Jabroni of the week for the week ending February 10, 2012

Feb 10, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

UFC Judges

You might have expected Nick Diaz to be dubbed our Jabroni of the week after testing positive for Marijuana. However, I have to go with the UFC Judges for awarding the Diaz vs. Carlos Condit fight to Condit. I am not a fan of Diaz, however, I thought he won the fight. Diaz received criticism for initially agreeing to a rematch with Condit, but the word is that Diaz wanted the fight to be on PPV to earn a percentage of the revenue from the event. The plan was to put the fight on FOX. Honestly, I can not blame Diaz for wanting the bigger pay off for a rematch, and lets face it, the positive drug test will likely cost Diaz in the wallet, but I can not over look last Saturday’s fight. Great fight, but the wrong man won.

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