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SPOILER: Update on the plans for this year’s WWE HOF ceremony

The update on WWE Hall of Fame plans are for:

* Steve Austin to induct Mike Tyson

* Alberto Del Rio to induct Mil Mascaras

* Christian to induct Edge

* JBL to induct Ron Simmons

* The Rock to induct Yokozuna

* Triple H and Shawn Michaels to induct the Four Horsemen

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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18 Responses

  1. LLL says:

    nice list.

  2. Dave K says:

    Would be better to have Dusty Rhodes and Road Warrior Animal induct them after all the feuds they had in NWA

  3. jack says:

    All good choices. Austin, Del Rio, The Rock, JBL and especially Christian are all no-brainers. Personally, I would have had Dusty Rhodes induct the Horsemen. Aside from Sting he has the most history with that group.

  4. steve says:

    hell anyone that feuded with the horsemen would have be good

  5. Common Cents says:

    I’m sorry, but no one belongs on that list untill Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage is incudted into the Hall of Fame. Mil Mascaras I can see, but even then, I’m sorry, but Randy Savage had a bigger impact on wrestling universally than Mil Mascaras. Yes he is #1 in Mexico, and highly thought of in Japan, but in the United States he is a vitrual unknown. Randy Savage is know worldwide. And I really beleive Ron Simmons should be in there, for all that he has done for the black community, and just being kick ass altogether. But Mike Tyson should not be in there, although he is better than Drew Carey, and Edge should not be in there, yet. There are so many competitors that should be inducted before Edge, and I am a huge Edge-Head. And lastly, if your not going to induct the original four horsemen, then forget about it. Might as well induct Benoit, Malenko, Pillman, and all the other host of “members”[Although those three should be inducted].

  6. Jono K says:

    Good choices, so happy that Christian will induct Edge and JBL for Simmons

  7. Bossjohn says:

    I agree with Common Cents, I am too a huge Edge Fan and it blows me away that Edge will be inducted a mere year after his retirement. i don’t get the wwe’s overall reasoning for this…was Edge a great performer?…yes, is he HOF caliber?…yes…should he be in the HOF before MAcho Man…Hell Naw! Savage has been a cultural ICON for the last 20-30yrs…So really Edge could wait till they are in Canada again…

    As for the rest of the Inductees… I really agree with this list, but I must agree that DX inducting the 4HM is not a good look, because Dusty (obvious pick)… and Animal (another obvious pick) should be the ones that induct the group…but I see the only reason that DX was picked was because of the Evolution connection and because HBK “retired” Flair…So I see Why, but to be legit Dusty/Animal should’ve inducted the group.

    Ron Simmons…Yoko…so glad they are getting in… with all the stars of this years HOF, this should be on TV or PPV!

  8. raven12516 says:

    So Yokozuna is confirmed to be in the Hall of Fame?

  9. Denis says:

    One note: Mil Mascaras was one well known in the United States all throughout the 1970s. In fact, it was his popularity that made the NY Athletic Commission revoke it’s ban against masked wrestlers to allow him to wrestle in Madison Square Garden. As far a Savage (who I almost got into a fight with once, thank God it didn’t happen or I wouldn’t be writing this) his worldwide impact was really for about 10 years. Still, he does belong in the Hall of Fame, no doubt. Don’t know why the WWE’s dragging its heels on this one. And yeah, Dusty or Animal should induct the Horsemen, though I would go with Dusty. If it hadn’t been for Flair’s feud with Dusty, the Horseman probably wouldn’t have been born

  10. David says:

    Need internet cred, Dennis? Lol at you saying you almost got into a fight with Savage, pathetic

  11. John says:

    You know the whole Macho Man not being in the HoF is like, to me, KISS not being in the Rock N Roll HoF. It amazes me that they can put Madonna or a rapper in the HoF but not KISS. How can they justify putting Tyson in there? I know it’s the “celebrity wing” but come on, not one of them deserves to be in there if there isn’t a Macho Man “plaque.”

    Why? Politics. Just like with the Macho Man. He didn’t kiss Vince’s ass, so he ain’t gonna get in. The WWE HoF is not a true wrestling HoF, just Vince’s own personal favorites. Such a shame…

  12. Bryan S says:

    @ john You took the words right from my mouth.

  13. OstegoAmigo says:

    The reason Macho Man wasn’t inducted was due the very bad terms he left the WW(f)E at the time. Inducting him in now would be a slap in the face for the Poffo family.

    That makes three names you will never see in the WWE HoF, Macho Man, Owen Hart, and Chris Benoit.

  14. Dave K says:

    Make that 4 names Ostego…..Warrior.

  15. M. J. Wright says:

    Lanny Poffo has already stated that unless His Father, Randy and Himself are inducted, he will never even entertain the idea of an induction!

  16. HOF Fan says:

    Tyson….phooey!!! I think Jake Roberts and Randy Savage should be inducted before Edge is inducted!!!

  17. T says:

    I also see no reason for Edge to be in the HOF this soon. Then again like John said it’s politics and who Vince wants in. If they want credibility have a vote (former wrestlers and people in the industry, hell even a few writers if need be).

    I wonder if Sting will ever be inducted someday?

  18. Richard P says:

    Macho was bangin’ Stephanie when she was very young and Vince wants to punish that. Bruno is the big holdout! Also Ultimate Warrior! The first horsemen really were a stable and collected all the belts. The follow-ups were like the Ace Frehley replacements. I really want to see Kane and Pete Rose do another tombstone or something.

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