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BLOG: TNA Against All Odds Preview/Predictions

TNA World Tag Team Championship
Crimson and Matt Morgan (c) vs. Samoa Joe and Magnus

Somewhat unexpectedly, I think, the people have really started to invest in Joe and Magnus. So much so that I think they win the World Tag Team titles this Sunday. I know it was mostly due to the fact that they were in the UK for television, but Magnus and Joe got a huge reaction from the crowd. They put on exciting matches and are two of the most unique characters on the show — Joe is one of the most unique characters in the business — and I’m really looking forward to seeing what these two could do as a team. Joe especially, in the ring with a possible return of the Motor City Machine Guns, has loads of potential.
Winner: Samoa Joe and Magnus

No. 1 Contender’s Match
TNA X Division Championship
Jesse Sorensen vs. Zema Ion

A huge storyline for the last few months has surrounded Sorensen and his quest for for a title match. Winning here accomplishes two things. It gives him a clean win over Ion, who cheated his way to victory last month, taking a title shot away. And, it gives Sorensen the title opportunity TNA seems to have been touting for months.
Winner: Jesse Sorensen

AJ Styles vs. Kazarian
Christopher Daniels and Kazarian have been getting plenty of heat on Styles, including Daniels picking up a win on Thursday’s Impact thanks to Kaz handing Daniels brass knuckles, which he used to punch Styles in an attempted powerbomb. It’s time for Styles to get even. This has potential “Match of the Year” written all over it, too. Expect Daniels to somehow get involved in the finish, but Styles to conquer both. Perhaps now, we’ll finally find out what Daniels has been holding over Kaz’s head for weeks, forcing him to fight his friend.
Winner: AJ Styles

TNA X Division Championship
Austin Aries (c) vs. Alex Shelley

If Chris Sabin returns to the company soon, I believe he’ll re-join Shelley and continue the Motor City Machine Guns team. They hinted as much when Shelley returned. If true, Aries retains the title and will enter a feud with Sorensen. But, these two high-fliers should put on a heck of a show.
Winner: Austin Aries

TNA Women’s Knockout Championship
Gail Kim (c) vs. Tara

I’ve been a huge fan of the time this feud has been getting on television and I hope that they give two of the best women in the business ample time on pay-per-view to put together a great match. Kim has a lot of steam, and I think she goes over.
Winner: Gail Kim

Gunner vs. Garrett Bischoff
Garrett Bishoff is aligned with Hulk Hogan and it appears that they’re strapping the rocket to his back. There are ways to book a Gunner win while protecting Bischoff, with Garret’s father, Eric, likely getting involved. I could see things leading to a Garrett/Hogan vs. Eric/Gunner match down the line. Regardless, I see the feud continuing, and for that to happen, the heels to to retain their heat.
Winner: Gunner

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Four Way Match
Bobby Roode (c) vs. Bully Ray vs. James Storm vs. Jeff Hardy

This match was left with an interesting setup after Impact on Thursday. Bully Ray walking out on Bobby Roode. Who becomes the babyface in this scenario? It’s much too early to turn Roode babyface again, but I didn’t get the impression that’s the road they were headed down. They’re both such strong heels that I think you could book the angle and while separating Roode and Ray, still keep them both heels. It becomes easier to do so having two strong babyfaces in the match.
Roode has so much momentum right now, and I’d like to see him retain the title. But Bully Ray is arguably the most over character in the company. He was getting big reactions in the UK and right now, he could be the most believable heel in the business.
The storyline with Immortal gets another wrinkle, if Ray wins the title.
Winner: Bully Ray

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