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Report: WWE diva suffers broken nose on Raw reports that Eve Torres was injured earlier tonight in the eight-Diva tag match on Raw in Oklahoma City. Eve received a clothesline from Beth Phoenix and quickly tagged out, after which she was rushed backstage. She was bleeding badly from the nose and word is that she suffered a broken nose.

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  1. theprincedann says:

    Eve is slowly but surely improving as a competitor. Not a WWE fan really, but caught glimpses of her now and then on youtube etc. Bored of Beth now.. everyone harps on about Beth like the best female wrestler ever. Maybe since Melina, Jillian, Gail and Mickie left. And Victoria, Trish and Lita before that. She is the best there. Best of a dismal bunch. WWE, either fix it, or scrap it altogether.

  2. scotty says:

    Nobody is saying Beth is the best female wrestler ever. Where the hell are you getting that? She is a GREAT wrestler though. She is definitely one of the best in the world and deserves to be recognized as such just as Sara Del Rey, Cheerleader Melissa, Madison Eagles and Portia Perez are.

  3. -J- says:

    will they say Kane did it?

  4. Joe says:

    diva botch…. shocking….

  5. Ahmad says:


    Took the words outta my mouth

  6. Hipnosis says:

    takes a lariat and rushes to the back?…. IF IT WAS MY MAN STAN SHE WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO GET BACK UP!!! lol

  7. marty mcfly says:

    wow beth phoenix is nasty…i like that.

  8. Bill says:

    Don’t forget..Kharma should be returning to RAW soon…she was in the Rumble. Expect a worthy opponent for Beth very soon.

  9. Derailleur says:

    Her nose looked fine in the end.

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