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Former WWE champion in the dog house

As we noted on Monday night – R-Truth did a flip dive out of the ring on Raw. The Miz was supposed to catch him but didn’t make it there in time. Truth landed back first on the floor and had to be assisted to the back.

To follow up, Dave Meltzer reports that The Miz is now in the WWE dog house, and he received a verbal chewing out by Triple H backstage after the show.

R-Truth is on the current Abu Dhabi tour, and remarkably doing fine.

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  1. -J- says:

    Next Funkasaurus victim?

  2. Gaul says:

    Miz was clearly off in that match. He missed the dive spot, bumped on a phantom clothesline and was going to pin the wrong guy during the double pin spot with Jericho/Zigler/Punk. I guess he was having a bad night.

  3. Chris James says:


  4. James says:

    They better not let Truth go. He’s one of the best that they have right now. There was a mistake. Stuff happens.

  5. dave says:

    James its mix that’s in trouble not r truth

  6. Damian says:

    James…. You must be dyslexic, Miz is in the dog house not Truth

  7. Kyle Christie says:

    He had a few mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes but Truth looked badly hurt. Looked like something in the eye socket the way he was touching his face.

  8. Kyle says:

    James – Read the report again…Miz is the one in the dog house, not R-Truth.

  9. trevor bournemouth says:

    i’m dyslexic and i got that it was miz in the dog house!!! so damian don’t jump to conclusions… james what’s wrong with you???

  10. Kerry says:

    It was little Jimmy’s fault.

  11. miko w says:

    @dave its miz not mix

  12. Hulk Hogan says:

    I was offered to catch R-Truth but I turned it down brotha.

  13. Jay McQuade says:

    Complete bull if this is true. They just want any excuse to put Miz back in the doghouse. It’s ridiculous.

  14. Why is Tripple H in the Dogg Pound? Are he and Snoop friends? LBC! No …..wait, what? Ohhhhh… Miz kicked R-Truth in the eye socket and then landed on his back in Abu Dhabi. Wait… one more time Terry Funk hit Miiz in the face with green mist? What’s going on?

  15. K' says:

    That is just too awesome Leonardo..Had me rolling with your comment.. You guys are a riot stupid except for Leonardo but hilarious..

  16. Captain Ass says:

    I’ve got news for everyone. The Miz has always SUCKED and has never been anything special. I appreciate his hard work in the past but evidently that’s over with now. His buck teeth, stupid facial expressions and limited arsenal have always made him just another wrestler. Finally he’s back in mid card status where he should have always been.

  17. Ryan Clark says:

    BREAKING NEWS: The Miz has always SUCKED

    All of my sources inside WWE are currently reporting that the Miz has never been talented. They say he has buck teeth, stupid facial expressions, and a limited moveset. One source described him as “just another wrestler” saying he deserves to be in the midcard.

    His main event push is reportedly a way to boost locker room morale as Miz is known as one of the hardest workers in WWE today.

  18. The Miz says:

    thank you captain ass for someone finally saying it

  19. raven12516 says:

    Why is Miz in trouble? Accidents like that happen all the time!

  20. darrin says:

    oh for the days of Kayfabe. The divas match where the ref was trying to slip gloves on and doing the X sign for a broken nose. I can remember Dr. Death taking a nasty kick in the eye getting a 100 stitches and working the night card.

  21. OstegoAmigo says:

    Does this mean that the Miz is going to be the Champ again soon? Every time CM Punk was in the Doghouse, he became the Champion.

  22. Captain Ass says:

    @Ryan, thanks for re-posting everything I did. That was necessary just to see how uncreative you are. Sheamus is also a hard worker, as is Kofi Kingston and William Regal. Both Regal and Kofi sure as hell deserve the spot more than Miz ever did. He does deserve a mid card spot. Always has. His apparent slacking off from working so hard in the past has given him his “dog house” spot. The situation with R-Truth just clinched it.

  23. McMahon says:

    You just missed the joke of that post.

  24. James says:

    Good catch folks. That was a big mistake on my part, but the same applies. Miz has improved significantly over the years. He is someone they want to keep.

  25. -J- says:

    There are worse in wwe than miz, but hey Jericho is back so miz is really out of luck can’t use Y2J’s heel persona anymore.

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