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Jabroni of the week – for the week ending February 3, 2012

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As Uncle Smith Hart tweeted last night: I am appalled by this ridiculous flatulence gimmick given to my niece Natalya

A flatulence gimmick, really? Has Vince Russo returned to WWE?

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  1. RJ Ace says:

    I can live with outlandish gimmicks and story lines if there is some type of potential for a payoff. Even the Piggy James storyline, as apalling as it was, had a payoff at the end with Laycool getting their comeuppance. This whole Natalya thing is stupid and not the least bit entertaining. What purpose does it serve?

  2. Mackdeezy says:

    I knew they would be the jabronis of the week…. gotta say I’m gonna have to agree with the decision.

  3. sisu out says:

    At the end of the day as stupid as the gimmick is at least shes on TV every week. For all we know this dumb ass gimmick may just be a way to keep her familiar to the fans while they wait for something else to come along. Kharma returning full time for example to fued or team with her and Beth Pheonix comes to mind. I’m not defending what WWE are doing far from it there are a lot better ways to keep her relevent and on TV but it to me seems like an easy way to keep her name recognisable to the casual viewer for when they need her for bigger and more serious fued later on guarantee within 6 months this angle would have been forgotten about.

  4. The Wordman says:


    In 6 months the angle could be forgotten about or it could give way to another ridiculous gimmick. Remember Jillian Hall’s mole? After the Boogeyman ate it off her face, she was saddled with the ‘lousy singer who thinks she can sing’ gimmick as an inside rib on Brooke and Hulk Hogan. That would have been tolerable if it was a short term thing, but the WWE kept Jillian stuck in that gimmick so long, she lost all her credibility. Then she was reduced to jobbing out to inferior wrestlers (sound familiar?) before leaving the company. Jillian was one of the better workers in the Diva division and she never got her due.

    If the WWE really wants to keep Natalya ‘familiar to the fans’, why not let her come out and do what she’s good at? Let her show her talent, win or lose. Why stick a crude tasteless farting gimmick on one of their more talented women?

    It really seems like someone has got it in for the Hart Family. Harry gets no push and is future endeavored, Natalie gets a farting gimmick, Tyson Kidd jobs to everyone on the roster (I’m including him in the Hart Family because he was trained by the Harts and is also Natalie’s significant other). It’s sad how they are wasting this talent.

    The Harts should be worried and angry about this. Bad gimmicks have a way of staying with a wrestler long after they are over. Terry Taylor was a talented technical wrestler with a lot of promise until Vince turned him into the Red Rooster. Everyone thought it was a silly little gimmick at the time but it stayed with Taylor till he retired. Years after he left the WWF, he would still hear clucks and rooster sounds from fans every time he wrestled. His career was never the same.

    How is Natalya going to get credibility later on in a serious feud with Beth or Kong or whoever if fans at ringside are making farting sounds at her because of this asinine gimmick?

  5. -J- says:

    wwe has a hate/love relationship with the hart family…very odd and poor taste.

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