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Photo: OVW star signs WWE developmental deal

Ohio Valley Wrestling has announced that Marcus Anthony has signed a developmental deal with WWE.

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  1. says:

    I wonder why, lawls!

  2. Deck says:

    TNA uses OVW as a developmental group & they still lose talent to WWE. Great program you got running there Dixie.

  3. cool arrow says:

    There he is, folks: the next David “Rage” Nelson!

  4. -J- says:

    big zeke otunga?

  5. Ian says:

    But of course another oversized (and probably untalented) big guy.

  6. The Wordman says:


    TNA and OVW don’t have an exclusive agreement. OVW is an independent wrestling company, an independent contractor with TNA, that can do business with any of the “Big Three”. They’ve recently been doing joint shows with ROH, they still freely mention WWE stars who went through the OVW training school, and they are training TNA wrestlers also.

    Any wrestler in OVW, with the exception of the 3 or 4 who are signed with TNA at the current time, can sign with any company that makes them an offer. Out of a roster of 30+ in OVW, there are only a small handful who actually are in the TNA developmental program. Rob Terry and Jesse Godderz are there. Anarquia makes occasional appearances, since he’s a decade long OVW veteran known there as Matt ‘Ramon The Low Rider Loco’ Barela. A couple of others may be working dark matches. That’s it. It’s not a full-fledged TNA developmental program.

    There’s a big difference between the status of OVW and FCW. FCW is an exclusive WWE developmental company, like a Triple A ballclub for the big league team if this was baseball. OVW can showcase its own talent, the talent of other federations, and give their wrestlers international exposure through the net and their televised events. At the same time, the wrestlers are getting quality training from Danny Davis, Rip Rogers, Nick Dinsmore and Mike Mondo.

  7. b says:

    mondo just signed with roh

  8. Hipnosis says:

    I’m sure TNA doesn’t care that they lost this guy….they already have ROB TERRY lol XD

  9. The Wordman says:


    TNA didn’t lose Marcus Anthony. He was never theirs to begin with. Rob Terry and Jesse Godderz are the only two TNA wrestlers on the OVW roster right now in their developmental program. Anarquia is there also but not full-time, he’s just working a storyline with his former OVW partner Raul Lamotta. All the other OVW wrestlers are independent free agents and can sign with whoever they choose to.

    Mondo will still be working at OVW while he’s with ROH, he’s one of the instructors there.

  10. Really? says:

    He looks like a Wellness Violation waiting to happen.

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