sells a big boot from Magnus in the corner and connects with his spinning slam that is broken up by Joe during a pinfall attempt. Morgan and Crimson with a double shoulder block on Joe. Joe with a body splash and kick to the head on Morgan. Morgan dodges a snapmare by Joe sending Joe into the crotch of Magnus. Crimson takes out Morgan with a spear by accident. Joe dumps Crimson out. Joe with a snapmare on Morgan and Magnus follows with a top rope elbow drop. Magnus covers Morgan to get the pinfall.

Winners and new TNA Tag Team Champions: Samoa Joe and Magnus

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Bully Ray. Ray sends her away. He said he is in the best shape of his life and he intends on pissing off the wrestling world tonight by becoming the TNA Champion.

* Austin Aries defending the TNA X Division Championship against Alex Shelley is up next.

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