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2/11 “Moonshine Matinee” with Hillbilly Jim & Percy Mandoberg‏

from Jeff Sheridan:

1.Starts the show at 10:03 AM with the usual “Don’t Go Messin’ With A Country Boy”.

2.Hillbilly says greetings & down home
salutations to 1 & all, then introduces
himself & says you’ve done stepped into your show for this wonderful weekend. He
says he’s “crowned” out like Paul Revere to
where he’s in the ol’ homeplace that’s at the makeshift studio, which is behind the
house in the barn & says Spike put it
together. He says hi to Spike, tells fans that
he ain’t there by himself, says that he’s
ready & says Spike’s got it going to where
it’s looking good. He says he’s got a
sensational barrel filled with hits to where
he’ll come at you like down the barrel of a shotgun with 4 wonderful hours & says he’ll
tell you what he’s got going in the 1st hour.

Hillbilly says he’s been looking at it to
where he told Spike he’s gone & done it
again & says you’ll hear The Amazing
Rhythm Aces, Grandpa Jones, Chris Knight &
Jamey Johnson. He tells the “possom stomping, rowdy to the bone country boys”
that he’ll kick it off with Hank Williams Jr.

3.Plays Hank Williams Jr.’s “Dixie On My
Mind”, The Allman Brothers Band’s
“Southbound”, Dusty Rhodes’ Hillbilly Jim
promo, Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard’s
“Pancho & Lefty”.

4.Hillbilly says he knows that the weekend’s
upon us to where everyone’s out running
around & doing chores, says that some of
you are probably sitting at home & says if
you’re in the car, he’s hoping you’ll carry him with you. He says if you’re in the barn
milking the cows or whatever he’s hoping
you’ve got him in there too by letting him
do his thing for y’all, says that he & Spike
truly enjoy doing it & says it’s nothing but a
slobberknocker weekly for them to have fun, while bringing you classic tunes on the
show. He says you’re a part of this he calls
“Hillbilly Jim’s Moonshine Matinee
Revolution” for 2012 & says he’s keeping the party going.

Hillbilly says whenever he thinks of this guy
[Jamey Johnson], the song [“Between Jennings & Jones”] fits him & says it’s about
where his slot is now. He says there’s no
wiggle room in the slot he’s in, says that you’re in the pocket of greatness & says
when talking about “Between Jennings &
Jones”, you know what he’s talking about.

5.Plays Jamey Johnson’s “Between Jennings
& Jones”, George Jones’ “Still Doin’ Time” &
Dwight Yoakam’s “Ring Of Fire”.

6.Hillbilly says it’s a hillbilly party going on
there with him & Spike in Mud Lick, Kentucky & tells any new listeners that’s
checking out the show for the 1st time, he
welcomes & appreciates you. He tells them
they’re already a part of the family to where they don’t even know it, then describes the show to the new listeners by
saying that he’s in Kentucky to where he’s
coming to you live in Mud Lick & says it’s at
the farm place. He says he’s at the back in
the makeshift studio that Spike weekly comes there to put together, says that he’s
looking out the window to see the country
side & says it’s beautiful today. He says there’s critters, animals & things going &
rolling in the Kentucky bluegrass hills there.

Hillbilly says he wishes you were there, says
if you ever get a chance to come to Monroe County, Kentucky, he says to come there &
say “hey ya’ll, where is Hillbilly’s & Spike’s
place” & says folks there will be happy to
direct it to you. He says this guy [Chris Knight] is someone he’ll play now, says the
guy’s been on the show before & calls the
guy a road warrior. He says he & Spike love
the guy, says the guy’s keeping the singer/songwriter tradition & says in
Kentucky, there’s a wonderful tradition for
guys like that who write great songs, to
where they go out & play them worldwide.
He says the guy’s out there doing it.

Hillbilly says if you ever get a chance to see
the guy, you’ll be amazed at the guy’s skills: & says he loves
the guy so much.

7.Plays Chris Knight’s “Cry Lonely”, Cross
Canadian Ragweed’s “Anywhere But Here”,
Chuck Mead’s Hillbilly Jim promo, Chuck
Mead & His Grassy Knoll Boys’ “Hey Joe”.

8.Hillbilly says he’s sitting there & looking into the inner hillbilly, says he wants to
invite you along & tells fans to come swim
down the stream for a while. He asked fans
if they’re under the weather & if they’re
feeling good, says that there’s reports
nationwide that folks are having the flu &
says that’s always been a yearly thing. He
tells fans to stay away from those that have
it if possible, says if you think you have it to
stay away from others & says to give others
the heads up on it. He tells fans to wash
their hands a lot, tells Spike to double wash
his hands & then tells him to run under the
water, then rub them on his dirty & greasy
pants that he’s been out with slopping the
hogs, pigs & chickens, to where he says it
won’t get it done.

Hillbilly says he’ll play a block of tunes &
after the break, he’ll have his roving
reporter that scans the world & thinks the
guy was recently in Florida doing some
hunting & fishing. He says the guy’s
everywhere, says it’s Uncle Percy Mandoberg to where he’ll give a great
report & tells fans to call their buddies &
“Ma” & “Pa” that wanna hear him, because
he’s got lots to talk about. He says he’ll take
you to the Grand Ol’ Opry stage where a
sure enough hall of famer [Grandpa Jones],
says it’s someone that he met on “Hee Haw”
years ago & says he loved the guy so much,
to where the guy’s a true legend.

9.Plays Grandpa Jones’ “Dark As A Dungeon”, Marty Stuart’s “Way Down” &
Lucinda Wheels’ “Car Wheels On A Gravel

10.Hillbilly says he’s sliding to the end but
the bases are loaded, says that “Mighty
Casey” is at bat & tells those that’s in
Muscle Sholls, Alabama & Hopkinsville,
Kentucky & Greenville, Mississippi &
Cutback, Montana that things are fixing to
get busy. He says the man of the hour is
someone that knows what we’re talking
about & says is the 1 & only Percy who’s on
the phone. He wishes Percy a good weekend to him, Percy does the same &
asks Hillbilly as to how he’s doing, Hillbilly
says he’s been wonderful & was thinking
about him. He says he & Spike are feeling
good, says the weather’s warm there & says
they’re as lucky as they can be.

Hillbilly says they’re happy as a sow in the
pig lot, Percy says he’s dirtier then he’s ever
been, Hillbilly says he’s probably not as dirty as Spike & Percy says that Spike’s dirt
ain’t from work. He says he’s digging holes
to where he’s got 1,000 young trees that
he’ll plant, says he’s making holes for all of
them & says there’s about 800 holes into it.
He says he’s dirty, says he can barely hold
the phone due to having much mud on it &
Hillbilly calls Percy someone who practices
what he preaches. He says conservation’s in
Percy’s blood, Percy says he enjoys it to where he goes out working & doing things
& says he’s planting shrub rose for his birds
& deer to where he says he enjoys.

Percy says he sometimes wonders why he gets like that, says there’s big things in the
wildlife world & says next weekend in
Kansas City’s Convention Center, the
“Pheasants Forever”: & “Quail
Forever”: groups
conbined each other to where they’ll be
having at “Pheasant Fest”: . He says it’s a big
event where they talk about conservation,
dog training & says his favorite part of this
is the “The Bird Dog Parade”: that’ll be on Friday night [2/17], to where he calls it a
great event.

Percy says he wants everyone to attend &
support both groups, Hillbilly says it sounds
like a hoot & says he’d like to be there. Percy says it’s a ton of fun, says he can’t go
this year but would love to return there
sometime & says he’s got a good fishing
report. He says the only part of the country
that’s getting hammered by the weather’s
up in the northwest corner, says in a place
called “Puget Town” folks are catching some black mouth salmon & says he’s hoping that someone will mail him some of
those. Hillbilly says he’d like to have a mess
of those cooked up at “Pa’s” house, asked
Percy if he’ll do it for him & Percy says yes.

Percy says that Valentine’s Day is coming
up & asks if it’s on Tuesday, Hillbilly says that Spike’s got the hearts dancing in his
eyes to where it’s coming up soon, says it’ll come quick to where it’s coming up on
him again & says the holiday’s are quick.
Percy agrees, then says Spike’s thinking of
the girls to where the neighbor men get
their shotguns out & says men & women
have been making fools of themselves for
many years. He tells Hillbilly to tell someone
named “Arthur Marwitz” to where he asks if
he’s big in the coin business, says that Arthur usually deals with paper money & says he attends those shows such as the
ones in Memphis & Chicago.

Hillbilly says they’re the ones that’s got all of those great dealers worldwide, Percy says that there is said to be the rarest coin
that’s been found in history & says it’ll be
sold in London. He says it’s a 2,000 year old Roman coin that was found in mud in a river Thames, asked Hillbilly as to what’s on
it, Hillbilly says he don’t know & asks if it’s
the rarest ever, Percy says that’s what it’s
been reported. He says it’s a token for a brothel that been engraved with the figures of a man & woman having a romantic embrace: , says he thinks
it’s worth more now then it was then &
Hillbilly says that’s talking about a business that’s recession proof, to where Percy agrees.

Percy says he’s gotta continue digging holes, then plugs his weekly “Grits & Gravy” newsletter: that’s out Sunday mornings to where it’s got a recipe & says to go on for it. He says
he’d love to put you on the list, says you can
read the old issues: & says you can friend him on Facebook: .
Hillbilly wishes Percy an early Happy Valentines Day & Percy tells him that he hopes he’ll find someone to give some
flowers to.

Hillbilly says he’ll work on it, then asks if he’d like to hear a great & amazing song
[“3rd Rate Romance”] & Percy says he’s ready. Hillbilly says these guys [The Amazing Rhythm Aces] came out years ago
when they were hot, says they’re still out
there & says he recently saw them at the
Sturgis biker rally to where they were
fantastic. He says it’s a song you’ll love &
says it’s for Percy & others at the pool room
in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

11.Plays The Amazing Rhythm Aces’ “3rd
Rate Romance”, John Anderson’s “I’m Just
An Old Chunk Of Coal” & Eric Clapton’s
“After Midnight”.

12.Hillbilly says welcome to the 2nd hour of
this weeks edition of the show, tells fans in
San Francisco, California that he knows you’re hearing him & says what a wonderful
report Percy gave. He says Percy don’t spare anything when it comes to giving a
good weekly report, says it’s exactly on what he & Spike try their dead level best to
bring you a great show & to be a part of
Outlaw Country family that keeps on running down the road. He says it’s like he’s
headed somewhere & got somewhere to go
in a hurry, says that he’s looked in the barrel of hits that Spike made & says in this
hour, it’ll be sensational to where it’s turned to a wonderful show just for y’all.

Hillbilly says in this hour you’ll hear Johnny
Winter, Ryan Adams & Porter Wagoner. He
says he’s got new music [“1 Too Many Mornings”] that’s wonderful, asks as to how
can it not be wonderful when combining
Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan & The Avett Brothers & says it’s a new tune that you’ll
love. He says it’s from the 4 CD Bob Dylan box set “Chimes Of Freedom: The Songs Of Bob Dylan”: & says it’s a benefit for the folks at Amnesty International.

13.Plays Johnny Cash & The Avett Brothers’
“1 Too Many Mornings”, Rosanne Cash’s
“Long Black Veil” & Shooter Jennings’
“Walk Of Life”.

14.Hillbilly says during the break he was
looking at Spike to where he’s sitting
prettier then a glab of buttermilk on a stack
of wheatcakes, says it’s that Valentines Day time to where Spike gets all crazy about it & asks him if he bought chocolate rabbits
for someone on that day. He says the last
time Spike did that he gave a girl 1 chocolate rabbit to where 1 of the ears were eaten off of mysteriously, asked as to
what happened to the ear & says they’re just having fun & a ball like always at the
home place in Mud Lick. He then introduces
himself as WWE’s Hillbilly Jim, says for about 8 years now he’s been Outlaw Country’s Hillbilly Jim.

Hillbilly says he’ll play a block of tunes &
says when he returns, he’ll talk some
wrestling for you & says he’ll go back in a
magical time. He says he remembers when
he was a young feller where this guy [Porter Wagoner] was all over the country
charts, says the guy’s a wonderful hall of
famer & says he loves him so much.

15.Plays Porter Wagoner’s “A Satisfied Mind”, The Byrds’ “Hickory Wind”, Billy Joe
Shaver’s Hillbilly Jim promo, Billy Joe Shaver’s “Slim Chance & The Playboys” & The Del McCoury Band’s “1952 Vincent Black Lightning”.

16.Hillbilly says he knows that you’ve got
lots of choices, says it’s why it makes his
heart jump to where he’s tickled pink that
you hang with him weekly & says it’s quite
an honor being there with you. He says he’ll
talk about what’s happening in WWE Home
Video that you may wanna check out, says
when talking about “Tables, Ladders & Chairs” [“TLC”]: & says it’ll rain supreme at that last 2011
PPV. He says there’s 14 matches with over
300 hours, says it was some kind of an event
& says it’s something else. He says when
thinking about that you’ve gotta think about this being wonderful & says it’s “The Best Of Raw & Smackdown Of 2011”: .

Hillbilly says it’s got several dozen matches
to where Spike would never go to sleep at
night, says it’s a 4 disc set that’s about 10
hours & says to look for these in your
stores. He says he’ll do his dead level best to keep up all the things that’s going on
about it & says this song [“Ashes & Fire”] goes out to fans in Portland, Tennessee that
wanted to hear this.

17.Plays Ryan Adams’ “Ashes & Fire”, Buddy & Julie Miller’s “Gasoline & Matches” & Oak
Ridge Boys’ “7 Nation Army”.

18.Hillbilly says he’s keeping the 2012
Outlaw Country party alive, says that’s his duty & says he’s at the end of the hour. He
says the time’s going fast, says when having
fun it’s always like that & says when Spike
gets the tunes together & puts them in the
barrel of hits, then stirs them up & brings them to you, it’s something to contend with. He says it’s like looking across the ring
at a 400 lb man that you gotta wrestle, says
that your work’s cut out for you & says he’s
done that too. He says it’s time for him to
do something that’s near & dear to his heart, says when talking about this guy
[Johnny Winter] he’s talking about a true
legend & says the guy’s got a new album
[“Roots”]: .

Hillbilly says it’s a tribute to some of the
great blues icons like Muddy Waters, Jimmy
Reed, Howlin’ Wolf & others, says he recently saw the guy on David Letterman: & says this is 1 of
the greatest blues songs of all time [“Be Careful With A Fool”]. He tells the 18 wheelers to hold on for this.

19.Plays Johnny Winter’s “Be Careful With A
Fool”, Kelly Willis’ “Whatever Way The Wind
Blows”, Elvis Costello’s “Radio Sweetheart”, a promo for the Bruce Springsteen contest to attend his 3/9 New York show that’ll be on E Street Radio: & John Hiatt’s “The Open Road”.

20.Hillbilly says welcome to the 3rd hour to
where he’s wishing for y’all to look out his
window, to where he sees the sun’s come
out nice & strong & says it’s wintertime. He
says it’s like Heaven in Mud Lick, says it’s
probably in the high 50s or near 60 there &
says the weather’s been good. He says he’s
been so lucky to where it’s not been bad at
all, says it’ll keep getting better in the
studio because he’s got 2 great hours just for you & says he’s thinking about the great
artists that he’s got. He says he likes going to the past & do things that he remembers
as a young man, says he likes coming up with something new & says he’s got something that he’s proud to bring you.

Hillbilly says he’ll wet your appetite more
with some David Allan Coe, The Marshall
Tucker Band & Stacie Collins. He says he’ll
bring out Pat Green who’ll do a new tune
[“Rainy Day Woman”] that’s from the album
“Waylon:The Music Inside Vol. 2”: .

21.Plays Pat Green’s “Rainy Day Woman”,
John Prine’s “Ain’t Hurtin’ Nobody” & Rolling Stones’ “Dead Flowers”.

22.Hillbilly says “man sakes man alive”, says
he’s back on it again in the lap of luxury
that’s high up on a ridge & calls himself
“The Unofficial Mayor Of Mud Lick” & the
heavyweight champ. He says he’s not just a
contender but is the champ of all Outlaw
Country, says “it’s me, it’s me” & says it’s not Ernest T. He again introduces himself &
Spike, tells Spike to get on it & asks him if
he’s got valentines in his eyes. He asks if he’s got moonbeams jumping around & if
he’s got girls on his mind, says it must be the spring season coming up & asks as to
what in the world can he say about it. He says he’s been thinking on the fans to where there’s some new listeners.

Hillbilly says he’ll play a block of tunes, then
says he’ll give a “Hillbilly Jim bonified,
downhome, country celebration” shoutout
& says hi to fans named Josh Hamilton &
friends in Toronto, Canada, then to the
Jacksons in Blindville, Arkansas & to a trucker named Jack Ingram from Waterloo,
Iowa. He thanks them for being a big part
of the show, says they’re a part of his
dysfunctional family & says he’ll kick the
block of tunes off with a sweet lady [Stacie
Collins] that can sing.

23.Plays Stacie Collins’ “It Ain’t Love”, Dan
Baird & Homemade Sin’s “Oh No, There She
Goes”, Ray Benson of Asleep At The Wheel’s
Hillbilly Jim promo, Asleep At The Wheel’s
“Ch’oo Choo Ch’ Boogie” & Ernest Tubb’s
“Walkin’ The Floor Over You”.

24.Hillbilly says he’s just walking away the
winter blues in Mud Lick with himself &
Spike, says the electric barnyard’s on fire &
sizzling, then makes smelling sounds & says
he’s smelling feathers at the cosmic chicken
coup. He asks fans if they’re getting any
excerise, says he’s worried about you & says
he wants you to be with him. He asks you to
do some daily walking by getting some
excerise, says that work don’t count & says
you’ve got to get deeper then that, so you
can get your heart engaged a bit. He says to
tax yourselves a bit, says to get the blood
flowing & says your ears will open up big &
wide so you’ll hear tunes like the 1 he’ll be

Hillbilly says this is probably 1 of the most
underated song [“Climb The Walls Of This
Bottle”] that this guy [David Allan Coe] has in his catalog, calls the song a jewel & tells
fans to sit back & enjoy.

25.Plays David Allan Coe’s “Climb The Walls Of This Bottle”, Tanya Tucker’s “Blood Red &
Goin’ Down”, Elizabeth Cook’s “El Camino” & Drive-By Truckers’ “George Jones Talkin’
Cell Phone Blues”.

26.Hillbilly asked fans if he mentioned that
recently he was in Danville, Kentucky to where he saw some great music, says that he saw someone named Stanley Jordan to
where he blew his mind & says he was so
good. He says he really had a great evening
doing that, tells fans if they get a chance to
go out & support live music & says you’ll
appreciate & enjoy it more. He says he’ll leave the hour with some southern rock,
says that he’s a southern rock “prevayor” of
all things southern rock & says this band [The Marshall Tucker Band] came from
South Carolina storming like a big ol’
runaway steam engine years ago. He says
they were wonderful to where they took the world by storm.

Hillbilly says we loved them, says they had a
sound that’s their own & says he’ll play them for you now. He tells those that’re
driving to where he’s begging & says it’s a
caution from him, to where you should get
off the right gas pedal & to watch yourselves. He says the “smokeys” [cops]
will look for you because this song [“Take
The Highway”] will make you wanna hit the
highway roll.

27.Plays The Marshall Tucker Band’s “Take
The Highway”, Steve Earle’s “Guitar Town”,
Bruce Springsteen’s “Cadillac Ranch” &
George Jones’ “The King Is Gone [And So Are You]”.

28.Hillbilly says 18, 19 & 20, then tells Spike
to do 2 more pushups & says he’s gotta get
rid of the unsightly grits & gravy off of him.
He asks Spike as to what’s that fat on his
back, says the girl won’t want him & tells
fans he’s trying to have Spike do some boot
camp. He says the 4th hour’s underway with
lots of things occuring, then tells fans in
Courterlane, Idaho & Collins, Nebraska &
Rollins, New Mexico & Taylor, Michigan that
he’s fired up to where he can’t hold himself
down. He says he’s got an hour that’ll be
sensational & says he’s got Hank Williams,
Chris Isaak, The Osborne Brothers & Will
Hoge. He says he’ll kick it off with a new
platter for y’all.

Hillbilly says it’s coming off of a new album
“Release Me”: ,
asked fans to enjoy this [“Isn’t That So”] &
says he’ll take the show to another level.

29.Plays Lyle Lovett’s “Isn’t That So”, Robert
Earl Keen’s “Flyin’ Shoes”, Junior Brown’s
“Semi-Crazy” & Dave Dudley’s “Truck Driving Son Of A Gun”.

30.Hillbilly says to saw the fiddle in 1/2, again says he’s there at the ol’ homeplace in Mud Lick & says that time’s running by.
He says wherever you are & hearing the
sound of his voice, you need to check out
Sirius XM all weekend long, says it’s
stirring up a storm from north to south to
east & to west & says it’s the best. He says
he ain’t playing, then asked fans if they’ve
checked out the other channels & says to
check out the comedy channels ch.96 to 99 & 160: , to where
you’ll hear some amazing comedy. He says
everyone loves sports with football occuring & says before you know it, it’ll be
baseball season.

Hillbilly says the sports channels are ch.84 to 93: , says that
you can bet your bottom dollar that he’s
practicing what he preaches & says it’s
because he’s checking them out all the time.
He says it’s amazing & says it’s time to play a song [“Too Old To Die Young”] that he loves so much.

31.Plays Will Hoge’s “Too Old To Die Young”, Phil Lee’s “Good For Me”, Charlie
Daniels’ Hillbilly Jim promo, The Charlie
Daniels Band’s “Boogie Woogie Fiddle
Country Blues” & Travis Tritt’s “Country

32.Hillbilly hopes that you’re having a
wonderful weekend like he is while enjoying yourselves & being safe, says if you’re driving to arrive alive, unhurt & hang with him as much as you can daily. He
says he’ll make sure to do his dead level
best to live up to his pledge that life’s too short to hear bad music, says he won’t do
that & says Spike’s getting on it. He says
they have a meeting during the week to
where they’re at a waffle house & get some
sweet tea, says that Spike gets a couple of
pecan waffles, a couple of big cheeseburger
platters & eats them, then says they talk
over the songs that they’ll play on the show
& says they come into getting it.

Hillbilly says they get fired up, says by the
time they’re done they have a show together to where they’re thinking about it
& says if something comes up that they don’t like, they always have the option to
removing it. He says Spike don’t give
anything that’s got anything questionable
about it, says it brings him to where he says
he’s from Kentucky & says it’s known for lots of things such as horses, University Of
Kentucky basketball, Muhammad Ali & other things. He says the 1 thing that’s an
institution to Kentucky is something that
they’re proud of worldwide is bluegrass &
says when Bill Monroe brought the high
lonesome sound out of the Kentucky hills
years ago, it soothed everyone’s soul all
over the planet.

Hillbilly says these guys [The Osborne
Brothers] have taken it to a level that’s
wonderful, says they’re eastern Kentucky
boys & says he loves them so much. He says
it’s the Osborne Brothers to where this song [“Kentucky”] tells it all & says it’s for
the bluegrass heads that he says he feels

33.Plays The Osborne Brothers’ “Kentucky”,
Randy Scruggs’ “Wildwood Flower” & Delbert McClinton’s “Victim Of Life’s Circumstances”.

34.Hillbilly says yes sirree, says he’s looking
at the clock on the wall in Mud Lick that he’s just about “doner” again to where he
says he’s got it done good & says he don’t
have a lot more coming at you. He says
there’s a few more that he’s got to give you, tells Spike to stir the barrel & says he
wants to make sure that he’ll give the fans
sensational songs that he’s been cooking all
week by being ready for them. He says he’s
gotta get them ready for what’s happening
on the whole Sirius XM lineup this weekend, says that Outlaw Country will smoke & says he’ll talk about Memphis’ Sun Studios. He calls it a great place many
years ago.

Hillbilly says you can feel the vibes from
Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis & Johnny Cash, says he
can see them that came from there & says
Howlin’ Wolf recorded blues songs from
there too. He says it brings him to this tune
[“Dixie Fried”], says this guy [Chris Isaak] was at Sun to evoke some of the vibes from
there & says the guy brought with him to
play on lots of the cuts from this album
[“Beyond The Sun”]: . He says Cowboy Jack Clement who was an engineer
there for many years, says he was there when rock & roll was created & says they
started making the 1st rock & roll stars, to
where it’s fantastic.

Hillbilly says this guy’s covering a wonderful
great tune that was from Carl Perkins’
collection, says you’ll enjoy it & tells fans to
sit back & listen to it.

35.Plays Chris Isaak’s “Dixie Fried”, The
Beatles’ “Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby”, Lucinda Williams’ “Honey Bee” & Joe
Ely’s “Musta Notta Gotta Lotta”.

36.Hillbilly says “mercy, mercy”, says he was
thinking that y’all need to keep in mind that if you’re looking for a Valentines gift to give them a Sirius XM radio: & either for their car
or home. He says it’d be perfect for anyone
to where they’ll love you forever, again
mentions the clock on the wall to where it
has arrived & says his time’s coming up &
down. He says he’s gotta get everything
down, tells Spike they have to go & then
plugs Clement’s show: , to where he’ll have the romantic man of all

Hillbilly says he’s a barroom “corouser” if
there ever was 1, says that every woman
knows his name & calls the guy every woman’s pet & every man’s regret, Alamo
Jones. He says Alamo will come in to where
his “voice of dark” will come at you, says there’s subpoenas, lawsuits, broken hearts & all & says the entire lineup will smooch out & go crazy all over the universe. He says
there’s an all star lineup coming at you, says that his time’s about up & thanks Spike
for doing a wonderful job. He tells him he
appreciates him trying to work out & trying
to get in shape, tells him that when he gets in shape he’ll buy him a Subway & says it’s a
6 inch sandwich & not a foot long.

Hillbilly thanks Percy & his producer Steve
Popavich Jr., says that he ain’t here for a long time, he’s here for a good time & says it’s been a wonderful day to where he thanks you for it. He says as he leaves he
tells fans to be kind to 1 another, says to
take care of yourselves & have a Happy
Valentines Day to where he says he loves
you. He says he’s looking forward to seeing
you here at the same place & time next week, says he’ll leave you with the legend
Hank Williams & says bye now.

37.Ends with Hank Williams’ “My Bucket’s
Got A Hole In It” & the show ends at 2 PM.

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